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  • lil' Flippers Swim School
    Fun Swimming Lessons with ASA and STA Qualified Instructors - from Birth to 100 from Beginner to Advanced AQUABABIES CLASSES ALSO AVAILABLE www.aquababies-uk.com for more details

  • Swim Easy
    A private coaching service for swimming in Singapore. Your guide to effortless and efficient swimming. Swimming lessons for adults and kids are available!

  • Adventure Swim School
    Swimming lessons for children, swimming lessons for adults and water introduction for babies, through our award winning swim school.

  • Allexperts Swimming & Diving Q&A
    Free answers to your questions about swimming and diving - let the experts help you.

  • Aqua Babies Ltd UK
    Teach your child to swim with Aquababies at Mount Pleasant Hill, London, UK. Ages start from birth to 4 years.

  • Australian Swim School
    The schools have grown into what we like to think of as "aquatic child development centers," relating to the whole child, not just his/her swimming skills. We teach mainly small, well run, activity oriented groups for infants and their parents.

  • Baby Swimming
    Guide for parents and teachers seeking an expanded awareness into the genlte whole child philosophy of teaching infants and toddlers how to swim.

  • Berliner Kinder - Schwimmschule
    Berliner Kinder-Schwimmschule

  • Central California Swimming
    Welcome to the Central California Swimming web site. CCS plans to use this web site to promote the sport of swimming throughout the San Joaquin Valley. This web site is intended to be the voice of swimming regardless of the source and not just the voice of USA Swimming.

  • Children Drown Without a Sound
    Watch the Water is the annual drowning prevention program of the OCFA.

  • Child Safety - How to Protect Your Child from Drowning
    Real Stories Statistics An Ounce of Prevention

  • ClubSwim
    ClubSwim is a pioneer in online technology for swimming. Our solutions are bringing swimmers, coaches, teachers, parents, organizations and businesses together in a live, dynamic environment. We are dedicated to providing the swimming community with the best combination of products and services and outstanding customer support.

  • Don't Let Lessons Lull into a False...
    Most parents of young children are anxious about water safety - and for good reason! For children under the age of five, drowning remains the second leading cause of accidental death. Many parents believe that infant swimming classes will safeguard their preschooler against the tragedy of accidental drowning.

  • Drowning Prevention Foundation's
    The Drowning Prevention Foundation's mission is to prevent drownings and especially child drownings through the use of public information, education, and policy change.

  • Drowning Prevention Strategies
    Child safety advocates can promote the use of safe behaviors when participating in water recreational and occupational activities.

  • EZ Swim.com
    A simple video to teach a loved one how to swim

  • Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention
    The Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention (FAIP) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to reducing the number of diving injuries, drownings and near drowning injuries, and other aquatic accidents.

  • Fun IN Swimming
    Swimming lessons for children in northwest Houston are always affordable and enjoyable at Fun IN Swimming!

  • Infant Swimming Research
    Infant Swimming Research Inc. is the product of more than 30 years of research and development by Dr. Harvey Barnett. ISR instructors are highly trained and must undergo strict recertification testing annually.

  • MILO Swim Australia
    A Community Service Project of the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association.

  • National Swimming Pool Foundation
    The NSPF is a non-profit Foundation whose mission is to provide research and education to enhance safety in aquatics.

  • National Swim Schools
    NSSA is a trade/professional organization for national and international swim schools...dedicated to providing the best in professional operations and swimming instruction to individuals from infants to adults.

  • Ocaquatics Swim School
    We offer swimming instruction for all ages, infants through adults. Thousands of people have learned to swim with Ocaquatics and we are proud of all of our swimmers.

  • Private Swim Lessons
    Private Swim Lessons Taught in a Friendly, Intimate Setting Linda Riggins offers private swim lessons in her cozy backyard pool. With water heated to 90 degrees, your child can concentrate on learning swimming skills, not on keeping warm. And a bubble cover over the pool during cooler months means Linda can teach year-round.

  • Saint Street Swim
    Learning to swim should be a fun experience for you and your child. At Saint Street Swim we do our best to ease our beginners into the water and give them a happy first experience.

  • Sears I Can Swim
    Sears I Can Swim is a grass roots learn-to-swim program for all ages and abilities. By focusing on the swimmer's needs and abilities, children learn the basics of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

  • Sonoma Sea Dragons
    Sonoma Sea Dragons provides an opportunity for children of all ages to participate in competitive swimming; to help them to develop physically, socially, and emotionally, in a healthy atmosphere; to constantly strive to improve as an individual and as a team; and to provide swimmers with a positive experience.

  • Swim and Survive
    Swim and Survive - water safety program for children and parents. Features games, activities, and prizes.

  • Swim Babes
    Award Winning Infant Toddler Swim Program offers classes and workshops for families and instuctors Video Clips of skill levels of Babies.

  • Swim Easy
    Swim Easy means to be able to swim in an effortless, graceful, silent, and beauty way without struggle especially when speed increases. It can also simply means to be more harmony in the water. A private coaching service for swimming in Singapore. Your guide to effortless and efficient swimming. Swimming lessons for adults and kids are available!

  • Swimfast Aquatic School
    The Swimfast Aquatic School was born from an idea that was always on David's mind during his swimming days. He saw the lack of proper and structured swimming programme available to Singaporean, for beginners and competitive swimmers alike.

  • Swim For Kids
    Swimming lessons for children, toddlers and all ages by experienced swimming teachers.

  • Swim Gym
    Swim Gym, stop swim shop, Learn to Swim, Aquatic Sports Camp, Team, Practice of the Day one.

  • Swim Mall
    Offering floats and water lounges, pool games, children's swimwear, inflatable pool toys, accessories, and more.

  • Swimming Camps
    Swimming camps for kids by region.

  • Swimming Safety
    Whether you're taking your toddler to the pool for his first swim outing, or your embarrassed-to-be-seen-with-my-mom pre-teen, these safety tips should be instilled at the beginning of each swim season.

  • Swim Totts
    Infant swimming research and swim totts can teach your infant or toddler the skills needed to survive an aquatic accident.

  • Water Babies
    Waterbabies.org global network of people interested in aquatic programs for babies, toddlers & young children

  • Water Planet
    Water Planet offers dolphin swim programs in the wild and therapeutic programs for special needs children. Physical therapy, and expressive arts as therapeutic aids.

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