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  • Adventure Travel with Children Ages 4-6: Expanding Horizons
    It's been over two years since I wrote my original essay, Adventure Travel with Children Under Four. Tim and Emily are now six-and-a-half and almost five. In the past two years our family has traveled to Belize, Norway, Baja, Mexico's Copper Canyon, and the Kingdom of Tonga; we're soon off to Thailand and Malaysia. We've continued our weekly day-hikes and taken our first two family backpacking trips in the Sierras. As the original essay suggested, we learned how to sail, and indeed we've found sailing to be an excellent mode of outdoor travel with young children: bareboat vacations have become our new staple. A companion to this addendum, Bareboat Cruising with Young Children: A Novice Sailor's Perspective covers that topic.

  • Adventure Travel with Children Under Four: Proper Preparation and the Right Attitude
    I recently read a book by Nan Jeffrey titled "Adventuring With Children: An Inspirational Guide to World Travel and the Outdoors" (Foghorn Press, 1995). Although my family hasn't yet spent months biking through Morocco or living in a remote Guatemalan village as the Jeffreys have, we've logged a fair number of outdoors-oriented, adventure vacations in various parts of the world, and we're certainly planning many more. I'm hoping this essay can convince parents like us of small children that family adventure travel is both possible and fun.

  • Backpacking with Babies and Small Children
    The author, a backpacking grandmother now but once a novice parent-backpacker, believes there is no one right way to take children hiking. Instead, different ways work best for different families. So this book will not tell you to camp as Goldie Silverman does. Instead it will tell you several different ways that other families have solved their problems, so you can choose the way that is best for your family.

  • Children on the Hiking Trail
    Hiking poses special challenges when children are among your companions. Some of those challenges are physical, others are psychological. In both cases, it pays to be prepared.

  • Hiking and Camping - The Perfect Family Activities
    Are you looking for the perfect family activity? Want to get your child off the couch and away from the TV? Would you like to see your child's confidence and self-esteem grow and at the same time strengthen your bond with your child?

  • Hiking with Children in Marin County
    There are dozens of great hikes in Marin that feature creeks, waterfalls, beaches, old military fortifications and views that will keep your child interested. Before we look at some of the best, here are some reminders:

  • Hiking with Children (Tips)
    The New York Department of Environmental Conservation offers up the following advice for hiking with children

  • Hiking with Kids in Hawaii (and Camping)
    With its year-round balmy climate, remote spots and gorgeous scenery, Hawaii is an ideal place to pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoor life of the camper. For those who cherish the feeling of rolling out of a tent to see the first rays of the sun lighting a patch of ocean, there may be no better place.

  • Hiking with Kids In the Santa Monica Mountains
    On the cultural landscape of California, the Central Coast region stands distinct, neither so densely urban as the great Southern California metropolis that abuts it on the south nor as cluttered with resort towns and tourist attractions as the region from Monterey north.As a special aid for hikers with children, each trail has been assigned a "child rating" that gives the minimum age at which a youngster might reasonably be expected to complete the hike under his or her own power. In general, easy nature trails of a mile or less are considered suitable for kids three and up, while those of 1 to 5 miles that do not involve strenuous climbs are rated for youngsters five and older. (Santa Monica Mountain Family Hiking, California).

  • Hiking with Small Children
    One of the best ways to appreciate the outdoors is by hiking with your family off the beaten path. This activity will give you ideas to help make hiking fun for your whole family.

  • Kids In The Outdoors - Hiking
    In planning an outdoor adventure, this is usually the first question a parent asks to themselves. How far can my child go in one day? This article can not provide you a mystical number, but some common sense can. The average adult in average health can travel on foot from eight to twelve miles on any given day. Terrain, weather, load, and motivation are all factors that can effect how much ground can be covered. When traversing ground of foot with children, you should not expect them to move more than five miles in a day.

  • Snake Angler's River Trail - Teton Mountains
    This Wyoming area is a great place to avoid the crowds that flock to the mountain trails. It's also a wonderful place to observe wildlife such as moose, elk, and waterfowl. But most of all, this is a place to go fishing.Easy hiking. Recommended for preschoolers and older.

  • Take the Kids on the Trail" Challenge
    The Adirondack Park offers many hikes perfectly suited to introducing children to the variety of nature's splendors. From easy walks along mountain streams to more demanding trails, hiking can play an important role in children's formative years. Parents as well as other relatives and family friends can provide hiking opportunities. Kids respond readily to the wonders of nature; make sure they see the real thing!

  • Trail Etiquette and Hiking Safety
    Rules, lessons, and tips about safe family hiking adventures.

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