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  • Ready Rider - Child bicycle training handle
    Handle attaches to the rear axle of the child's bicycle allowing the parent to have full control of the child's bicycle without bending over and hurting their back. Great learning tool!

  • AAP - Choosing the Right Size Bicycle
    The American Academy of Pediatrics stresses that any bike must be the correct size for the child for whom it is bought.

  • A Trailer Bike Lets Your Family Cycle Farther and Faster
    The appeal of a trailer bike is simple: suddenly, you can cover ground. You are freed from the limitations imposed by your kid's small muscles and can once again undertake some of your favorite half-day (or longer)family rides. The bikes are intended for kids aged four to ten, and can carry kids weighing up to 85 pounds.

  • Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
    We are a small, active, non-profit consumer-funded program acting as a clearinghouse and a technical resource for bicycle helmet information.

  • Bicycle History
    A Quick History of Bicycles.

  • Bicycle Source
    BicycleSource.com strives to provide the best, most complete information source for every aspect of the cycling experience

  • Bicycle Source - Bike Tour
    Bike safety lessons designed for kids.

  • Bicycle Source - helmet safety
    Helmets won't do you good if you don't choose a proper fitting one, and wear it properly. Children especially should wear helmets.

  • Bicycle Source - worldwide safety laws
    This section describes the laws in various states and countries. It contains helpful information on cycling safety as well.

  • Bicycle Teaching Techniques
    Tips on teaching kids to ride a bike.

  • Bike Safety Tips
    Learn more about what you can do to ride your bike safely from our friends at the CDC.

  • Bikes Belong Coalition
    Bikes Belong Coalition lobbies for bicycle friendly policy in Washington, D.C., promotes bicycling to the public, supports other groups pursuing similar goals, and distributes grants for bicycle facility projects.

  • Bike Tricks, Stunts, and Bones
    This is how much gear you need if you don't follow the bicycle saftey rules.

  • Education: Bike Safety and Helmet Programs
    There are bicyclist that have bicycled thousands of mile a year for decades without a crash. It is not because of a special bicycle, glitzy cyclist equipment or they just lucked-out. It is because the maintained their bike, had the right equipment and learn how to ride safely. Educate yourself on bike safety and you too can enjoy safe cycling for a lifetime.

  • FAQ's About Helmets
    Quick Answers to Your Helmet Questions.

  • Great Bicycle Trails
    Great Bicycle Trails is a site where you can find out about great bike trails.

  • Greenwich Hospital - bicycle safety
    Teach children bicycle safety before they ride alone

  • Helmet Buying Guide
    A Consumer's Guide to Bicycle Helmets.

  • Injury Control: Bicycle Helmets
    A CDC sponsored report on bicycle helemet safety.

  • Mandatory Helmet Laws
    A current list of mandatory helmet laws by state and local jurisdiction.

  • Motor Scooter Store
    "Purchase electric motor scooters from our electric scooter store. Visit our store and view our large range of electric scooters. "

  • National Bicycle Safety Network
    This document is a call to action for National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety. It includes goals, strategies, and short- and long-term actions that can be taken to reduce injury and mortality associated with bicycle-related incidents.

  • Pedal Magic - teaching video
    A simple-but-unique process for teaching bike riding invented by a Management Scientist by merging several scientific principles, not the typical common[non]sense, seat-of-the-pants ideas and tips you have heard before.

  • Preventing Bicycle-related Head Injuries
    In 1997, 813 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles, an increase of 7% over the previous year.1 Of these, 31% were riders younger than 16 years old and 97% were not wearing helmets.

  • Propelled by Pedals
    Propelled by Pedals: a fun guide to bikes! Plus - bicycle safety and history.

  • Teaching Children How to Bicycle Safely
    Teaching children how to ride safely when motor vehicles are around, with emphasis on how to teach and when to teach.

  • Teaching your Child to Ride a Bicycle
    Teaching Your Child to Ride More than wearing a helmet, More than just balance, Teaching your child survival rules!

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