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  • Better Health and Fitness Through Physical Activity
    The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed this brochure to help you understand what physical fitness is and to give you ideas on how you can become more physically active. (child fitness)

  • CHILDREN AND SPORTS - American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Parents should take an active role in helping their child develop good sportsmanship. To help your child get the most out of sports, you need to be actively involved. This includes: providing emotional support and positive feedback.

  • Don't Despair! Ask For Help When You Are At Your Wits End.
    Parents often face daunting problems, logistical and otherwise, when it comes to their kids' sports lives.

  • Electric Kids
    What is ElectriKids? ElectriKids is a company that inspires kids to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. We do this by creating fun, innovative, and energizing "stuff" for 21st century kids. We electrify the future!

  • Fitness and Kids -Kids exercise equipment, dance, active play and more!
    Fitness for kids offers many resources and activities for kids to be active. Dance revolution, rebounders, exercise videos, sports and more!

  • Fitness Camps
    Fitness camps for kids by region.

  • Freedom Concepts
    manufacture of therapeutic mobility aids for children and adults with special needs.

  • Girls @ Play
    The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity and Nike Canada, "Getting More Girls in the Game".

    Sports are supposed to be fun, healthy activities that help build self-esteem. Sports are supposed to teach kids that it is okay to make mistakes and to not always be the best.

  • Helping your child choose a sport to have fun with!
    Know your child's: Physical Abilities It is important to group children based on age, size, and physical maturity. Cognitive Level Children have varying abilities to understand and remember instructions. Social Skills Does your child like to play in groups, pairs, or alone? Coping Skills How does your child deal with success, disappointment, and stress?

    As any youth league coach will tell you, for every youngster who blossoms into a star athlete, there are six or seven kids who are struggling. If your child is one of those six or seven kids, here are some ways for you to help him maintain his interest in playing sports.

  • Introducing Cooperative Sports
    Cooperative Sports allow you to play with other people and stay physically fit without spending your leisure time in competition. In sport, Pure Cooperation = Pure Fun!

  • KidFit
    All you need to know about sports and fitness in a nutshell...whether you're training for the Olympics, or just going to Physical Education class, our site will provide the info to help you succeed. Below, our chart introduces the different stretches and exercises, and what they do for you.

  • Kids In Motion
    Get off the couch and on a bike with your kids. Introduce them to exercise that's fun. Eat healthy. Instead of high-calorie foods and snacks, turn to fruits and low- or non-fat foods. And once you get kids moving in the direction of fitness, chances are they'll keep going for the rest of their lives.

  • PE Central - K-2
    Phys-ed ideas for kindergarten through second grade.

  • PE Central - Pre-school
    Structuring Preschool Physical Education Programs.

  • Physical Exercise and Autism
    One of the most under-utilized yet effective treatments for autistic individuals is exercise. Obviously, exercise is important for everyone especially for those with autism. Several research studies have shown that vigorous or strenuous exercise is often associated with decreases in stereotypic (self-stimulatory) behaviors, hyperactivity, aggression, self-injury, and destructiveness.

  • Promoting Physical Activity and Exercise among Children
    A pattern of inactivity, also known as sedentism, begins early in life, making the promotion of physical activity among children imperative. This Digest discusses the importance of and ways to foster activity and exercise in children.

  • Sports for Kids Foundation
    The Sports for Kids Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of physically and emotionally challenged children throughout the United States and Canada

  • Stretch-N-Grow
    Stretch-n-Grow is a comprehensive fitness program for kids. We are committed to helping educators and parents establish a foundation of exercise and proper nutrition at an early age, before habits gel. The Stretch-n-Grow program teaches children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Teaching Life Lessons through Sports
    Playing sports can teach kids things like discipline, respect, and responsibility- but kids need your guidance to learn these life lessons. This story will show you how to find and use "teachable moments" on the playing field.

  • WyCo Kids Wrestling Club
    WyCo Kids Club is for everyone from ages 4 to 16 in the Wyandotte County / Kansas City, Kansas Area. This club is designed to enhance fundamental skills in wrestling while providing a fun, safe atmosphere where kids will be encouraged to do their best. Kids who are involved in activities have better grades, better leadership skills, higher self-esteem, and overall self confidence to become a winner in all aspects of life.

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