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  • Barton's Youth Baseball
    Great site for youth baseball players and their parents! Get great tips on pitching, fielding, and hitting. Also, information is provided for parents who are coaches of youth baseball teams

  • Baseball - Abner Doubleday
    Doubleday has often been credited with inventing the game of baseball in 1839 at Cooperstown, New York, now the location of the baseball's Hall of Fame. This claim appears to date from the late nineteenth century, when baseball owners tried to disasso ciate the game from any connection to the English game of rounders. The assertion that Doubleday invented baseball is almost certainly untrue. Doubleday was not at Cooperstown in 1839; he never referred to the game, much less claimed that he invented it, and his obituary in the New York Times did not mention baseball, either.

  • Baseball Instruction
    Make America's favorite pastime yours - improve your baseball game by studying and practicing the following skills and drills!

  • Baseball / Softball Camps
    Baseball/softball camps for kids by region.

  • Baseball Web Camp
    Go to baseball camp online. Visit this site to learn about hitting, pitching, catching, running bases, and playing different field positions.

  • Cooperative T-Ball Rules
    The "Cooperative Sports" approach to playing T-Ball.

  • Fact Monster's Baseball
    Fact Monster's Baseball page contains fun facts about the sport of baseball. Included is information on the first World Series, which players have hit four home runs in a single game, and the name of the pitcher who has struck out the most players.

  • Fancy Catch
    Fancy Catch is the original choice for Full Grain Leather Softball and Baseball Gloves to fit your own taste and style.

  • Getting Started Sports Books - Fun and Easy Instructional Coloring Books
    T-Ball USA says ".... a wonderful tool for introducing young children to team sports."

  • Junior League Baseball Magazine
    Magazine devoted to kids and parents who play and love baseball.

    T-Ball rules.

  • Little League Baseball - Fun for Kids
    Official site links to history of Little League, museums, summer camp, divisions, a game section for kids, and how to become a member of the Dugout Club.

  • Little League Online
    All about Little League baseball.

  • Little League Pitching Forum
    I have started a NEW forum specifically for Little League parents, coaches and players. So if your son is in that age group 8-12 you will now have an opportunity to keep the discussion age specific. If you are specifically interested in helping Little League pitchers then this is where we can all get together and share.

  • Questions About Tee Ball?
    Parents Kids Coaches League Administrators Youth Sports Directors Volunteers Municipal Authorities Local Sponsors Sporting Goods Suppliers Sports and Recreations Media Community News Do you have questions about tee ball? Click here to E-mail them to us

  • Softball Instruction
    Star players are made through use of the skills & drills below. Now you can develop into an All Leaguer.

  • Sports n Kids
    Sportsnkids.com is dedicated to youth baseball activities in Oklahoma. We carry tournament information from several locations throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri.

  • T-Ball advice for parents
    Preparing/outfitting kids to play T-Ball.

  • T-Ball for Administrators and Coaches
    For Administrators and Coaches HOW TO JOIN T-BALL USA

  • T-Ball for Kids
    A "kid-oriented" description of T-Ball.

  • T-BALL USA Association
    The T-BALL USA Association is the national not-for-profit youth sports organization dedicated to the development of the game of tee ball.

  • Tee Ball Field of Play
    The field of play is shared by an infield and an outfield and is separated into fair and foul territory.

  • The Art of Catching
    The objective of this site is to take a beginning or experienced catcher through all the steps necessary in becoming a proficient, well rounded catcher. This step-by-step approach will leave no stone unturned. It is my hope that this will provide a complete teaching base for catchers of all ages.

  • The Rules of Tee Ball
    A brief summary of the rules and equipment specifications recommended by T-BALL USA

  • The Science Behind a Home Run
    Site contains good information about the sport of baseball. Learn how to find the "sweet spot" on a baseball bat, the science of hitting a home run, and more. Good student and teacher resource.

  • Tips and Training - Baseball
    Make America's favorite pastime yours - improve your baseball game by studying and practicing the following skills and drills! ("MyTeam")

  • Totally Baseball
    A total baseball site - links, facts, books, playing tips - good for kids.

  • What is Tee Ball?
    The game is the entry sport to baseball and softball for young players, generally four to eight years old.

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