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  • Native American Languages and Cultures
    Our site has information about 28 different American Indian tribes and their languages (and growing), including eight pages specifically for kids.

  • American Indian Heritage Foundation
    The American Indian Heritage Foundation has served the emergency relief needs of native peoples of this land for the past 28 years.

  • American Indian History
    American Indian History for Kids, ages 6-10 - Indian Family and Village Lifestyles.

  • Cherokee Religion
    In recent years and at present a steady rise of participation in "earth or nature" centered religions can be seen. Many of the ancient faiths, including Cherokee, driven to the brink of extinction by christianity and other forms of cultural genocide, are now being fervently renewed. Our religion was once as mighty as a blazing fire, and then it was reduced to a mere handful of sparks scattered upon the wind and cast to the stars.

  • Crossing Worlds
    Experience America's Southwest spectacular landscapes: photos, images, information about tours and retreats in Sedona, Arizona's Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly; New Mexico, Colorado, Utah; Native Americans, Hopis, Navajo; sacred sites, prehistoric cliff dwellings and rock art, rugged red canyons and cliffs, painted deserts; soul journey spiritual retreats in Sedona; cultural and earth-medicine retreats on Hopi and Navajo lands, vision quest, ceremony, becoming your own shaman-healer, personal pilgrimage, campfire programs, storytelling.

  • Gathering of Nations is a Native American Indian
    The Gathering of Nations is a Native American Indian non-profit organization founded in 1983 to promote Native American culture and tradition, and dispel stereotypes created about Native people.

  • Indiana Youth Services Association
    IYSA members are Youth Service Bureaus throughout Indiana. These county and community organizations serve vulnerable youth and families in their local communities.

  • KIOWA RELIGION - Native American (Sun Dance)
    The Sun Dance was the most important tribal ceremony. This annual religious observance brought together all Kiowa tribal members who, throughout the rest of the year, lived in small bands that were politically and economically independent. The Sun Dance served to re-affirm the spiritual and physical unity of the group.

  • Native American Christian Fellowship of American
    We are a fellowship of Native American believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Below you will find location and contact information on each of our American Indian Southern Baptist Churches.

  • Native American Flutes
    Native American style flute maker Butch Hall provides quality crafted instruments in various keys and woods at a affordable price.

  • Native American Religion
    What do we mean when we speak of Native American religion? Unlike Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, it has no single founder. Unlike Judaism, it is not the ongoing story of a people with a strong sense of their own identity. Neither does it resemble Hinduism, with its ancient and all-inclusive adaptiveness. In a sense, Native American religion does not exist at all: There is no one religious expression common to the 250 distinct Native American peoples still surviving as America approaches the 21st century.

  • Native American Religion in Early America
    Teaching about Native American religion is a challenging task to tackle with students at any level, if only because the Indian systems of belief and ritual were as legion as the tribes inhabiting North America. So let's begin by trimming down that bewildering variety to manageable proportions with three glittering generalizations (which might, with luck, prove more useful than misleading).

  • Native American religious Beliefs
    The religious beliefs of a variety of Native American tribes are discussed on this site...Muskogee, Iroquois, Catawba, etc..

    ".....the North American public remains ignorant about Native American religions. And this, despite the fact that hundreds of books and articles have been published by anthropologists, religionists and others about native beliefs......Little of this scholarly literature has found its way into popular books about Native American religion..."

  • Native American Spirituality
    The diversity of American Indian tribes precludes a comprehensive examination of their religions and their belief systems. Anthropologists have compiled a huge trove of information detailing practices and beliefs of many different groups, this information remained isolated from popular culture. While there is a proliferation of popularized versions of Native American spirituality, there are often not the products of the tribes or their members. The beliefs and practices of many groups are sectarian derivatives of other native groups, the there is also a significant infusion of Christianity, and more recently, New Age beliefs and practices permeating these traditional beliefs.

  • Native Americans. Religion
    The following is a link to Internet sites on Native American religions, followed by a bibliography of children's books on Native American religions and religious practices.

  • Timberline Wilderness Retreat
    Promote a greater understanding of American Indian ways, to aid the restoration of family values, to dissolve prejudices, and influence a greater respect for all people, all animals and all things.

  • Utah Native American Church
    Utah Native American Church,Native American Ceremonies,Indian Religion

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