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  • Beyond ken
    personal blog on thinking

  • Environment Forum
    An environment forum discussing all aspects of the environment such as global warming, renewable energy and climate change.

  • ezGuide 2 Alternative Energy
    Switch to green Because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Because of the soaring oil prices. Because we need to be responsible towards our home. Because it can be cheaper for you or even free. Because it's clean and it's a step towards reducing our global warming problem.

  • Indigenous People's Issues Today
    Highlighting contemporary indigenous people's issues from around the world, including issues effecting Native American, First Nation, Aboriginal, Asian, African, South American, and other indigenous peoples.

  • Plumbing Services, Professional Plumber Supplies
    welcome to Whywait Plumbing services which provides commercial and domestic plumbing services, drain cleaning services, water treatment, rain & grey water harvesting, pipe repair & re-lining.

  • American Forests
    American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests.

  • Americas Wildlife and Wildlands
    America's wildlife and wildlands continue to be threatened by logging, roadbuilding, grazing, off road vehicles and mining. A broad coalition of activists and organizations is dedicated to protecting our forest heritage and restoring ecological integrity to the landscape.

  • Children's Environmental Health
    Children's environmental heath is an important concern to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Our programs are increasing focus and attention on children to ensure that they are protected from exposures to harmful chemicals and other environmental health hazards. We have several activities and programs with links to information about children's environmental health.

  • Climate Ark
    The Climate Ark is dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation and ending deforestation.

  • Drug Enforcement Administration
    Information about the types of drugs and the effects they can have on your body.

  • Earth Day Network
    Earth Day Network is the nonprofit coordinating body of worldwide Earth Day activities. Our goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, just, sustainable world by spreading environmental awareness through educational materials and publications, and by organizing events, activities, and annual campaigns.

  • Earthday Online
    ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS Learn more about the plants and animals that live in a rainforest by making your own diorama!

  • EnviroHealth Link
    EnviroHealth Link (EHL) helps educators cope with two growing trends in education: the use of technology and the emphasis on environmental health education.

  • Environmental Educational Resources
    Provides environmental educational resource links for teachers and students, as well as environmental education assistance.

  • Environmental Literacy
    Site for K-12 teachers and students, designed to help them find substantive information about the environment on the Internet.

  • Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention
    The Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention (FAIP) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to reducing the number of diving injuries, drownings and near drowning injuries, and other aquatic accidents. FAIP represents victims, their families and others dedicated to the prevention of tragedy in aquatic accidents.

  • Green Kids
    Nonprofit theatre group in Canada dedicated solely to environmental education in elementary and middle schools.

  • Institute for Childrens Environmental Health
    The Institute for Children's Environmental Health (ICEH), founded in 1999, is a non-profit educational organization working to ensure a healthy, just and sustainable future for children and the planet. The primary mission of ICEH is to foster collaborative initiatives to mitigate environmental exposures that can undermine the health of current and future generations.

  • International Research and Information Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety
    INCHES is a global network of people and organizations interested in promoting the protection of children from environmental and safety hazards. INCHES represents many interests and will speak from the experience and expertise of members of the network, of science and of the best practices in policiesand programmes. Promoting children's health requires protecting them from harmful environmental exposures. These exposures include: harmful physical, chemical and biological microorganisms and pollutants in water, air, soil and food.

  • Kids Risk
    Kids Risk Analysis, provides a guide for evaluating hazard claims and setting priorities. The mission of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis is to promote a reasoned response to public health, safety, and environmental hazards.

  • National Environmental Trust
    The National Environmental Trust is a non-profit, non-partisan membership group established in 1994 to inform citizens about environmental problems and how they affect our health and quality of life.

  • New Jersey Poison Information and Education
    Center is a non-profit organization that coordinates the treatment and distribution of information concerning poisons, drugs and targeted health issues through telephone management, consultation, education and research.

  • North Carolina Zoological Society
    Saving Pieces of the World for its Wildlife. Contact us about family memberships and special events.

  • Our Childrens Earth Foundation
    Our Children's Earth Foundation (OCE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the public, especially children, against the harmful effects of air pollution, primarily through enforcement of the Clean Air Act.

  • Pesticides and Child Safety
    Although pesticides can be beneficial to society, they can be dangerous if used carelessly or if they are not stored properly and out of the reach of children. According to data collected from the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in 1995 alone, an estimated 79,000 children were involved in common household pesticide-related poisonings1 or exposures2 in the United States. An additional 19,837 children were exposed to or poisoned by household chlorine bleach.

  • Preventing Harm by Dioxin
    Dioxins are a family of chemical compounds unintentionally produced in a variety of industrial processes, including incineration and chlorine-based paper bleaching. In addition to cancer, dioxins may cause learning disabilities, IQ deficits and hyperactivity.

  • Preventing Harm by Dursban
    The EPA has banned over-the-counter sales of Dursban, an organophosphate pesticide also known as chlorpyrifos. Organophosphates decrease DNA synthesis in the developing brain resulting in reduced numbers of brain cells. In animal tests, exposure to chlorpyrifos during gestation led to neurochemical and behavioral effects.

  • Preventing Harm by Mercury
    Mercury is a recognized developmental neurotoxicant linked to mental retardation, gait and visual disturbances, neurological damage, and impairment of language, attention and memory.

  • Preventing Harm-Resource and Action Center
    Many chemicals widely used by industry and commonly found at home are toxic to the developing brain and can cause developmental disabilities including behavioral and learning disabilities, hyperactivity, attention deficit, lower IQ and motor skill impairment.

  • Resources for the Future
    Resources for the Future is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization based in the nation's capital that conducts independent research -- rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences -- on environmental and natural resource issues.

  • Stop Waste.org
    The Waste Management Authority and the Source Reduction and Recycling Board is an integrated agency dedicated to achieving the most environmentally sound waste management program for the people of Alameda County.

  • Superfund Program
    The Superfund Program helps clean up the environment. Many areas of the environment are contaminated with hazardous waste.

  • Water Science for Schools
    Water Science for Schools web site! We offer information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.

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