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Web Pages

The following links are in English

  • ApnaSpace.com Desi Network
    A web-based community website bringing south Asian youth together with the rest of the world. Includes custom profiles, picture rating, desi blogs and more.

  • Best photos Vietnam Gallery
    Best photos Vietnam Gallery is dedicated to anyone interested in Vietnam pictures and photography of the country, nature, culture, people ...

  • Children's Winter Holidays Book
    "Lights of Winter:Winter Celebrations around the World" is a hardcover children's picture book (ages 3-8) about Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Las Posada, Saturnalia, Solstice, Soyal, Teng Chieh, Yule and Zagmuk. There are 13 color illustrations, 26 pages. Retail price $11.95.

The following links are in Danish

  • Kids For Canada
    Educational site for youth about youth. Learn and have fun.

The following links are in English

  • Africa Game
    Move around a game board, land on African countries, learn about those countries (culture/kids).

  • Africa Online: Kids Only
    Welcome to Kids Only! Here's your chance to learn about Africa. Read Rainbow Magazine-a Kenyan magazine for kids, play games and decode messages, learn about the over 1000 languages in Africa, meet African students on line, find a keypal, or just browse around. This site is here for you to discover new places and ideas, but also for you to ask questions and share what you know with others.

  • An Introduction to Africa
    Introduces the different countries of Africa and their people.

  • Aztec Culture
    Insights into ancient Aztec religion, art, language and culture.

  • Canadian Electronic Passport
    Designed for slightly older kids, but a good resource for cultural information about Canada.

  • Caribbean Electronic Passport
    Designed for slightly older kids, but a useful educational/cultural resource on the nations of the Caribbean.

  • Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research
    The Center provides a base for those interested in multilingual education, English-as-a second language, and foreign language instruction, multicultural education and related areas; and the opportunity to come together for research and program collaboration.

  • Center For World Indigenous Studies
    Access to knowledge and peoples' ideas reduces the possibility of conflict and increases the possibility of cooperation between peoples on the basis of mutual consent. By democratizing relations between peoples, between nations and states, the diversity of nations and their cultures will continue to enrich the world.

  • Children's Multicultural Literature Resource
    This Website is dedicated to my daughter. My desire to expose my daughter to literature that would mirror her, led me to search for exceptional books that honestly represent brown-skinned people. Just as important, was my dream for all children and adults to recognize and appreciate the patchwork of rich multicultural beauty woven together that has created "our" America.

  • Cultural Competence Web Site
    The goal of this section of our website is to provide a brief conceptual background for cultural competence, and to illustrate the elements of cultural competence in programs serving children with or at risk of developing serious emotional disturbance.

  • Cultural Connections
    Have you ever wondered what life is like in other countries? Cultural Connections will help you discover other cultures and answer your questions, so pack your bags and choose a country to begin!

  • Deaf Culture and Sign Languages
    When thinking about deaf culture, realize there is a barrier dividing people who are deaf from hearing people, and it is communication. A large portion of deaf culture revolves around this fact of life. Lack of communication inhibits the interaction between people.

  • Egypt, An Ancient Culture Revives
    Shows both Ancient Egypt and country of today. Explores geography, culture, customs, and events of both ancient and modern cultures.

  • Europe Today in the Electronic Passport
    Designed for slightly older kids, this site still offers a nice educational/cultural overview of Europe.

  • Fiesta America Pages
    Examines cultural differences in North, Central, and South America through the holidays celebrated in each region.

  • How Southeast Asia Survived Through the Ages
    - Teaches about Southeast Asia, particularly the countries of Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. Examines history, culture, customs, languages, food, people, religion, buildings, manufacturing, and animals.

  • India and China Stage: Kids' Time Machine
    Join students from around the world in this virtual introduciton to the peoples and cultures of India and China.

  • Kids Web Japan
    Learn all about the land and people of Japan. Explore its tradition and culture, learn about its schools and businesses...

  • Korea For Kids
    Take a virtual tour of Korea, learn about customs and traditions - all for kids.

  • Korea Kidsight
    Learn all about Korean culture. Visit a traditional home, see how a meal is prepared, learn about traditional costumes, read folk tales, and play a Shockwave game.

  • Kulture Zone
    Kulture Zone is a unique online experience for people of color.

  • Learn About India
    A country's culture that has changed the entire world. At our site you can learn all about life in India. One can talk to people all over the world by joining any one of the many Newsgroups we offer direct access to.

  • Legends of Forever
    Explores many world cultures. Click on any part of a world map to be transported to information about that region. Then explore the gods, legends, and culture of that area.

  • Linguistically Appropriate Services Early Childhood Research Institute
    The CLAS Institute identifies, evaluates, and promotes effective and appropriate early intervention and preschool practices that are sensitive to culturally and linguistically diverse children and families.

  • Meeting the Diverse Needs of Young Children
    : The increase in racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity in American schools is reflected in many early childhood classrooms. These classrooms also are receiving increased numbers of children with disabilities or developmental delays. The diverse composition of early childhood classrooms brings many challenges as well as many opportunities to educators.

  • Mexico and Central America in the Electronic Passport
    Designed for slightly older kids, but a useful educational/cultural look at Mexico and Central America.

  • Multicultural American West
    This site is intended as a space for the interactive exchange of ideas, information, and educational tools related to American West in multicultural and intercultural perspective. We hope to serve high school and college students, teachers, professors and independent scholars with an interest in the multicultural West.

  • Multicultural Childrens Lit
    Welcome to the wonderfully diverse world of children's multicultural literature, "literature that represents any distinct cultural group through accurate portrayal and rich detail

  • Multicultural Pavilion
    Through the Multicultural Pavilion, I strive to provide resources for educators to explore and discuss multicultural education; to facilitate opportunities for educators to work toward self-awareness and development; and to provide forums for educators to interact and collaborate toward a critical, transformative approach to multicultural education.

  • Multiculturalpedia
    We want this "Multi-Cultural-Pedia" to be a site where you can find many ideas from different backgrounds. We would like to share customs, ways of thinking, etc. of various cultures to find how different, or probably similar, we are. We would like to understand other people more and at the same time understand ourselves.

  • MultiCultural Review.
    MultiCultural Review is a quarterly journal for teachers at all grade levels, college professors, librarians, administrators, and anyone else who is interested in learning about new developments and trends in the field of cultural diversity. The journal features reviews of new print and non-print resources on multicultural topics, and articles that explore current issues.

  • MultiCultural Singapore
    Learn about food, clothing, festivals, and everyday customs of three major people groups that inhabit Singapore.

  • Native Culture
    Comprehensive portal site for Native American resources on the Internet.

  • Native Village
    NATIVE VILLAGE website was created for youth, educators, families, and friends who wish to celebrate the rich, diverse cultures of The Americas' First Peoples. Each week we offer readers two educational publications: Native Village Youth and Education News, and Native Village Websites and Opportunities. Our website also houses a large collection of resources and information to enrich all lives on Turtle Island. Please visit our website, browse our offerings, and sign up for our email reminders. And thank you for your time. We are always glad to make new friends!

  • Odyssey
    Over 1400 classes are trekking around the world online! Join them as The Odyssey links you with our team of educators on their round-the-world trek. (world culture)

  • PBS Kids' Africa
    I love exploring Africa. There is so much to see and do. It's a continent that has an incredible history full of amazing places, civilizations and cultures. The only problem is, I'm a, um...little spider, so I need help getting around... That's where you come in.

  • People's Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance Foundation, Inc. (PREDA)
    We are glad that you have found us. We are a small but pro-active, charitable, not-for-profit organization working on a national and international level for Human Rights, especially Women's and Children's Rights. You can learn about the various services for children, the Preda residential therapeutic community for abused and exploited children, the therapy and counseling techniques and the help for Filipino-American children battling against discrimination and racism. In this site you will find a lot of information about the social conditions in the Philippines, the campaigns of Preda against child labor, the sexual exploitation of children, AIDS education and a lot more about Preda Fair Trade and our handicraft and dried fruits livelihood development projects throughout the Philippines.

  • Pulse of the Planet
    Two-minute glimpses, complete with sound clips, into the cultures of the worlds. See and hear how people live, work, and play. From National Geographic.

  • South Africa - Explore
    Explores the nation's many cultures and people groups.

  • South America in the Electronic Passport
    Designed for slightly older kids, but a good educational/cultural resource about the countries of South America.

  • The Eshed Bridging Family Home
    The Eshed Home is an apolitical network of concerned Anglo Jewish families and mental health professionals. We strive to provide information, share personal experience, practical help (in Israel), and alternative opportunities for Jews of all ages and backgrounds seeking answers and growth.

    A long time ago North America was very different from the way it is today. There were no highways, cars, or cities. There were no schools, malls, or restaurants. But even long, long ago, there were still communities. A community is where a group of people work, live, and have fun together. People made their own homes, food, and clothing from the plants and animals they found around them. These first Americans descended, or came, from cave men in Asia. These were the first people to live in North America. That is why we call them Native Americans. These people have lived in North America for thousands of years, and there are still Indian communities today. (cultural diversity)

  • The Global Gazette
    The Global Gazette is an international newspaper focusing on culture. It has been created by three girls who live in Norway, The United States and Hong Kong, China. Within the cultural newspaper you will find information about traditions, sports, governments, special symbols, arts & music, norms and everyday life in the United States, Norway, and China.

  • The Initiative To Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health
    The Initiative To Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health adminidtered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • The Living Africa
    The site provides a 'spotlight' view of the continent of Africa. While aiming to present a 'complete' picture of a continent as large and diverse as Africa is not practical, the team has worked hard to provide a spotlight on as many aspects of the varied and diverse life (cultures) in Africa. This site aims to attract students, teachers and Africa enthusiasts from all across the world and offers to add to their understanding of the continent.

  • The Middle East and North Africa in the Electronic Passport
    Designed for slightly older kids, but a useful resource for cultural information about the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Tour of Egypt
    Tour Egypt, its customs, culture, geography and people.

  • Trishan's Page of OZ
    A young boy named Trishan has designed his own fun cultural website about Australia.

  • Working Playground
    Working Playground is a not-for-profit cultural organization that brings the arts to children and school communities that are lacking the opportunity and resources to study an art form.

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