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    The United States may formally oppose child labor, but by pressing for austerity-especially in provision for basic needs, the lance-point of the new global economy-it just as surely consigns children to the workshops and the fields.

  • Casa Alianza: Child Labor Exploitation
    Casa Alianza is an independent, non profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of street children in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua. Casa Alianza is the Latin American branch of the New York-based Covenant House.

  • Child Labor and Child Labor Reform in American History
    Offers two moving, illustrated stories: Mr. Coal's Story, an appeal to end child labor in coal mines. (Originally told by the National Child Labor Committee to persuade Americans to support the regulation and elimination of child labor.) and The Story of My Cotton Dress (scanned from The Child Labor Bulletin, August, 1914.)

  • Child Labor and India
    While child labor is a complex problem that is basically rooted in poverty, there is unwavering commitment by the Government and the people of India to combat it. Success can be achieved only through social engineering on a major scale combined with national economic growth. International policies and actions, therefore, must support and not hamper India's efforts to get rid of child labor.

  • Child Labor and The Global Village
    Child Labor and the Global Village: Photography for Social Change is a team of 11 photographers who will be photographing the worlds of 11 child workers around the world. By photographing individual children in their worlds - their families, communities, countries - we hope to see behind the "child labor" label.

  • Child Labor Coalition
    The Child Labor Coalition (CLC) exists to serve as a national network for the exchange of information about child labor; provide a forum and a unified voice on protecting working minors and ending child labor exploitation; and develop informational and educational outreach to the public and private sectors to combat child labor abuses and promote progressive initiatives and legislation.

  • Child Labor: Issues and Directions for the World Bank
    Children should not have to work, but an estimated 250 million children are working worldwide. This paper proposes that the World Bank take stronger action - and outlines what to do and how - to help address the issue more pro-actively, partnering with others who share a similar concern about the damage to children, their development, and their society's development.

  • Child Labour and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Latin America
    The organisation which I work for, Casa Alianza / Covenant House Latin America, is a non-profit organisation that cares for and rehabilitates street children in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua and has its regional office in Costa Rica, last year Casa Alianza cared for some 9,000 children. However, that said the organisation is an advocate for all children and their rights in our region and seeks to fight all forms of abuse and exploitation which touch their lives.

  • Child Workers in Asia
    Child Workers in Asia (CWA) was established in 1985 as a support group for child workers in Asia, and the NGOs working with them. From a small group of five organizations, it now brings together over 50 groups/organizations working on child labour in 14 countries. It facilitates sharing of expertise and experiences between NGOs and strengthens their collaboration to jointly respond to the exploitation of working children in the region.

  • Christian Morality: Issue on Child Labor
    Child labor is one of the many concerns in the Philippines and, most disturbingly, one of the most rampant problems we face. In the endeavor to create an awareness of an already existing law that is evidently not properly implemented, child labor clearly falls within this category.

  • Exploitation of Children in the Workplace
    A project of Earlham College - analysis of child labor issue.

  • Global March Against Child Labor
    Global March Against Child Labour is a movement borne out of hope and the need felt by thousands of people across the globe - the desire to set children free from servitude.

  • Global March Against Child Labour
    Here you will find a rich database of facts on child labour within easy search. Also enlisted are vast resources of the Global March-newsletters, books, photographs and contact addresses on child labour for your easy reference.

  • Human Rights Watch - Child Labor
    The Children's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch has largely focussed its efforts on forced and bonded child labor, which has a devastating impact on children. Children who work long hours, often in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, are exposed to lasting physical and psychological harm.

  • International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour: IPEC
    IPEC works on-the-ground to combat child labour with projects in more than 60 countries.

  • Secret Child Labor in America
    Fifty-nine years after Congress outlawed child labor in its most onerous forms, underage children still toil in fields and factories scattered across America. The poorest and most vulnerable among them start working before other children start kindergarten.

  • Statement from Campaign Against Child Labour on Child Labour In India
    The objectives of CACL are to create awareness on child labour; highlight violations inflicted upon child labourers; promote justice through fact finding and litigation; review policies and legislation on child labour and to put forth successful strategies and alternatives for the rehabilitation of working children.

    From the office of Congressman Dan Burton: There exists another little-known human rights problem in India , which is every bit as grave. This problem, which received little discussion, is the exploitation of child labor. The United States Government and the international community have paid little attention to the prolific employment of young children. It is time to attend to this neglect.

  • The Hazards of Child Labor
    This is a policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • University of Pittsburgh Press: Child labor
    Information, books, links and articles about the phenomenon of child labor.

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