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  • Alpaca World
    Alpaca World offers a wide selection of South American imports. We have teddy bears, finger puppets and other handmade toys.

  • Imagineadragon
    Fantasy themed plush toys,puppets,puzzles,games, books,kites and more for the young and young at heart.

  • Puppets, Hand & Finger puppets and pretend play toys
    Get some of the best full body puppets on the market, the only low cost puppets with removable legs and easy to work mouths. Great for Church's , Libraries and homes.

  • Puppet Universe
    People who love puppets will find a varied selection that includes hand puppets, finger puppets, puppet theaters, Baby Einstein puppets, and marionettes.

  • FuntoCollect.com
    Find a wonderful selection of licensed products such as Dr. Seuss plush, toys, lamps, bookends, Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls, bedding, gifts, Curious George plush, gifts, Beatrix potter figurines, snowglobes, Stuffed Animals, and much more.

  • Kites Tails Toys
    Kites Tails Toys - Huge selection of single line and stunt kites. Secure on line ordering. Most orders ship within 24 hours. Low prices! Check out our sale on stunt kites and airplane kites. In business since 1986.

  • Moppet Boutique
    Welcome to Moppet Boutique. We've assembled a collection of quality furniture and toys for all your childhood needs and dreams. From simple wooden tables, chairs, rockers, and stools to computer desks, toys, and accessories, we're sure you'll find what your looking for right here at Moppet Boutique.

  • The Puppetorium
    Online puppet superstore. We feature Puppet Partners brand of wide mouth, multicultural, people puppets. We also carry a large variety of other brands of puppets, puppet show scripts, and puppet stages. We have educational puppet and CD sets, great for schools outreach programs and children's activities. We also do custom puppets. Get all your puppet needs in one place!

  • Aardvarks To Zebras-Puppets
    Puppet Division of Aardvarks to Zebras-If you care about creatures, you'll be enchanted by AARDVARKS TO ZEBRAS, an inviting gift shop stuffed with animals of every description. plush and more.

  • Acorn Naturalists Puppet Collections
    Choose from Fish, Plants,dinosaur,reptiles,birds, crabs and other wonderful puppets.

  • All Things Weird and Wonderful-Puppets
    FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES-PUPPETS and PLUSH from Folkmanis and other great companies.

    Many wonderful bird puppets . Snowy Owl puppet Peacock bird puppet, bluebirds, ducks, eagles, Penguin puppets, hens and more.

  • Cascade Toy Company
    Full Line of "Huggable Puppets," Paw Puppets, Affordably-Priced, Huggable Finger Puppets, Poppets-People Puppets, Wildlife-Realistic Stuffed Animal Collection.

  • Children's Classic Charactors By Puppet Artist
    These classic characters need little introduction. Though each is familiar to all of us, they take on a special flair under Marnie's Puppet Artist touch. In the words of Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." There are few better tools for developing an active imagination in your child than through these Children's Favorites puppets

  • Chuckles Emporium-Finger Puppet Collection
    The biggest collection of wonderful finger puppets on line. Choose from animals such as turtles, rabbits, chicken, dogs ,cats and more.

  • Citi offers toys made just for playing
    Citi, italian quality toys,playhouses,playhuts,tipis, puppets theatres and much more in easy and safe e-shop, useful items infos,a great gift to welcome new clients, worldwide shipping, gret for Christmas presents.

  • Classroom Puppets
    Fun Puppetry Workshops for classroom teachers, home school teachers, children & adults of all ages!

  • Cleaford Puppets
    Cleaford Puppets are good quality, hand-made, wide-mouthed puppets, reminiscent of many muppet faces.

  • Creative Play Toys - NNBeans.com
    All types of cool creative play toys - including puppets, puppet theatres and other developmental toys.

  • Creative Toys by Daniel Oates
    Creative, artistic marionettes to inspire your child's imagination.

  • DancingPuppet.com
    Fluffy adorable Dancing Puppet marionette animal puppets for children of all ages.

    Many dog and cat puppets. From house pet breeds to wild animals like bob cats and coyotes. Very realistic and made of rubber or plush.

  • Epuppets
    This site offers 50 cute animal and people designs

  • ePuppets by KidsNsites
    e*puppets are each about 10 inches tall & machine washable.Puppets are Only $10 each..Hours of Imaginary FUN!aligator badger bear bunny camel chick chipmonk cow crow dalmation donkey duck elephant fox frog giraffe hedgehog hippo horse kitten koala lady bug lamb leopard lion moose mouse panda parrot dinosaur penquin pig puppy rhino shark steer tiger turtle zebra chef construction worker doctor farmer fire fighter nurse police postal worker soldier-PUPPETS

  • Erroc Puppets .
    Providing affordable puppets for children of all ages

  • Farm Animal Puppets
    A large selection of farm animal puppets and free information on books, events, and organizations for puppeteers.

  • Genius Babies Puppets
    A wide assortment of children's puppets from Genius Baby.

  • Gruppet Puppet
    Gruppets, a hand puppet for grown-ups and growing up. Children love the Gruppet's bright colors, action mouth and tongue.

  • Handknitted Finger Puppets
    Choose from our popular and ready for gift giving sets. Collection of more than 60 animals and characters for fun and creative story telling.

  • Handmade Puppets by Linda Manley
    These nifty puppets will allow your kids to use their imaginations. Their puppet shows will entertain you as well!

  • Innerchild Toys
    Fine handmade puppets from Bavaria. Each one is hand crafted in a family owned workshop. There is quite an extensive number of puppets here. Styles include glove puppets, pop-ups, marionettes and finger puppets. The Kersa puppets are distributed by Innerchild Toys.

  • Kamp Kreatures.
    Family Fun for all ages. There's Live Action Puppet Shows, Activities for the Kids, Educational Puppet Videos, Childrens Games, Aerobics, T-Shirts & more.

  • Kenwood Puppet Co
    The puppets you will find here at Kenwood Puppet Co. are heirloom-quality, hand-made works of art. Each puppet I create is unique. Please see the Puppet Gallery to view photos of puppets I have made. Prices range from $200 to $400, reflecting the time, materials and artistry required to create them. All puppets come with a black, solid wood stand for display.

  • Kids Books and Puppets.com
    Over 190 puppets or 40 kid's book and puppet combinations.

  • Kidzstuff Puppets
    We hope you will enjoy looking over our selection of high quality puppets! We specialize in puppets for Puppet Ministries! Puppets also make a great gift for kids of all ages!

  • Kiwi Puppet Company
    The Kiwi Puppet Company brings native New Zealand animals to life in the form of puppets.

  • Legends and Lores Puppet
    Welcome to Legends & Lore's Puppet and Parenting Parade! We manufacture fun! Puppets are wonderful toys. They can teach both kids and adults all kinds of things.

  • Legends & Lore's Puppet and Parenting Parade
    It's time to have some fun. Puppets, crafts, coloring pages, free stuff-fun stuff. For kids of all ages.

  • Mastercraft Puppets
    Original Puppets for Imaginative Entertainment and Education!

  • Monkey Puppets
    All your favorite monkey puppets.

  • Muddy Feet Puppet Theater
    Muddy Feet Puppet Theater has created a theater piece that will engage and encourage their audience to help others, get involved, and cherish the color in their lives - lessons needed to be learned at any age. It is a story born out of a few Aztec myths and involves ancient Aztec designs and ageless themes.

  • Pakaluk Puppets
    At PAKALUK PUPPETS our theme is to promote better understanding between teacher and pupil. Educators are able to speak to pupils through our puppets - Hand puppets, rod puppets and ethnic puppets for elementary schools, bible classes, libraries, and the public.

    At PAKALUK PUPPETS our theme is to promote better understanding between teacher and pupil. Educators are able to speak to pupils through our puppets. These hand-made most happy puppets may be easily manipulated by both adults as well as children.

  • Pearl Mason Designs - Finger Puppets -
    Famed for Imagination and Innovation in creating fun and educational finger puppets.

  • Pelham Puppets Online
    Pelham Puppets Online is a UK based site dedicated to collectors of Puppets.

  • People Puppets
    A number of charactor puppets. A witch, a boy , a girl, a firefighter and some aliens.

  • PlushPups
    Finger Play Fun, community helper puppets, family puppets, animal hand puppets, sea life plush.

  • Pup-Pet
    Red and green unidentifiable animal marionettes.

  • Puppet Artists
    Individually designed hand sewn, soft-form sculptures range in scope from the portraits of real people to celebrity characters, to storybook characters, to fantasy characters, to animal characters

  • Pup-Pet By Back In The Woods
    In the Woods has brought you a complete list of animal pup-pets, which make extraordinary gifts for the animal lovers in your life! Whether a kitten, a rabbit or a proud peacock is your fancy, we have it here!

  • Puppet Jungle
    We've been on the web since 1996 and in our retail outlet in the San Diego area since 1995. We consider ourselves one of the best puppet sites offering Folkmanis (and other) puppets on the world-wide web.

  • Puppet Odyssey
    Puppet Odyssey , creative ministry and arts for evangelical ministry. Resources , leadership, music,cds,patterns, events,worshop and more.

  • Puppet Paradise
    Puppet Paradise offers a variety of full body hand puppets, finger puppets and glove puppets that are ideal for story telling amoung other things.

  • Puppet People
    We advice on the use of puppets, and the supply of accessories such as theatres, scripts, puppet props etc.

    PUPPETS from Folkmanis and others for parents, teachers, churches, libraries and schools Secure on-line catalog and ordering

  • Puppet Productions Inc.
    Manufacturer of professional puppets and originators of the modern church puppet ministry. With 1000's of scripts, 400 of which are prerecorded, and hundreds of puppets to choose from, we have spent nearly 30 years providing the planet with great puppets and puppet-related materials, stages, programming, costumes, and more!

  • Puppetry Pastimes Hand Puppets
    Hand puppets include such characters as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Papa Gepetto, bears, monkeys, a prince, princess, king and queen and various boys, girls and animals.

  • Puppetry Pastimes-Plush Puppets
    They look just like a cuddly stuffed animal, but all of these adorable critters are puppets!

  • Puppetry Store
    Offering over 200 puppet and puppet related books, pamphlets, scripts, patterns, video and audio tapes, THE PUPPETRY STORE serves all levels of interest in the art of puppetry.

  • Puppets by Post
    Puppets By Post. We have a huge range of things for you to look at such as Finger Puppets, Glove Puppets, Body Puppets, Professional Puppets, Puppet Theaters and Juggling Equipment!

  • Puppets On The Pier
    The San Francisco Toy and Puppet Company has an extensive line of puppets,marionettes, ventriloguist puppets and rare puppets to choose from.

  • Puppet Stages
    Assortment of puppet stages and other items for putting on a puppet show.

  • Scheffel's Toys, Inc.
    Presenting High Quality Toys for the Young and Young at Heart...Specializing in Puppets

  • Sea Life and Aquatic Puppets
    Crab, Dolphins, jelly-fish,sea lions,sea turtles, whales,sharks puppets and more. All very real looking and made for fun.

  • Shop Zoo-Puppet Collection
    Large selection of puppets that represent the animals at the San Diego Zoo.

  • Small mammal Puppets
    Small realistic animals such as mice, rats, hampsters and more.

  • The Puppet Gallery
    These puppets are hand-crafted in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California by Neal and Carolyn Kinney. They come in many varieties, colors and styles, including made-to-order, and are suitable for all ages with the understanding that... Puppets are not toys... so adult supervision is recommended for youngsters, especially with ages 5 and under.

  • The Puppet Place
    The Puppet Place's mission is to promote the traditional art and crafts of puppetry through shows and workshops. The sale of puppets, marionettes, and related craft materials and supplies help subsidize the local regularly scheduled public performances.

  • The Puppet Shop
    Hand Puppets - String Puppets - Ventriloquist Puppets - Puppet Stages: Tabletop and Classroom-size - Wrap-Around Puppets - Over 500 different styles - Online Ordering & Priority Shipping

  • The Puppet Shop
    Marionettes, toys, statues and masks.

  • The Shopping Moon presents Country Critter Hand Puppets
    Country Critters Hand Puppets are beautiful and affordable animal hand puppets.

  • Treehuggers Puppets and Dolls
    Treehuggers are cuddly soft puppet dolls with bright colorful clothing and a rainbow of skin and hair colors.

  • Warm Heart Puppets
    Here you will find high quality, realistic and lifelike puppets for childhood and outdoor educators, speech and language therapists, mental health professionals. church groups and for parents and children of all ages.

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