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  • 4 Kids Safety
    Worn by the child, the cartoon animal-shaped transmitter sends a constant signal to the receiver, which is held by the adult. The signal the adult's receiver starts to beep, letting them is adjustable - from a distance of 3 to 20 feet, so when the child goes beyond the set distance, know that the child is starting to wander off

  • Advanced Car Solutions
    The perfect companion for your car seat because your child's safety matters If your child's safety matters and you use a car seat, consider the perfect partner... a backup warning device that talks to you, for your child's safety outside and inside your vehicle.

  • Baby First
    Baby First is committed to helping you protect the ones that are most important to you: your children. Childproof or baby-safe your environment with the most up to date safety products available.

  • Baby Guardian
    Buy from a large selection of infant safety products. Offering home safety guidelines and gift registry.

  • Baby Home Safety
    Home Safety Advantage Your Baby Proofing Solution. Your baby proofing solution. Find gates, latches, many hard to find baby proofing products and suggestions.

  • Baby Proofers
    Babyproofing protects your child from injuries and the open, safe environment created supports your baby's development.

  • Baby Rae's Store
    Use the Comfy-Ducky Seat-and-Sleep to protect and comfort your little one in a shopping cart, restaurant high-chair, or other unfamiliar public seating. Easily converts to floor pad for playtime or naptime, anytime and anywhere and has easy one-step installation. Pockets for toys, holders for snacks and drinks, built-in straps to always ensure your child's safety, and attractive, hand-picked patterns...this versatile product is all you need for the baby on the go.

  • Baby Safety Product - Baby Learning Products
    Your Baby Supply offers a variety of Baby Safety and Baby Learning Products.

  • Bay Clean Seat
    Clean Seat is a product designed for your child to grow into rather than to grow out of. The two safety belts are adjustable. Baby Clean Seat was designed using colorful vinyl and patterns, which will capture your child's attention and imagination.

  • Bubble Head
    Bubble Head makes bath time fun and safe and encourages children to use soap more frequently. It is made of soft, long lasting plastic and has a refillable cap on the top as well as an easily opened valve on the bottom for dispensing. Bubble Head is a product specifically designed to help prevent bathtub-related injuries.

  • Buggy Buddy
    Buggy Buddy Shopping Cart Safety Seat Helps Protects Your Child From Shopping Cart Injuries.

  • Carolina Baby Safe
    Baby proofing tips and products to make your home and baby safer.

  • CCTV DVR Surveillance Security Systems NY NJ
    CCTV DVR Surveillance Cameras Security Systems Solutions Consultants NY NJ

  • Child Fingerprinting and DNA inclusive in one kit!
    The ID Complete Kit provides the most comprehensive record of a child's identifying characteristics available to familes today.

  • ">Child Safe ID
    Do you want to respond faster to your child's emergency? This quality personal identity card and kit has been specifically designed to help protect children in an emergency. By using a child safe photo identification card, kit and our world first secure online photo service, faster emergency help can be obtained for your children whether injured or lost. Can you afford not to keep your ChildSafe?

  • Child Safety Gates .Com
    Child Safety Gates.com - baby gates, child safety gates and window guards for child proofing your home

  • Child Safety Gates.com
    Child Safety Gates.com baby gates and child safety gates for your home. child gates, safety gates, baby safety gates and window guard.

  • Child Safety Solutions
    Child Safety Solutions .Com - Your child safety products superstore, and much more. Child Safety Products, Infant Safety Products, Safety Items, kid, baby, pool alarms, furniture, juvenile, car seat and swimming pools safety.

  • Child Safety Store
    Welcome Back to ChildSafetyStore.com - Baby gates and child safety gates, cabinet latches, faucet covers, and pool alarms are just a few of the products you will find at the Child Safety Store.

  • DingoID Child Identification and Protection System
    DingoID is the latest in digital child identification. Using fully digital photograph and fingerprints. Designed for use by law-enforcement, schools, churchs and other organizations. Please visit our site and feel free to contact us if you would like to see Dingo in your community

  • Dr. Baby Proofer
    Assorted Safety Products Bathroom Safety Products Car Safety Products Door Safety Products Drawer and Cabinet Locks Electrical Safety Products Furniture Safety Products Gate Safety Products Kitchen Safety Products Travel Safety--Out & About Window Safety Products

  • Extreme Surveillance
    Extreme Surveillance offers state of the art surveillance and security cmaeras, remote video monitoring systems, recorders, miniature cameras, etc.

  • Family First Online
    Los Angeles' Largest Babyproofing & Complete Safety Store. child safety, baby safety, baby proofing, carbon monoxide detectors, poison, pool fencing, smoke detectors, portable gates, fire escape ladders.

  • Free $1195 Wireless Home Security System!
    LIMITED TIME OFFER: Allstate Wireless Home Security is authorized to give a certain number of GE's newest wireless home security system away for FREE, with free installation, free activation, lifetime parts warranty, you only cover the low monthly monitoring fee!

  • Go Ape Over Safety
    Go Ape Over Safety - Presenting a music based awareness program on issues including bike, water, fire, fall prevention, seatbelt, gun, poison, and eye safety.

  • Gun Safe, Wall Safe, Floor Safe, Fire Safes & More - A-1 Locksmith
    Providing the finest quality gun safes, wall safes and floor safes at the best value in the industry.

  • Hofs Home Safety
    Hofs Home Safety - Child Proofing , Baby Proof your home - Baby Proofing, Child Proofing, Baby Proof, Child Proof, Baby Safety Gates, Hearth Gates, Cabinet Locks, Tot Locks, Appliance Products, Banister Guard, Blocks, Cabinet, Products, Door Products, Educational CD's & Videos, Emergency Door Release, 2 Story Fire Ladders, 3 Story Fire Ladders, - Products Guaranteed Lowest Product Prices.

  • LastLogos.com
    Last Logos is North America's leading supplier of Safety Education Products. Reinforce important safety messages by rewarding children. Kids love our products and Safety Education Officers appreciate our vast selection of affordable products which help kids remember safety messages.

  • Lectra Lock
    LectraLock's patented outlet covers have been developed to fill a genuine need for a decorative, yet non-compromising, electrical outlet protection device. LectraLock is a must for home electrical safety. We urge you to use them throughout your home wherever children can access an outlet.

  • Lolly Wrap
    Product to cushion any Steel or Wood Pole for safety or cosmetic purposes (i.e.) Daycare Facilities, Basements, Garages, Basketball Courts and Swing Sets with a padded surface. Protect Your Kids Today With LOLLY WRAP, Are Your Children SAFE ENOUGH ?? DON'T WAIT !!

  • Make It Safe
    Welcome Safety Conscious Parent! If you're ready to childproof, you've come to the right place! Make it Safe is a professional childproofing company, dedicated to helping parents create safer homes for their children. For the past seven years we've helped to make it safe for hundreds of Boston area families.

  • Mega-Inventions Inc
    Child safety guards for windows & baseboard heaters.

  • OUCHY Child Safety Stickers and Home Safety Program
    An innovative home safety program for safety-conscious adults and their children. OUCHY teaches your child to STAY AWAY from dangerous household objects. Proven program since 1988! Bulk purchases gladly discounted.

  • PalmVid
    Your source for security camera, hidden camera, surveillance equipment, wireless camera, security equipment, spy camera, wireless security camera and pinhole camera.

  • Play It Safe Kidswear
    PLAY-IT-SAFE KIDSWEAR, LLC Shop for fluorescent and reflective, high visibility-safety apparel and accessories for children and grown-ups too! Fluorescent Apparel, Hip Hop Headwear, Fun Stuff, & Safety Gear for affordable, fun products that make your child more visible and safe! Check out our "Kid Kits" for value deals!

  • Preventables Baby Safety Store
    Your one stop online store for baby safety products and all of your babyproof needs. Baby safety, baby-proof, childproof, gates latches, safe babyproofing, childproofing.

  • QuieTouch Door Closers
    Never Slam a Door Again! Bring SAFETY and CONVENIENCE to your HOME! The Sentinel door closer that looks great & works great on interior and exterior doors and cabinets! Optional hold-open feature serves as automatic door stop and keeps doors open when desired!

  • Robsecure Home Security
    sells security products to secure your home, apartment or business;child guards, burglar bar, security screens and more. . .

  • Royal Baby Safety
    Welcome to Royal Baby Safety's home page. Here you will find a selection of the best baby home safety products and information on making your home safer for your baby.

  • Safe At Home
    Safety General Products to keep your kid safe in Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Automonile. The Safe At Home Company was established in order to help parents and caregivers get comprehensive answers for their child safety concerns.

  • Safe Home Products
    Provide products and information that promote healthier, simpler living. Our products monitor dangers or improve family health, security or quality of life. Important Safety and Emergency information.

  • Safe-N-Easy Outlet Covers
    New electrical Outlet Cover Keeps Kids Safe The cover is made of one solid piece of tough ABS plastic: no parts to lose, no special inserts to pry out, no parts to leave lying around that would present a choking hazard to a small child. The Two-outlet cover has two safety doors that lock closed - to cover and conceal the electrical sockets underneath. The doors stay flush when closed, so they don't attract curious eyes or small hands.

  • Safer Kidz Child Shield USA
    The Child Shield USA mission is twofold. Our primary goal is to reduce the alarming number of lost, missing, abducted, and runaway children in America. Our child safety program provides parents with simple, easy-to-follow educational materials that will empower their children with important knowledge that can help to prevent a tragedy. When a child turns up missing, the ability to positively identify that child becomes critical. Our unique Video Registration Service? provides the highest level of identification record available. unlike a still photograph, a properly prepared Identification Video gives the authorities and concerned citizens so much more to go on when searching for a missing child. Familiarity with characteristics of voice, manner, motion, and others can greatly improve the likelyhood that someone may remember having seen the child. Such a recollection could be the all-important clue that leads to a reunion of child and family

  • Safer Today
    At Safer Today, we want to be your one stop for all your home and personal safety needs. We have some of the best security and personal protection products in the industry at great prices!

  • SafeStep USA
    Protect against slipping. No slips, no skid, Non-skid surface and steps. Anti-skid, anti-slip walks and steps for secure footing. No falling. Make any step or walk non-skid and no slip. No more slips.

  • Safety and Security Center
    The Safety and Security Center searches the world to bring you the best selection of truly innovative, highly effective & professional quality safety, security & life-saving products anywhere - at the lowest possible cost!

  • Safety Care Inc.
    Safety Care Inc. provides professional childproofing services. We conduct home safety evaluations and make recommandations that will help you protect your children from health and safety hazards in the home.

  • Safety Identification Cards and Child ID Kits
    Provides safety ID products, custom imprinted child ID kits, imprinted custom child ID cards, child safety ID CD-ROMs, drug awareness and identification CD-ROMs and much more.

  • Safety Matters
    Baby-proofing products for your home sold and serviced by the authors of The Safe N Sound Child. Get peace of mind with the best and safest safety products on the market. Order online and save!

  • Safety Products Unlimited
    Safety products, equipment, supplies, first aid kits, and personal emergency response systems for medical emergencies, fire safety, outdoor survival, disasters, and accidents.

  • Security Source One
    Security Source One - Offers alarms, surveillance, emergency kits, and smoke hoods.

  • Shock Blocker
    ShockBlocker is sold in lots with six units in each. This is a pre-packaged product and each package is a lot. A package of six ShockBlockers costs $28.80, shipping and handling is included. child safety products,safety products,child safety,baby proofing,baby safety,electrical safety,home safety,accident prevention,electric safety,electrical outlet covers,electrical outlets.

  • Stay Safe Security
    Stay Safe Security offers a full range of wireless home security systems, surveillance cameras, and personal alarm systems. We also sell hidden cameras, mace sprays and video surveillance equipment. Order online today!

  • Summit Home Security
    Summit Home Security Products" content="Your Ultimate Source for sensible, affordable security. Our products are perfect for home, office, and travel! We offer: Security Alarm 2000, Voice Alert 3100, Voyager Portable Alarm, Motion Alert, Super Door Stop Alarm, and Big Jammer Door Brace. We guarantee each product with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Tommi Guard
    Child safety belt and tether with harness, leash, get your child out of the stroller and walking, feel safe and secure in public considering child abductions today, Belt Pouches, the Fanny Pack alternative, Tommy Guard, Tommie Guard.

  • Totsafe Child Safety & Childproofing
    Site offers child safety products and information designed to help you keep your children safe at home. Browse child safety gates, locks & latches, electrical safety, free home childproofing checklist and Ask The Childproofer.

  • WeeFingers
    We specialize in inventing, designing and manufacturing tools and equipment to aid the public with their day to day chores. DOOR SAFETY FOR HOME, PLAYSCHOOLS AND DAYCARE CENTRES "MAKES AN IDEAL BABY SHOWER GIFT"

  • Safety Lessons
    CD-ROM Lesson teach children how to safely react to dangers . The Author wants children to see the beauty of a tree but be aware of the danger that lurk behind it.

  • Parent-Alert.com
    Parent-Alert offers a variety of Child Safety items at a low cost. At Parent-Alert, we care about the safety of children. As parents ourselves, we are very concerned about our kids being secure. Our product line ranges from small, handheld alarms priced under $10.00 to pepper sprays to full home security systems.

  • Baby Sleep Safe
    Every crib needs a "Baby Sleep Safe" crib sheet anchor to help make it a safe place for baby to sleep

  • DANDee Child Safety Harness
    DANDee Child Safety Harness - Child safety harness travel.

  • Safety/Security Equipment from BabiesFirstChoice.com
    Click here to buy safety products and accessories for your home, garden and pool at BabiesFirstChoice.com. Buy outlet plugs and covers, appliance locks, cabinet locks, drawer locks, door stops, finger guards, corner protectors, night lights, monitors, gates, and more. Also buy car seats and safety accessories for your baby during his automobile ride. Buy sun shades for your baby, maternity seat belts, and more.

  • Child Safety Harness
    Child Safety Harness comes in two sizes, small and large. Both are adjustable to fit your growing child.

  • Four Home Technology
    Welcome To 4hometechnology.com Your Home Security and Home Automation Depot. At 4hometechnology.com we have a huge selection of home security and automation products. We carry wireless home security products such as the visonic powermax, video surveillance products including security cameras, hidden cameras, cctv products.

  • International Association for Child Safety
    The International Association for Child Safety (IACS) is a non-profit organization formed in 1997 to promote safety awareness and injury prevention for children.

  • Protect A Bub
    Protect-a-Bub is an Australian manufacturer of specially designed sun protection covers for babies that fit prams, strollers and baby car seats. Each Protect-a-Bub sun cover is manufactured from UPF 50+ rated fabric, which is the highest rating for 99% blockout of the UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

  • RubyStone Enterprises
    We provide Unique Safety and Protection products to help make your life easier and safer. Can you Protect your Loved Ones in an Emergency?

  • Technology to Recover Abducted Kids
    TRAK, Technology to Recover Abducted Kids, is a computer software system that was originally designed to help law enforcement agencies locate and recover abducted children.

  • The As Safe As Possible Campaign
    The As Safe As Possible Campaign ties many organizations together working for the common cause of keeping children safe. You can make a difference in your community.

  • Toy Safety
    World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.), a Massachusetts charitable non-profit corporation, was founded by Edward M. Swartz, a nationally known trial lawyer and child safety consumer advocate.

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