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  • A+ Site For SongsThat Teach
    Sara Jordan's Songs That Teach resources include educational song cassette and CD kits that cover everything from Grammar, Phonics, Math and the U.S. Presidents, to Multicultural Songs, songs about the Prime Ministers of Canada and songs in French and Spanish

  • Bridgi - An extraordinary shop for kids!
    All natural, fairly traded, toys, clothes, books, crafts and educational kits for your little ones. We are so much more than a store; we are a place for kids to make a difference! Stop by and check out our Sunshine Project.

  • Educational Esteem
    One of the best collections of musical resources for children to be used by parents and childcare providers. Catergories covered: Classical Kids, Infants, Toddlers, Kids' Christmas, Musical Play Activities, Singable Songs, Dances, Family & Learning Fun, Rhythmic Motor Activities, Multicultural & Relaxation For The Whole Family.

  • Kid's Juke Box Personalized CD's & Books
    A fun and educational collection of children's personalized music & books. Your child's name in every song and story. Now available in English and French.

  • Kids Music Box
    Mediak Kids Music Box sells the worlds premium quality personalised children Music. Hear your childs name sung up to 98 times in our collection of personalized CD's including our new Lullaby CD. All this for just $25 Aus + same day shipping

  • MP3 Player Review
    MP3 Player Review presents its personal study in relation to all types of recognized MP3 players as well as compiles the top MP3 studies from through out theWorld Wide Web.

  • Personalized Birthday, Lullaby, & Holiday Songs
    Get the personalized birthday song sweeping the nation that features your child's name 9 times! ALL names available. Also offers customized lullabies and a special song from Santa.

  • Sing Along With Wendy
    MP3's available for immediate download plus CD's and Cassette Tapes with Personalized and Classic & Fun Songs your child will love.

  • Wendy Riley - Owner
    CD's, Cassette Tapes, plus MP3's (which are available for immediate download) with Personalized and Classic & Fun Songs for Children!

  • Kidzup Productions Inc.
    KIDZUP is a manufacturer of educational products for children. Started in 1995 as a dedicated children's music company, KIDZUP has grown to include Interactive Learning Kits, Book and Tape, and award winning music.

  • Musical Toys and Instruments at BabiesFirstChoice.com
    Click here for all your baby's toys. Buy musical toys, instruments, musical bouncers, musical jumpers, musical swings, musical animal rockers, and more.

  • A Childs Song
    Place filled with music, laughter, hugs, and smiles a place flowing with song, dance, and fun.

  • Babies Classics-Music
    Sweet and soft music tunes for the baby such as "Classical Baby Mozart", "Disney Lullaby Babies", "Sesame Street" and more

  • Baby Genius
    Music Makes a Difference!

  • Best Childrens Music.
    Betst Childrens Music.com is a helpful, time-saving resource for parents and teachers who are looking for the very best in children's music CDs, tapes and more!

  • Blanket Kid
    Children's Music and Audio Entertainment!

  • CD Baby
    CD Baby is a little online record store that sells CDs by independent musicians.

  • CedarmontKids-Christian Music
    Music is one of those special joys. And in music, the best songs never go out of style. Remember all those songs you learned and loved as a child? Chances are those songs can be found on cassettes, CD's and videos from Cedarmont Kids.

  • Child Matters
    Child Matters/Baby Matters isis a young company with great, award-winning music and book titles FOR ALL AGES.

  • Childrens Christian Cassette
    Personalized Cassette Tape has the child's name sung right into the songs-- no matter how unique the child's name!

  • Children's Music at Mabel's
    Selection of Children's music for sale on CDs, including music videos.

  • ChildSong
    Sing-along song that mentions the child's name often throughout the song.

  • Civil War Music Store
    Authentic Music of the Civil War

  • Clarus Music
    Clarus Music is a Premier Worldwide music dealer since 1975.

  • Classical music for babies and moms
    Will listening to classical music make your baby smarter? Many experts seem to think so. Recent research indicates classical music may stimulate the brain in a way that enhances math and science learning. The following are music selections

  • Confetti Entertainment Company
    Confetti read-along books are special adaptations of non-violent fairy tales that promote supportive family settings, responsibility, problem solving, and a positive multi-cultural experience.

  • Dorp Express Books and Music for Children
    Books and music for children. Also, free mp3's and streaming music, fire safety, texas history and more for kids.

  • Family Music Makers
    Family Music Makers offers classes appropriate for newborns to four-year-olds. Family Music Makers stimulates children's learning through play.

  • Festival Five Records
    Festival five records, my new label dedicated to making children's records for kids and kid sympathizers. the first release, rocket ship beach, is out now. keep your ears open for more in the coming year.

  • Fun Music Software
    Put some excitement into your music lessons and increase your student's motivation with software that makes learning to read music fun!

  • Fun Tapes
    Music for kids, personalized with their name in every song.

  • Get a Personalized Song from Santa!
    For under $10, get a personalized song from Santa Claus and his elves! The song features your child's name - sung and spoken throughout by Santa Claus and his elves. Over 10,000 names are available. The perfect stocking stuffer!

  • Growler Tapes Audio
    The Growler Tapes Audio Adventures! Tapes/CDs Sophisticated Storytelling For Kids 4-12 Audio tapes & cds

  • Hap Palmer-Children's Music
    Hap Palmer is an innovator in the use of music and movement to teach skills and encourage the use of imagination. His recordings and videos have received numerous honors including the Parent's Choice Award and the National Parenting Publications Award.

  • It's a Kids Day!
    Original songs, stories, and dances set to wonderfully delightful music! The album actually talks to your child!

  • Julie Wylie Music
    Action songs for kids and children teaching music resource, music education for dance and movement. childrens music Cassettes, video and cd discs

  • Karen and Kids
    Karen & Kids brings children's music to all ages.

  • Kid Rhino
    Kid Rhino was founded in 1991 to create and market audio entertainment for kids and their families. We produce CDs, cassettes and read-alongs for some of the best children's entertainment brands like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros.,

  • Kids Brite Music
    This is the place where parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone who loves and works with children will find a virtual library of fun, effective, music-based teaching tools!

  • Kid-Tunes, Inc.
    Kid Tunes, Inc. will be offering an interactive music in-service day workshop for music and classroom teachers.

  • Kidz Bop Online
    Currently the best-selling children's music collection offered on TV, Kidz Bop features 30 kid friendly versions of today's biggest hits. These are the songs that kids love. They're great for parties, those long car rides or just keeping your kids occupied. Kidz Bop is a CD that the kids and you can listen to together.

  • KidzTracks
    Kidztracks for childrens accompaniment contemporary christian music-tapes, tracks, CD's. Childrens vocals included with each song.

  • Kimbo Educational Music Company
    Kimbo publishes music for all ages on cassette, CD, video and LP, specializing in musical play activities, fitness for all ages, and learning fun products for young children.

  • Lighthouse Records-Vincent and the Big Bad Kitchen Band
    Vincent (aka Paul Vincent Nunes, rhymes with tunes!) is an award-winning songwriter and performer of original music for children. His most recent recording is Brand New Day, winner of the prestigious "Parent's Guide" Outstanding Audio award and a silver medal from the Parents' Choice Foundation in 1998. Both of his earlier releases, Read To Me and Vincent and the Big Bad Kitchen Band, are winners of the "Parent's Guide" award for Classic Children's Audio.

  • Lithgow for Kids
    Actor John Lithgow has written delightful stories for children. Available now in books and on CD. In addition he frequently performs with symphony orchestras around the country.

  • Little Big Band
    Little Big Band is a music program designed to introduce young children to a variety of music experiences. Through a combination of singing, listening, and movement activities, children will acquire a greater appreciation and understanding of music.

  • Merry Music Maker
    Merry Music Maker engages children in a playful and wonderful musical experience. The Merry Music Maker has created a delightful interactive music experience for young children.

  • Musical Minis
    The fun time music group for babies and toddlers.

  • Musical Mystery Tour
    Music for children: songs, rhyming stories and poems many written for BBC TV and Schools Radio, and Faber Music. Lyrics, sound samples, children's pictures and things to do.

  • Musical Spanish
    Learn spanish through spanish songs like la bamba and guantanamera. Spanish music, Spanish learning CD and software, mp3 downloads, and Spanish lessons.

  • Musicare
    Musicare is an exciting, educational, fun-filled music program for children ages 18 months to six years old.

  • Music Education Madness Site
    Teaching the Wonders of Music and Surviving It with a Smile On Your Face. This is an all-around music education site for music education, and includes monthly topics in the areas of music majoring, elementary teaching, private teaching, and secondary teaching.

  • Music For Kids
    Give children an early start in musical activities with musical toys, affordable musical instruments, software and teaching materials from this very focused and secure Internet shopping site.

  • Music For Kids
    Music4Kids Everything Musical for Children.

  • Music for Little People
    Children's music with a multicultural emphasis, music for preschool and older children. Musical instruments, gifts, toys, all 10% off!

  • Music For Little People
    Children's Music, Children's Videos, Musical Instruments and Books, Music for Toddlers, Toddlers and Children's Educational and Multicultural Music CD's.

  • MusicGenie
    Welcome to MusicGenie! We started this site to give the consumer an easy and affordable way to find and buy quality musical instruments.

  • Music Kit
    Music Activities and Resources for Kids and Teachers.

  • Music Precedent
    We specialize in writing and recording kids music. Our stable of experienced composers and producers brings creativity and freshness to every project.

  • Music Rhapsody
    Music Rhapsody was created in 1983 by children's music pioneer Lynn Kleiner. This innovative program for children, from infants to grade 8, is based on the Orff Schulwerk philosophy of music.

  • Muzikal's Hardly Used music for sale
    Muzikal's Hardly Used music for sale (CD's, 12", albums, VHS, Books, etc.)

  • My Story Song
    Personalized 'Read-Along Story Songs' featuring your favorite child's name throughout -- plus other fun, unique children's birthday gifts including the Magic Wand Pen that glows and writes in the dark, Winky Wizard's sticker stash, and more!

  • Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs
    A charming site that promotes a recording of the original nursery rhymes and nursery songs just as they were composed by Sir. J.W. Elliott in 1870, along with all the charming engraved illustrations and some recording samples. Extraordinary view of a Victorian childhood, and lovely music, for an early introduction to good music for very young children.

  • Only Kids Music.com
    Here you will find an ever growing collection of music, books and videos for KIDS, PARENTS, FAMILIES and TEACHERS! If you're looking for something NEW in Children's Music, you'll find it here!

  • Personalized Children Music
    Music for kids, personalized with their name in every song. Kids love them and they make great gifts.

  • Riekes Music Company
    Riekes Music Company is proud to present musical tapes & stories for children in preschool through the early primary grades. All of the music on these tapes is designed to expose young children to a wide variety of musical styles and instrumentation, while providing basic educational activites in which children can actively participate.

  • Roaring Mouse Entertainments
    Festival Five Records, my new label dedicated to making children's records for kids and kid sympathizers.

  • Sara Jordan Publishing
    Sara Jordan's Edu-Mart sells Educational Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Kids, including "Songs that Teach."

  • Smart Themes
    The familiar sounds comfort and relax the newborn infant, while the soft music gently introduces the baby to new sounds and new surroundings.

  • Song of the Sirens Music
    Beautiful Music for Childrens and Adults of any age.

  • Songs for Children UK
    The Songs for Children catalogue contains over 100 children's CD's, CD greeting cards and audio cassettes at budget prices without compromising quality. Songs, stories, nursery rhymes, Christmas carols, educational programmes for children aged up to 9.

  • Songs for Kids
    Our original songs and stories are rich with benefits for children; encouraging their natural abilities to think, feel, and be expressive.

  • Songs of Love
    Songs of Love is a non profit organization dedicated to create personalized songs for chronically and terminally ill children and young adults.

  • Sony Wonder.com
    Welcome to Sony Wonder, your family's home for the best in music, videos and book & tapes! Sony Wonder was born in 1993 when Sony Music decided to start its very own family entertainment division.

  • StoryGift.com
    Stories for children written by Daniel Occeno

  • Storytelling Store
    Tapes of Americas' favorite storytellers. Books filled with wonderful stories, information and instruction.

  • Sugar Beats
    60s and 70s tunes re-recorded for kids and some original tunes.

  • Teach Me Tapes, Inc.
    Foreign language tapes designed to teach children foreign languages through music.

  • The Aunties Childrens CDs
    Original Childrens Songs and Entertainment.

  • The Classical Child - Music
    CD's, filled with delightful, uplifting songs and arias from the world's most loved operas -- all sung in English and created especially to capture a child's heart. Featuring selections from: The Magic Flute, Hansel & Gretel, The Barber of Seville, Carmen, The Mikado and other operas.

  • The Music Class
    The Music Class is an exciting music education program developed by Rob Sayer which features: Fun, music and movement classes for children ages birth through four years old with their parents and/or caregivers.

  • The Parachute Express
    The Wonderful Music for Children

  • Tiny Seed Music,Inc
    writers Martin & Kramer have found a unique way to communicate Christian values to today's families using catchy tunes and clear, wonderful lyrics.

  • Tot Rock-Children's Music
    TOT RocK -1: positive, upbeat music for elementary age children 2: music that promotes positive values and decision making 3:G-Rated rock that families can enjoy together, sing, sing, sing.

  • Transitions Music
    Bringing conscious, responsible, and intelligent music to children and adults worldwide

  • Tunes for Tots
    The Cradle Will Rock is the first children's album from musician Dave Biro. The songs feature intelligent, amusing lyrics in a variety of real music styles: rock, swing, jazz, rap, Latin.

  • Tunz Kidz
    TunzKidz - Educational stories and music for children, classrooms.

  • Twin Sisters Children Music
    Twin Sisters Productions, Inc. has been in business for over 13 years bringing you fun and educational products for your children. We have long recognized the benefits of playing music to children.

  • Twin Sisters Productions
    Offers Learning With Music products for children.

  • Universal Childrens Audio
    Here you'll find loads of terrific tapes and CDs for children of all ages.

  • Wiggles and Tunes
    WIGGLES N' TUNES is a leader in the children's music education field and publishes quality .READY-TO-USE EARLY CHILDHOOD MUSICPLAY curriculum materials FOR INFANTS, TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS.

  • Wiggles N'Tune Children's Music
    Wiggles N' Tunes is a high quality music and movement curriculum. The Wigglin' Collection Start-Up Kit includes everything you need to wiggle and make music!

  • Youngheart Music
    Youngheart Music is proud to offer an exciting line of audio and video products featuring some of the top talent in children's entertainment.

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