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  • Anything and Everything mobile
    Mobile Software,blackberry handheld device,j2me software, pocket pc software download,symbian mobile software,ms smartphone,psp handheld sony,mobile forum

  • Audio recorder joiner converter mixer
    Offer audio, video and sound recorder joiner converter which records, joins and converts audio and video files.

  • Audio/video converter,MP3/AVI/MPEG joiner,splitter
    Provide audio/video processing software, include video converter joiner, MIDI to WAV, avi joiner/splitter, MPEG Joiner, mp3 splitter and audio recorder. Some other products are available for File & disk management, internet or graphic editing.

  • Custom Gaming Computers, Free Gaming Computers, Best Gaming PC.
    Custom gaming computers and Cheap Laptop Computers. Ultimate Gaming PC, Best Gaming PC Free delivery on qualified products.

  • Family-friendly software products
    Name brand software suitable for every member of your family! Interactive learning software for your child, home design software for the dad and everything in between for the mom!

    Flash Development, Flash Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Designing, Website Development, Multimedia Presentation, MAYA Animation, 3D Animation, Logo Creation, Internet Marketing Services

  • Freeware Pub
    A collection of great and new freeware applications you can use for your daily or special needs. These softwares applications are free to use for your convinience.

  • Health-Minder Family Health Information Manager
    Organize comprehensive health records for people and pets, and keep family health diaries. Monitor nutrition, exercise, medical expenses, insurance claims, child development, hereditary diseases, eldercare, pet care, allergies, vaccinations, workplace exposures. Keep track of symptoms, prescriptions, and health test results such as blood pressure or blood glucose. Take an active role in your health, and improve communication with doctors.

  • Interactive Media Productions - Child Safety Identification CD
    Provides educational interactive software for child safety, identification kits, ID cards and drug awareness.

  • NetNanny
    NetNanny Family Filter software - surf safely on the web.

  • Photo Slideshow, Video Joiner
    Provide easy-to-use software to create photo slideshow and join video files into AVI format.

  • Safety Lessons
    Innovative toys, games and flashcards which teach children to be safe, prevent injuries and cope with the problems in their lives. Developed by noted educator ( and mother ) Paula Geonie. This site deals with safety issues for kids covering their overall physical and mental health and well-being.

  • ABClassroom and Kelsea's Classroom
    ABClassroom and Kelsea's Classroom are programs to help children improve their computer, mouse and keyboard skills along with an alphabet learning experience.

  • Alive Software
    Alive Software publishes Games and Educational Software. Download FREE, fully functional copies of SnowWhite, Billy The Kid, Animal Quest, Magic Crayon, Scubaman's Quest, Dinosaur Predators and more.

  • Alpine Snow
    Alpine Snow specializes in spying, monitoring, and password recovery tools for popular Windows programs.

  • ArgoSphere
    Argosphere delivers education via the internet and there's all sorts of interesting stuff.

  • BabyStep Software
    Includes pregnancy calender, baby book, photo album and address books.

  • Black Board Internationa
    Black Board International's Ashawareline of Afrocentric Software includes educational programs for children and adults as well as a screen saver and clipart.

  • BlairSoft
    Simple Solutions for Parents and Teachers - The program that puts You in control of your family's computer use.

    BUSY LITTLE BRAINS is an enormous, fun, and easy to play Macintosh CD-ROM that teaches children (ages 2-6 years) how to: Use the computer, Count forwards and backwards, Learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, Design common objects, Name the colors, Recognize shapes, Develop memory and logical skills, Draw amazing pictures, and much, much more!

  • CatEdu Math and Science Software
    Educational software that uses animation to teach basic math and science.

  • CCM-TurboPlus
    CCM-TurboPlus is America's leading management software for childcare providers.

  • CCV Software
    CCV Software features the best educational software pricing and selection as well as academic software discounts from publishers like Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia and Corel.

  • CharacterLink
    CharacterLink is a Protected Internet Access Service providing highly customizable solutions for Individuals, Families, Businesses, Schools, Churches, and more.

  • Chi-Brow Software
    Welcome to PeopleNet's ChiBrow, the SAFE and non-filtering Web browser designed for children that meets the needs of parents and educators.

  • Childcare Administrator
    Childcare Administrator 2000 is a complete administration package for centre based and "at home" daycare facilities.

  • Childcare Management Software
    A full featured Management system designed specifically for the Childcare industry that will help you take your school's efficiency and productivity to new heights! With SchoolLeader you will take total control of your daily operations, including attendance tracking, billing, vaccinations, classroom ratios, field trips, meal statistics, and so much more.

  • ChildLock
    Childlock. Effective Protection and Peace of Mind. Protect your windows environment from inquisitive children. Children and PC's - no problem. Now with added Internet Protection.

  • Children's Books on CD - Fun While Learning to Read!
    Electronic books will entice your child to read, allowing him to interact with the story by following along with the words as the colorful character talks

  • Childrens Software Press
    Children's Software Press (CSP), based in Houston,Texas, was formed in 1992 with a straightforward mission -- to provide parents, teachers and school administrators with timely, succinct and unbiased information on educational software and technology issues for kids aged 2 to 14.

  • Children's Software Revue
    Educational software reviews with direct links to catalog order forms.

  • ChildSafe Software
    ChildSafe is a computer monitoring utility that enables parents to watch as much or as little of their children's computer and Internet activity as they see fit.

  • CleanSurf
    CleanSurf is an online resource for parents, providing useful information for keeping your family safe on the Internet.

  • Compedia Ltd.
    Compedia Ltd. Develops software in a number of languages for children ages 4-12.

  • Computer Spy
    Computer Spy and Surveillance software for Monitoring remote or local PC. Best for Monitoring, Parental control or Detective purposes.

  • Conflict Smarts
    Conflict Smarts, an interactive CD program that uses skits and exercises to teach kids how to manage conflict through anger control, improving communication skills, learning to express negative feelings without violence and more.

  • Craft Software
    Aunt Annie's Crafts combines creativity, learning, and fun in computer-based books of crafts. Every software book includes twelve or more craft projects and is packed full of information on a related theme.

  • Crescent Vision Interactive
    Discover Painting for Kids is a top rated art program designed especially for kids. Its colorful interface and rich set of features are sure to capture your child's imagination.

  • Crick Software
    Clicker software offers exciting new approaches for special needs learners in all age groups, and is easy to tailor to the needs of individuals.

  • Cyber Snoop
    Cyber Snoop is a software program that helps you create a safe Internet environment by monitoring usage and protecting privacy.

  • Data For Life Eeducational software
    Data For Life is a specialist distributor of educational software. We create what other software producers do not. We provide you with tools that help teach what is important to secure families and schools.

  • Digital Frog International
    We are an innovative, enthusiastic, young software company, dedicated to creating high-quality educational, multimedia CD-ROMs with an ecological focus.

  • Diskovery Educational Software
    Diskovery - Ireland's Leading Educational Software Provider - Online Secure Shopping

  • Disk Tracy
    Home/Network versions. Screens and blocks undesireable content. Logs reports on sites visited and material downloaded/stored on the computer.

  • Dr. States Computer Parent
    Management software for Children's daily tasks. Chore, allowance and reward management software for parents and kids.

  • DynoTech Software
    Educational Software Relaxing Puzzle Games Free Online Fun

  • Edmark.com
    For over thirty years, Edmark has been a pioneer in developing innovative and effective educational materials for children. Recognizing the possibilities of the computer as a learning tool, Edmark has combined new multimedia technologies with proven educational strategies to create a family of award-winning educational software products.

  • Educational Software Institute
    Find and order educational software for your school or home from our searchable catalog of more than 8,000 titles!

  • Educational Software Store
    We have educational CD-ROMs for children of all ages from KS1 to KS4.

  • Elementary School Computer Courseware
    This courseware bundle comes on two CD-ROMs and contains hundreds of IT courseware and lesson plans available for kids.

  • Emerging Technologies
    Powerful and professional childcare management software package that is clearly laid out so you can access your data quickly and easily.

    Parental control and computer timer software. ENUFF is loaded with features such as selecting which programs the kids may or may not use, display the remaining time, 5- and 1-minute notifications before their time expires

  • FamilyCAM
    Monitor Your Children's Internet Travels and Computer Usage with Silverstone's FamilyCAM.

  • FonTrol
    FonTrol is a simple-to-install, easy-to-use switch that you plug into any phone extension or dedicated phone line you wish to control.

  • Freeware Guide
    Program Of The Month, Freeware links, Free Software, Free Downloads, Free Top Sites, Free Stuff Sites, Free Stuff and Free Games.

  • From One Parent to Another
    This software will reveal the web sites that have been accessed, displays the images that have been viewed on the Internet, and shows other 'inappropriate' information that is stored on your computer that you would NEVER find any other way.

  • GAMCO Educational Software
    Welcome to GAMCO Educational Software -- your connection to award-winning software that will challenge the imagination and creativity of any student.

  • Games To Make
    In Games To Make create games played around the world and games played long ago. Games to Make features board games, card games, and outdoor games from different cultures with an emphasis on fun.

  • GuardiaNet
    Server-based content filtering that allows parents to customize levels of access for each family member, according to family values.

  • Harts Unlimited
    Harts Unlimited is an established reseller of PC and Mac software, and accessories. We can supply you with the latest software at prices well below normal retail stores prices.

  • Headbone Zone Mini-Mart
    Download some free stuff or get the scoop on their CD-ROMs and merchandise.

  • Hexabit Junior
    The web browser designed for kids, with a cool and easy interface. Junior has parental control, so your kids can surf "safe" with Junior

  • Homeschoolers Campanion
    This software is designed for the home-schooling parent to assist in organization of lessons, records of work completed, reminders and more. Download a free sample here, then call to order when you are convinced.

  • Home School Solutions
    Welcome to Home School Solutions, the home of award-winning software created for families by a veteran homeschooling mom, and by a father who has more than twenty years of professional computer programming experience.

  • InetDisable
    InetDisable is an Internet access scheduler that lets you specify, for each day of the week, the periods throughout the day during which Internet access is enabled or disabled on the kids' computer.

  • Ingenuity Works
    We develop award-winning software and Internet products for kindergarten to Adult. We have a

  • Internet Filtering Software
    AT Kids Browser is a multimedia web browser specially designed just for kids. It is the safest and easiest way to learn and have fun on the Internet.

  • iProtect You
    iProtect You allows you to control your family members' access to the Internet. It lets parents control which Web Sites their family members can visit and blocks inappropriate Web Sites.

  • iTECH Inc.
    Provides blocking and filtering of 25,000 potentially offensive sites. Designed for district school use, AUP can handle hundreds of computers simultaneously.

  • Kid Control
    Parental Internet Control Software, IamBigBrother is a parental internet control software program to keep children safe on the internet. Monitor your family in Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, Email and more. Works with ICQ, America Online 4/5 (AOL), ICQ, Compuserve 2000, CD Messenger, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

  • KidKeeper Software
    Child care Annual Record-Keeping Program for Family Child Care Providers. Software allows you to track scheduling, payments, menus, expenses and child files.

  • Kids Click Software
    At KIDS CLICK SOFTWARE we have over 500 educational and fun children's software programs for babies to teens, in all subject areas including Math, Science, Reading, Spelling, Social Studies, Keyboarding, Non-Violent Games, Creativity, Foreign Language, and more.

  • Kids Domain Review
    Parent written reviews of software for children and articles about computers and technology in the family. See what our families thought of the software before spending your hard earned dollars!

  • KidsNsoftware
    We focus on childrens needs from a to z. The children products that we offer are from the best children companies from throughout the world.

  • Kid Web
    A Fun Web Browser for Kids and Security Solution for Parents.

  • LarKen Software
    LarKen makes wholesome children's software to Educate & Entertain. The preschool or kindergarten child will delight in learning the alphabet, phonics, or counting and the early elementary school aged child will still be challenged

  • Laureate Special Needs Learning Software
    Laureate Learning Systems publishes computer software for children and adults with disabilities.

  • Learning Company
    The Learning Company is America's premier developer and marketer of educational and reference software for consumers and schools.

  • LittleBrother
    LittleBrother Internet Filtering Software

  • Little Fingers Software
    Welcome to the world of LittleFingers! There are lots of fun things to do here, and we hope you enjoy your visit.

  • LittleFish Software
    Macintosh Software for Primary School (k-6) Shareware and Freeware

  • LoyalDog
    LoyalDog is the most effective and accurate solution for filtering Internet material. LoyalDog gives parents and concerned users peace of mind, by preventing children from viewing offensive or inappropriate material.

  • Lyon Software
    Daycare 4 by Lyon Software builds on Daycare 3 with a complete Attendance Module.

  • Mac Filter
    This page is provided for Mac users who wish to configure their web browsers to securely access the internet through a server-side internet content filter proxy

  • MAGGEY Deluxe Software
    MAGGEY Deluxe Child Care and Day Care Management Software

  • Memory Magic
    Discover some of the most successful and advanced right brain, whole brain and accelerated learning games ever assembled for your child!

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear controls access to programs and resources on a Windows computer. Useful to parents and computer labs.

  • MoM Web Monitor
    A powerful new tool that parents can use to easily log visited websites, filter online porn, and encourage appropriate computer use

  • Net Nanny
    Child Safety Software for the Internet.

  • NZEdSoft
    NZEdSoft provides educators and students reliable, robust and lean tools for computer-based learning that are easy to learn and use.

  • Ohio Distinctive Software
    Reasonably priced, educational software with infinite playability through a breadth of difficulty levels

  • Oxford Reading Tree Clip Art!
    is an extremely useful resource which can be used either by teachers to create their own materials or by children to create their own stories. This triple format CD-ROM has been produced in response to the many requests we have received for clip art to support this popular reading scheme, is bound to add a new dimension to your Oxford Reading Tree work.

  • Paper Airplanes
    In Paper Airplanes there are fifteen projects each featuring a different paper airplane or other flying thing to make. With Paper Airplanes you can make gliders, darts, stunt airplanes, and then go beyond planes with boomerangs, helicopters, and birds.

  • PC Timer
    PC-Timer is a simple and effective suite of programs that installs on any PC running Windows 95/98 or ME. You decide which programs to monitor and how much time per day each user should have for them.

  • Pearl Softwares
    Pearl provides parents with the tools and resources that can offer them peace of mind that a child's safety is not being jeopardized by Internet use.

  • Photosnoop
    Parental monitoring made easy

  • pidRus.com
    We specialize in bringing you quality, easy to install Macintosh Service/Upgrade Parts and Mac/PC Educational Software for Kid.

  • Planetweb Browser
    Planetweb's Parental Control is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Web filtering system for parents who want to control Internet access for their children.

  • Platypus Multimedia Software
    World class educational multimedia, software and courseware for a global market.

  • Preschool Kids Education CD-ROM Software
    Preschool CD-ROM Software Programs. CD-ROM Educational and Edutainment Software for Kids.

  • Prime Family Filter
    Prime Family Filter is a modern filtering software running on Windows 95/98/NT/ME.

  • Private Advantage
    Child Care Management Software

  • Professional Solutions Software
    Thousands of independent childcare centers and large corporations have chosen ProCare Software for it's ease of use, flexibility and support. Find out what ProCare can do for you! Visit the web-site or call today to order your free fully-operational demo CD and information package. 1-800-338-3884

  • Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo
    Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo is a cartoon-style scavenger hunt program where children can stop to play games along the way as well as learn interesting animal facts. A 'classic' for ages 3 to 8.

  • RamWare
    Online shop for educational software.

  • Rose Studios Inc.
    Rose Studios - Makers of award-winning children's edutainment software such as Through the Woods, Over in the Meadow, Castle Adventure, Turn Around Turtle: Show & Tell, and ImaginAction.

  • SafeNetClub Browser
    The SafeNetClub Browser and safenetclub.com web site are dedicated to the protection of children while providing a safe and fun learning experience on the Internet.

  • Safety Quest
    Safety Quest is the very first interactive CD-ROM that empowers children against bullies, strangers, and other child predators. It is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

  • Salus
    A security application which allows the owner or user of a desktop or laptop computer to see which files are accessed, when, for how long, which Internet sites are being connected to, who sends e-mail to where, and so on.

  • Scientific Learning
    Based on over twenty-five years of neuroscience research, Scientific Learning's family of training programs uses patented technology to target the language and reading skills widely recognized as the keys to all learning. Each program's interactive exercises integrate CD-ROM and Internet technology (software) to create an optimal learning environment that adapts to the level of each student and provides ongoing monitoring of a students progress.

  • Security Software System
    Security Software System has developed a line of security software products that solve critical problems associated with Internet Risk Management.

  • SentryCam
    SentryCam - Guarding Against the Internet

  • Silverstone's FamilyCAM
    Monitor Your Children's Internet Travels and Computer Usage with Silverstone's FamilyCAM.

  • SmartAlex
    The ultimate PARENTAL CONTROL software for Business Owners Too !

  • Smart Alex ICU
    Monitors computer activity both on the Internet and offline. Takes screen shots of conversations, email, word processing documents, images.

  • SmartBlock
    SmartBlock is a perfect filtering software that filters internet pornographic, sex, hate, violence, gambling, and other offensive content.

  • Smart Science
    Software for use as a teaching tool on the Internet.

  • Smiletown Computer Games
    Smiletown, kids improve English skills while playing fun, content-wholesome computer games.

  • Soft Engine Usa
    More than just software taking your business to the next level.

  • Software and Electronics for Babies and Toddlers
    To enhance infant and toddler development this is a collection of software and electronics from Baby Genius.

  • SoftwareBuys.com
    SoftwareBuys.com makes your software shopping experience the easiest and most convenient online.

  • Software For Parents
    Internet Filtering and Monitoring Software Store for Parents - Cyber Sentinel, Spector and more!

  • SoftwareOutlet
    SoftwareOutlet.com - computer educational software store kids.

  • SOS Kid Proof
    SOS Kid Proof, Complete Protection for you kids and your PC.

  • Spector from SpectorSoft
    Install Spector on your PC and it will record EVERYTHING your spouse and kids do on the Internet.

  • SpyCatcher Corporation
    SpyCatcher Corporation develops software in the Browser, Utilities, Educational and Game fields.

  • Spy-Patrol
    Computer & Internet Monitoring Spy Software

  • Sunburst Communications
    Software for K-12 computer-based programs for grades K-12 that include, among others, problem solving, early learning, tools, language arts, and mathematics.

  • SurfPass
    SurfPass makes it possible to limit the duration of Internet use by means of an account for each user, and even to keep detailed activity logs.

  • SurfWatch Internet Filtering Software
    Internet content filtering, monitoring and blocking software for parental control, educational institutions and corporate businesses.

  • Talking Animated Alphabet CD-pre-reading
    Watch and hear the alphabet come magically to life! A completely updated version of our best selling disc based title. The Talking Animated Alphabet abc-CD uses beautifully designed illustrations and animations together with speech and music to help infants learn the sounds and shapes of the alphabet.

  • Tenadar Software
    Tenadar Software is a kid-based company which develops and markets inexpensive games and learning software for children of all ages.

  • The 123 CD
    Captivating activities carefully designed to help young children get to grips with important early number skills.The 123 CD has been carefully designed to help young children with the complexities of counting and early number.

  • Tizzy's Toybox
    Brimming over with meaningful activities for young children, the 1997 Best Primary Educational Software Silver Award winner Tizzy's Toybox is full of magical animations, lively speech and music that will entrance all young children. With the help of Tizzy, the magic clown that lives in the toy box, youngsters can choose from ten fun-filled games and activities that really will help them grasp those all important early basic skills.

  • Tom Snyder Productions
    A former science and social studies teacher, Tom Snyder began using a computer in his classroom twenty years ago to help him do what he loved to do most: teach. Tom Snyder Productions, founded in 1980, is now a leading developer and publisher of educational software for K-12 classrooms. Dedicated to the art of teaching, Tom Snyder Productions creates innovative software to support and inspire great teaching and learning.

  • TotCity Store
    High quality products for toddlers and preschoolers featuring early learning videos and software.

  • Toy Story 2 Game
    Shop and get information on the Buzz Lightyear computer game.

  • Triumph Learning
    Triumph Learning is a leading publisher of state, norm-referenced, and college admissions test preparation materials as well as supplemental curriculum resources.

  • WatchDog
    Parental Control and Time Management Software for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.

  • We-Blocker
    We-Blocker gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children's Internet access and provide them with age-appropriate content, while filtering out sites that contain adult material.

  • We-Blocker
    We-Blocker gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children's Internet access and provide them with age-appropriate content, while filtering out sites that contain adult material.

  • Where have you been?
    Where have you been? Software by JusTekWare - Internet auditing and reporting tool to block and audit children from adult content on the web

  • Wildridge Software Inc.
    Interdisciplinary educational software for use in homeschool education or public school education. Designed for middle school and high school.

  • Windows Security Officer
    Windows Security Officer enables you to protect and totally control access to your personal computer.

  • WinGuardian
    WinGuardian can keep track of what programs a user runs, log any text that is typed into a program, log all web sites that are visited, and even capture screenshots at various specified intervals.

  • X-Detect from Software4Parents
    X-Detect is an easy to use computer program that will test your home computer for X-rated or violent web browsing within the past 30 days.

The following links have yet to be sorted

  • BabyWow
    Toddler software. There's no replacement for your baby's or toddler's discovery of the real world. However, unlike for most of us as children, their real world includes the computer. The computer has many wonderful attributes that make it a valuable tool for parents of young children such as its ability to deliver high quality sounds and images while teaching cause and effect relationships. BabyWow was created to reward a child's natural curiosity about the computer with an interactive experience based on early development research.

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