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  • Compassionate Souls
    Compassionate Souls, Raising the Next Generation to Change the World. Books about compassionate parents.

  • Just for Kids Children's Bookstore
    Just for Kids Books is an online discount bookstore with over 70,000 books and gifts for children, parenting, education and homeschooling. Low shipping prices worldwide.

  • Parenting With Spirit
    Parenting with Spirit is the only national magazine dedicated to honoring the spiritual paths of both parents and children. By spiritual we mean the awe-based search for meaning and magic in response to our deepest needs for love and peace.

  • ReadingParents.com - Reviews of the best books for parents
    Our website is full of book and video reviews concerning topics that parents need to know. From Adoption to Pregnancy and Conception, to Homeschooling and Preparing for College, and many more. New content added all the time... come check it out, and try our new forum!

  • Youth Change
    Answers to turnaround at risk, problem, disruptive, withdrawn, troubled youth and children.

  • All-Star Dads
    All-Star Dads is a concise parenting book with a big league pitch. Through short and entertaining baseball stories, the author gives good advice on how to make your life with your children more fun.

  • American Guidance Service
    American Guidance Service - Choose from a wide selection of AGS parenting materials.

  • Ask Baby
    Ask baby questions - see written answers and free advice, recommendations, surveys, independent information, answers to all your baby questions and needs

  • Aware Parenting Books
    Aware Parenting is based on the work of Aletha Solter, Ph.D., developmental psychologist, international speaker, consultant, and author of three books (The Aware Baby, Helping Young Children Flourish and Tears and Tantrums).

  • Baby Be Loved
    Help, Resources and a Unique Book for New Parents and New Babies.

  • Baby Care Book
    A comprehensive baby care book features information on treatment of illnesses and infant nutritional requirements, and focuses on a baby's five needs: eating, sleeping, development, health, and comfort.

  • Be A Better Parent
    The Truth About Being a Successful Parent -- Like It's Never Been Told Before.

  • BetterParenting.com
    This is the place you'll find books good ideas for being a better Parent....and enjoying it.

  • Child Safe (
    A Practical Guide for Preventing Childhood Injuries.

  • Comeunity : Parenting Books
    Books for childern and families. Indepth book reviews, recommendations, author interviews.

  • Even Santa Cries Sometimes
    Letters written from children to Santa Claus. These letters are so touching that they will touch your very soul,if you can make it completely through just one of the books.

  • Family Diversity Projects
    Family Diversity Projects: diversity education training exhibits on multiracial, multicultural, GLBT family life.

  • Father and Son
    Welcome to Father & Son the home of Quality Products that promote Quality Relationships.

  • Fern Ridge Press
    Books, Videos & Articles from Fern Ridge Press Specializing In Books And Videos About Childhood Problems And Their Solutions

  • First Time Parents Survival Guide
    First Time Parents Survival Guide to Avoid Unnecessary and Wild Spending

  • From Birth to Puberty
    For parents of young children. A practical guide to the parenting skills you need to help your child develop a healthy sexuality. Supporting parents, caregivers and educators of young children.

  • Gryphon House
    Early Childhood Books for Teachers and Parents.

  • Guide to Indo-American Parenting
    A guide for parents with Indian heritage who are reasing Indian children in America.

  • Guide Your Children
    The best parenting book available to help guide you in raising your children to have character and respect.

  • How To Behave So Your Children Will Too
    This book will teach you how to get your children to listen...the first time. You will learn strategies for dealing with negative attention, arguments, power struggles and manipulation. Learn how to promote self-discipline and responsible decision-making.

  • Hyper-Parenting
    Hyper-Parenting explains why it is better -- in the short and long run -- for parents and kids alike to slow down, do less, and generally turn the volume down on family life.

  • Involved Father
    The Involved Father: A book by Dr. Robert Frank focusing on how to encourage dads to participate in the daily lives of their children. A culmination of research and time spent as an At-Home Dad.

  • Just Ducky Babies
    Pregnancy,breastfeeding,baby,toddler,soaps,teas,slings,breastpumps,books & More! Stop by & sign up for our newsletter to get our monthly specials. FAST Priority Shipping!

  • Kid Business
    Practical Insights From An Experienced Father For Raising Children Who Can Make It In The Real World, And Create A Family Legacy.

  • Learning Peace
    This site dedicated to helping parents and teachers learn the skills of peacemaking is not only necessary, but essential. We hope the Learning Peace website will provide you with plenty of practical information to get you on the path to peaceful parenting.

  • MasteryZone
    At MasteryZone we have one mission: to provide you, the parents, with simple to follow but comprehensive strategies to ensure maximum results for your children's success in school.

  • Moms Over Miles
    The Moms Over Miles web site has been designed to help mothers who are business travelers military women noncustodial mothers airline pilots airline stewardesses travelguides truckers professional athletes musicians/entertainers actors corporate executives & any other mothers who have to be away from their children

  • Moral Intelligence.com
    The Blueprint for Helping Kids Do the Right Thing Dr. Michele Borba offers a new and exciting breakthrough in conceptualizing and teaching virtues, character, and values, providing a model of measurable capacity - Moral Intelligence.

  • Mothering Your Nursing Toddle
    Mothering Your Nursing Toddler Book - by Norma Jane Bumgarner

  • Net-Mom Internet Safe House
    Home of the best-selling book The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages

  • Parenting101
    Parenting books on parenting by Dr. Melanie Bazarte.

  • Parenting Kind Children
    We promote early learning skills, creative parenting advice, and most importantly the loving of a child. We offer parenting kind children books and have some available.

  • Parenting Loving Children
    We are a website dedicated to parenting loving children, and guiding children into being loving through educational books.

  • Parenting Press
    The best choice in child guidance, parent education, and children's safety books.

  • Parenting Resources
    Benjamin D. Garber, Ph.D. Practice in Clinical Child, Consulting and Forensic Psychology

  • Parenting Skills and Parent Education Books and Tape
    This department provides instructional materials to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to enable them to raise healthy, happy and productive children and teens. These materials provide comprehensive information as well as very practical suggestions for all areas of parenting.

  • Parent Kids Right
    Parenting strategies and advice for busy parents with commonsense advice, skills and strategies for everyday parenting.

  • Parents and Schools Online
    This practical handbook for parents contains advice for on how parents can solve a problem with their child's school. The author, David West, is a clinical psychologist and mediator.

  • ParentSuccess.com
    ParentSuccess.com ~ Parenting Tips and Strategies. Parentsuccess.com offers helpful advice for parents of children 2-12 and teenagers as well as advice on surviving the college years.

  • Playful Parenting
    A Bold New Way to Nurture Close Connections, Solve Behavior Problems, and Encourage Children's Confidence.

  • Positive Discipline
    Offers information and education on methods to raise and discipline children in a positive re-enforcing manner. Articles, books and questions available.

  • Prenatal Parenting
    This website offers unique and important up to date information about the unborn child's emotional development

  • Raising a Thinking Preteen
    Raising a Thinking Preteen: The I Can Problem Solve Program for Eight to Twelve Year-Olds.

  • Spiritual Parenting
    Spiritual Parenting: You've come to a place where you can find information and support in raising kind, honorable children who remain connected to their spirits and their families.

  • Stepfamily Help
    This book presents in seven steps the secrets that make it possible for couples to build new-family, or stepfamily, while not only saving their intimate relationships but enriching them as well. Yes, stepfamily life can be hell but it doesn't have to be!

  • Story Stuff
    Story Stuff stories enable your child to express himself or herself in the context of the story, allowing for the parent-child relationship to reach new depths, especially at an early age when deep bonds are so vital to the establishment of loving relationships.

  • Teaching Values
    One of the most extensive sources on the web for parents, teachers and anyone involved with character education for children.

  • Terrorism and Kids - Comforting Your Child
    Terrorism and Kids: Comforting Your Child helps you answer the difficult questions your child is likely to ask. It helps you to help your child with the powerful and frightening emotions that follow traumatic events. And it helps you to comfort their fears - and your own - about terrorism.

  • The Social Baby
    The Social Baby is the most important new baby book in decades. Babies are born with amazing abilities that have been studied and understood by professionals for years, but this is the first time the information has been demonstrated and presented in such a clear and simple way.

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