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  • ADHD Secrets Revealed
    Expert's book on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: adhd, add, hyperactivity, adderall, adderall xr, ritalin, concerta, stimulants, wellbutrin.

  • Body Stories
    BodyStories - We offer stories of diseases with cells and microbes as the main characters.

  • Life On The Reflux Roller Coaster
    Follow Shae-Lynne's mom through the excitement of her first pregnancy and the abounding joy of the birth of her beautiful baby girl. Joy quickly turns to frustration, fear, guilt and sorrow as she begins to realize there is something wrong with her perfect new bundle. Ride the reflux roller coaster with Roni as she struggles to survive the following months watching helplessly as her daughter starves herself, and suffers from uncontrollable vomiting, choking and failure to thrive. Desperately trying to get a diagnoses and finally a treatment for her beautiful little girl's suffering Roni begins to research believing if she studied enough she would find a solution. What she finds instead is a whole world of other children suffering just as Shae-Lynne does. Life on the Reflux Roller Coaster is a heartwarming, at times heartbreaking story that we can all learn from about surviving, and finding hope and joy through personal tragedy. Not only a powerful story, it's jammed full of important information about the dev

  • MedicineNet, Inc.
    MedicineNet, Inc. is an online, healthcare media publishing company. It provides easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information for consumers via a network of robust, user-friendly, interactive web sites.

  • SpeechTeach
    SpeechTeach provides information on the field of speech/language pathology and book recommendations for parents and others interested in improving the language skills of their children.

  • ANZ Publications-Medical and Dental Record Book
    ANZ Publications was created to address the needs of keeping Medical and Dental records up to date and organized for children.

  • Books-Dental
    Books-Dental is a website that promotes proper dental health. Visiting your dentist often, dental hygiene, and dental health are important. Daily use of toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash is a way to fight plaque, tartar, and cavities.

  • Books for Children Health and Dental
    Professionally selected books...these categories: Books: Going to the Dentist, Doctor, and/or Hospital Books: First Experience Books Books: Loosing the first tooth Books: How to take care of your teeth and health Books: Germs and Head Lice

  • Brain Gym.com
    Providing Books, Tapes, Videos and more about child's delayed in muscle development, coordination, balance, speech & language.

  • Child Development Institute Store
    Shop for books and tapes on parenting, child development and child psychology plus motivational books and tapes for kids and teens along with materials, educational games and software to improve learning and study skills.

  • Children's speech and language books
    Book reviews and collection of these important books on the development of speech and language in children. Many to choose from.

  • Complete ADD ADHD Bookstore
    We offer over 100 of the best books written on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals!

  • Coping With Growing
    Entertaining therapeutic story tapes to help 4 to 9 year old children with important life events.

  • Dyslexia Better Books
    Dyslexia: Better Books, Suppliers of books and information on dyslexia, dyspraxia, adhd, spld, and autism to schools and senco

  • Growing Up Strong
    Growing Up Strong is a truly unique resource for parents of children with long-term illnesses and the professionals who help to care for these special kids! It is not specific to one particular illness or condition, but looks at the challenges that are shared by all children living with special health needs

  • Health Press
    Children's Books on Health...Select a Category Cardiology Children's Books Diet & Nutrition Disabilities General Practice Grief Integrative Parenting Pediatrics ...For more information on any of the books, click the images for descriptions, reviews and sample chapters.

  • How to Teach Nutrition to Kids
    The Faith and Health Connection. Articles, newsletter, nutrition quiz, recipes, books and tapes from speaker David Meinz.

  • Injury Prevention Books
    Recommended books on injury research and prevention - Children and Adolescents.

  • Interactive Parent - Health Books
    It's 3 am and your baby is crying and running a fever. What should you do? Here are some online resources and health books you may want to keep handy to help you understand more about your child's health and illnesses.

  • Kid's Herb Book For Children of All Ages
    This unique children's herbal is filled with information, stories, illustrations, projects and recipes-truly a "whole-earth catalog" of herbs for kids.

  • Lite Books.net
    Relaxation techniques providing stress relief for children with a disorder - ADD, ADHD or ODD.

  • Mental Health Books for Children and Parents
    A child psychiatrist and her daughter each review children's books on topics including depression, ADHD, divorce, understanding a parent's mental illness, and decision-making skills.

  • Mental Health Children's and Personality Disorder Books
    Child health books...focus on mental health.

  • Merit Care - Child Health Books
    The following books are great resources for learning about your visit to the doctor!

  • Nutrition Counseling Education Services
    Your source for books, videos, teaching aids on nutrition, exercise, & eating disorders.

  • Online Clinic
    Dr. Larry Burd's web site providing information on childhood diseases and disorders, such as ADHD, Autism, Tourette Sydrome.

  • ParenCenter - Health Books
    Books on children's and family health See what other parents thought of these books.

  • Speech Delay
    Speech therapists share their expert information for parents and teachers concerning speech language delays, ages, milestones, developmental delays, special ed and other learning disabilities.

  • The Autism Network for Dietary Intervention-Book List
    A list of the best books for the Dietary Intervention of Autism.

  • The Block System for ADD
    Videos and Books to help children with ADD and other learning disabilities. The Block System TM, a series of programs designed to put the power of information and tools in your hands. By Dr.Mary Ann Block .

  • The Mineral Connection
    Children's Books..."natural approach" to child healing.

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