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  • Categories of Drugs in Pregnancy
    At times, you may have a condition that requires treatment during pregnancy. Your provider will help you select a therapy that minimizes

  • DES may impair gene function
    Diethylstilbestrol (DES) -- a drug prescribed to prevent miscarriage until 1971, when it was linked to abnormalities in the reproductive tracts of women exposed to the drug before birth -- appears to cause these abnormalities by suppressing the function of a particular gene, US researchers report.

  • Drug treatment during pregnancy
    The purpose of this review is to summarize some of the important points that should be considered when prescribing drugs for pregnant women.

  • Ibuprofen (e.g. Motrin etc.) and Pregnancy
    Use of ibuprofen has been reported in about 100 human pregnancies without evidence of a syndrome of congenital anomalies . However, a case-control study on gastroschisis found affected pregnancies to have a significantly increased odds of having been exposed to aspirin or ibuprofen .

  • Medications During Pregnancy
    Learn more about the effect of medicines on your pregnancy. This section contains information on over 40 medicines and discusses their possible side effects

  • Medications/Teratogens/Substance Abuse
    Information regarding medications,teratogens, and Substance Abuse.

  • Medicines in Pregnancy
    The following information is intended to answer some of your most common questions about taking medicines in pregnancy. Always talk with your healthcare provider to make sure a medicine is safe for you to use.

    A single clinic in South Africa has published several collected case reports on the use of metformin during human pregnancy, including the first trimester, without apparent adverse effects.

    There have been a number of reports of bromocriptine use throughout pregnancy in women with prolactin- secreting adenomas in which adverse fetal effects have not been detected.

  • Preferred Asthma and Allergy Drugs in Pregnancy
    Preferred Asthma and Allergy Drugs in Pregnancy (From the National Asthma Education Program's Working Group on Asthma and Pregnancy)

  • Prozac and pregnancy
    Many women are taking the drug fluoxetine (prozac) either when they fall pregnant or while they are trying for pregnancy. There is some research into the outcomes of pregnancies in women who are using this common anti-depressant.

  • Safety of common drugs
    A breakdown of common drugs and their safety profile during pregnancy.

  • Teratogenic (malformation inducing) Drugs
    FDA analysis of these malformation inducing drugs.

  • Yahoo Health: Drug Safety During Pregnancy
    Drug Safety in Pregnancy: Enter the BRAND name of a drug or medication to find out it's FDA safety rating.

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