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  • Dynamic Doppler
    We rent fetal heart monitors so you can listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat during pregnancy.

  • Approximate Timetable of Prenatal Development
    This page presents a detailed overview of human development from the time the sperm is united with the ovum until birth. (pregnancy)

  • A Sound Beginning
    Discusses the importance of sound for baby's development, even when he or she is still in the womb.

  • Evaluation of Fetal Growth

  • Fetal Development
    Information about the developmental stages of your fetus.

  • Fetal Phone
    Send your voice straight to your baby in the womb. Expecting mothers will cherish this product. You can even play music to your unborn child by simply placing the mouthpiece to speakers or to a musical instrument.

  • How Active Should Your Baby Be?
    There's nothing like the first time you feel your baby move. You'll always remember that first flutter of life, the gentle tap that lets you know your baby is there. Most expectant mothers feel the first signs of life between 16 and 22 weeks.

  • How Chemical Exposures Affect Reproductive Health
    One page fact sheets for download and distribution. Each fact sheet includes a Reproductive Outcomes and Routes of Exposure Table which includes information on nearly 50 chemicals/substances, their health effects and where the chemicals are used/found. All health effects data are derived from peer-reviewed literature referenced in Generations at Risk.

  • How Your Baby Develops
    Follow your baby's development week by week through your pregnancy with our Fetal Development articles! Want more? See our month-by-month fetal development illustrations below. Each thumbnail illustration links to a larger version for easier viewing.

  • Pregnancy Week by Week
    Welcome! This phase of Pregnancy/Childbirth is trying to help you understand your pregnancy and the fetal development taking place. You will find lots of pictures from the smallest embryo to the largest fetus! We hope you enjoy this section!

  • Stages of Embryo Development
    Stages of Embryo General Development shows whole mount views of human development. This is a prototype project.

  • StorkRadio
    StorkRadio lets parents-to-be experience the excitement, joy and (perhaps most importantly) peace of mind of listening to your baby's actual heartbeat as it grows in your womb.

  • Teratogens: The Tests of Time
    Women have traditionally been cautioned against taking medications during pregnancy, because there are no guarantees that any drug is safe. The only way to do that would be to put the drugs through controlled trials with pregnant women, and no one wants to assume the ethical or legal liabilities of exposing a pregnant woman and her fetus to potential harm.

  • The Visible Embryo
    This illustration represents the 23 stages occurring in the first trimester of pregnancy and every two weeks of the second and third trimesters.

  • Ultrasound Index (fetal development)
    Dozens of extremely high-quality ultrasound images

  • Your Baby
    What's going on with your baby now? (fetal monitoring)

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