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  • All About Surrogacy
    Support & Info for surrogate mothers, intended parents and egg donors. Offers message boards, classifieds, chat, links and articles.

  • Fertility And Pregnancy
    Get alot of articles around men and women fertility, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, reproduction organs health care, and more.

  • Ovulite Ovulation & Fertility Test
    Trying to get pregnant? Learn about Ovulite ovulation monitor, an easy-to-use, non-invasive and reusable fertility tester that gives results in minutes.

  • Pregnancy - the ultimate information source
    Pregnancy Information: From pre-conception to the early childhood years.

  • SimplyFertility.com
    Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation Predictors and Male / Female Fertility products at everyday low prices! We stock Acon, Babystart, Clearblue and more! including our One Step ULTRA Early 10miu Pregnancy Test. Order securely online 24/7 for same day dispatch in plain unmarked packaging.

  • The Fertility Shop
    Information and products for conception, including fertility monitors, ovulation and pregnancy tests, books and supplements.

  • Tubal Reversal - Tubal Ligation Reversal
    Tubal ligation reversal site includes illustrations, faqs, testimonials, message board, and a free videotape of the outpatient procedure by Dr. Gary Berger as shown on Discovery and The Learning Channel.

  • Sam's General Store
    Family Nutrition, Life Enhancement, and Natural Pet Care Products.

  • A Complete Guide to Infertility
    Here you can find valuable and current information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. We have medical and support forums for you to join as well.

  • A Glossary of Infertility Terms
    A nicely detailed glossary of infertility terms from the INCIID.

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
    The ASRM is an organization devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine,infertility and biology. Established in 1944, the Society has since achieved national and international recognition as the foremost organization promoting the study of reproduction and reproductive disorders.

  • A Treatment For Men With Azoospermia
    Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is now a proven technique to treat couples with a severe male factor (poor sperm count, motility or morphology). Recent information suggests that it even offers men with azoospermia a chance to achieve a biologic child.

  • Australia's National Infertility Network
    Australia's National Infertility Network, is a consumer based, independent, non profit organisation committed to being a national voice in promoting the well-being and welfare of infertile people of all ages

  • BabyCenter.com: Fertility Problems
    If it's taking you longer than expected to have a baby, we want to help. We've got information on diagnosing, treating, and coping with a fertility problem, along with the personal stories of people who've been through it all. (Infertility)

  • Baby Med.com
    BabyMed.com, pregnancy and fertility tools and resources including bbt curve and ovulation and pregnancy calendars

  • Beyond Fertility
    All about preconception, pregnancy, and babies. Shop for: Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation Tests, Fertility Monitors, Natural Progesterone Cream, Baby Gifts, Books, Basal Thermometers and more!

  • Childlessness
    Childlessness: fertilization, misscarriage, infertility, and male infertility treatment

  • ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor
    The ClearPlan Easy Fertility MONITOR is an online community tracking the stories of more than 20 couples trying to conceive.

  • Clomid: How to take it
    Occasionally women need to have their ovulation induced when they are having problems conceiving. Clomid is a fertility medication which induces ovulation.

  • Clomid Use and Abuse
    Some women can't get pregnant because they don't secrete enough LH and FSH at the right time during the cycle and, as a result, they don't ovulate. For these women, the first drug doctors often prescribe is clomiphene citrate (Clomid, Serophene).

  • Conceiving Concepts
    Conceiving Concepts: Infertility information, support and fertility products for those trying to conceive.

  • Conditions that Affect Fertility
    There are many reasons why a couple may have a diminished reproductive capacity: Disease, drugs, heredity, lifestyle habits or even exposure to certain toxins can affect fertility. Among the most common culprits...

  • Cornell University - Center for Male Reproductive Medicine
    The mission of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery is to provide state-of-art Compassionate Care for the Infertile Couple. To advance this goal, the center carries out basic and clinical research in male reproduction, trains residents and fellows and provides educational programs for professionals as well as the public.

  • Criteria For Choosing Fertility Clinics
    American Infertility Association Cautions Infertile Couples not to Make Treatment Decisions Based Solely on IVF Center Success Rates Published By CDC

  • Diagnosing Infertility
    The path of infertility starts with getting diagnosed. The basic work up is a must in getting to the root of the problem. On this page we hope to provide you with as much information as possible on your particular diagnosis.

  • Discount Fertility Medication
    This list is compiled primarily for U.S. and Canadian fertility patients. Some of the European companies offer lower prices than U.S. pharmacies, but may not be a discount.

  • Egg Donation, Inc.
    Egg Donation agency and Surrogacy agency for 19 years Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. & Egg Donation, Inc. can help.

  • Endocrinology and Female Infertility
    Many treatments are available, depending on the cause of the infertility, and it is always important to investigate both partners. Fertility drugs such as clomiphene citrate or human menopausal gonadotropins may bring about ovulation in women. Insemination directly into the uterus can manage infertility related to problems in the cervical mucous.

  • Environmental Causes of Infertility
    Environmental causes of infertility and miscarriage have been summarized for you from major medical journals.The information outlined below clearly demonstrates how the primary cause of infertility today is due to the wide range of chemical exposures present in the home, job, diet and environment.

  • Female and unexplained infertility
    In around 15-20% of cases no obvious cause is found, and the diagnosis of unexplained infertility is made. Each of these conditions will be briefly covered in turn.

    In addition to these traditional causes, modern diagnostic techniques and new information obtained from in vitro fertilization have revealed other causes for previously unexplained infertility...

  • Fertilitext
    Our goal is to provide information about infertility and reproductive issues to those pursuing fertility treatment. Fertilitext is a fertility treatment resource made possible by Stadtlanders Pharmacy and Best Care.tm

  • Fertility Charting Basics
    Helping a woman assess her fertility vis a vis fertility charting.

  • Fertility Check
    Infertility information, advice, fertility & pregnancy testing kits available on-line.

  • Fertility DocShop
    FertilityDocShop is... FertilityDocShop is a resource that allows you to find information from doctors in your area that offer Assisted Hatching, Embryo, Sperm, Egg Ovarian Tissue Freezing, Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer, Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, In Vitro Fertilization, Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis, Sperm Aspiration, Tubal Ligation, Tubal Ligation Reversal, Vasectomy, Vasectomy Reversal, Zygote Intra Fallopian Transfer and other fertility procedures.

  • Fertility Drugs and Ovarian Cancer: What are the risks when used for Surrogacy?
    A major putative risk that has received much publicity recently is that these ovulation-inducing drugs may increase the risk for developing ovarian cancers. Is this risk real? Are the concerns justified?

  • Fertility - Drugs/Tests/Procedures
    Before starting with any tests, procedures or treatments, is wise to ask your doctor a few questions.

  • Fertility Forum.Com
    Welcome to FertilityForum.com! We started this site to provide positive information about infertility and fertility issues. We have been down the long road to conception and want to share our story with you. Here, you can explore the experiences of real couples and find options and solutions for the problems you have or will face in conceiving children. You can also ask questions and share information in our live chat rooms or on our discussion boards.

  • Fertility Friend Online
    A comprehensive fertility (BBT, cervical fluid) charting and interpretation service to help you get pregnant.

  • Fertility Neighborhood
    The Fertility Neighborhood is owned and operated by Priority Healthcare Corporation, a specialty pharmacy providing nationwide prescription services and patient management support for persons being treated for chronic conditions.

  • Fertility Network
    The Fertility Network is a collection of some of the best infertility solutions that patients can find. Our web site provides an organized presentation of some of the most important ingredients to successful infertility treatment.

  • Fertility Resources
    Information resource about infertility issues.

  • Fertility Software
    TCOYF Fertility Software is based on the best selling book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, MPH.

  • Ferti.Net,
    Worldwide Fertility Network is an outstanding site with comprehensive up-to-the minute information on everything relating to fertility/infertility.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility
    Infertility is NOT an inconvenience; it is a disease of the reproductive system that impairs the body's ability to perform the basic function of reproduction. Infertility affects about 6.1 million people in the U.S. -- about ten percent of the reproductive age population...and much more.

  • Frontline: Making Babies
    Infertility: In "Making Babies," FRONTLINE examines the revolution in reproductive medicine which is bringing children to those unable to reproduce naturally, but also is raising questions about the safety of experimentation, the commercialization of reproduction and, the changing nature of the family.

  • Genetics & IVF Institute
    The Genetics & IVF Institute is the world's largest, fully integrated, specialized provider of infertility treatment and genetics services, with over 300 employees at our dual facilities in Fairfax, Virginia and Gaithersburg, Maryland.

  • Human Oocyte and Embryo Cryopreservation
    Detailed discussion of human egg and embryo freezing. By Michael J. Tucker PhD, Georgia Reproductive Specialists, Atlanta, GA.

  • Infertility
    Welcome to IVF.com, Your Fertility Home on the Net. It is my belief that properly informed, you can become an active participant in your healthcare and make better choices. My goal is to provide you with accurate information in areas of women's health including: infertility, polycystic ovaries, IVF, endometriosis and pelvic pain treatment options.

  • Infertility
    Information about pregnancy and infertility.

  • Infertility
    Of the more than 5 million infertile couples in the U.S., more than 2 million seek some sort of treatment to become parents. The good news is that their odds and options have never been better:

  • Infertility
    General infertility information from obgyn.net.

  • Infertility Factors
    Infertility is a much more common condition than is often recognized. In fact, about 6.1 million couples in the United States, or roughly 10% of the population who are of reproductive age, are affected by the inability to conceive naturally. Because of the personal nature of infertility, it's not talked about as much as other human ailments. But the emotional trauma of infertility can be just as devastating.

  • Infertility FAQ for Women of Size
    No, one should not assume weight alone is a problem. It can be, but it is not a given. In fact, weight is probably only a factor less than 10 percent of the time. The primary obstacle for overweight women is ovulation.

  • Infertility Glossary of Terms
    Infertility Glossary of Terms - from OBGYN.net.

  • Infertility.org
    Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC) has focused on introducing and perfecting new fertility procedures and techniques that treat infertility and increase reproductive technology.

  • Infertility Overview
    An overview of the causes and treatments of infertility, with advice about choosing an IVF program, and lot of link

  • Infertility Resources
    If you're experiencing infertility, we provide information about IVF, GIFT, ICSI, infertility clinics, donor egg and surrogacy services (e.g., surrogate mothers), sperm banks, adoption, infertility books and journals, infertility newsgroups and support organizations, and drugs, such as Metrodin, Pergonal, Clomid.

  • Infertility Resources
    Provides extensive infertility information including: in vitro fertilization (IVF), GIFT, ZIFT, TET, ICSI, infertility clinics, donor egg and surrogacy services, infertility legal services, pharmacies, sperm banks, infertility subject matter experts, infertility research, infertility diagnosis and treatment, male factor, infertility Internet newsgroups, infertility psychological and social issues, infertility drugs and medications, such as Metrodin, Pergonal, Clomid, adoption, resolve, and surrogate mothers.

  • Infertility Treatments (and Related Procedures)
    Many links to information regarding options for Infertility Treatments (and Related Treatments)

  • Intrauterine Insemination
    Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is used to treat infertility due to mild to moderate-low sperm count, abnormal sperm or marginal motility, poor cervical mucus, anti-sperm antibodies and unexplained infertility.

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
    Intrauterine insemination may be considered for couples thought suitable. Usually, IUI will only be performed in couples whose infertility investigation has failed to detect a specific cause of infertility and who have been trying for a baby for of least two years.

  • In Vitro Fertilization
    Simply stated, IVF involves removing eggs from a woman, fertilizing them in the laboratory (in a culture dish, actually, not a test tube) and then transferring the fertilized eggs, or zygotes, into the uterus a few days later.

  • Ladies In Waiting
    Married Christian women dealing with infertility.

  • Male Infertility
    Male infertility can take the form of low sperm count (too few sperm), lack of motility (sickly sperm), malformed sperm (aberrant forms), clumping (groups of sperm adhering together), or no sperm at all.

  • Male Infertility Its Evaluation and Treatment
    Nearly 15 percent of newly married couples have difficulty conceiving a child. When a couple experiences infertility, the problem could be with the woman or with the man. In other words, a 50/50 chance exists that a condition in the man could be the cause or a contributing reason. The methods of diagnosing infertility in men are less invasive and less expensive than in women. Therefore, it wise for a couple to begin with an exam of the man.

  • Male Infertility MDs
    Male infertility information and a convenient directory of leading male infertility specialists.

  • Micromanipulation Techniques
    Occasionally, however, there comes a discovery so astounding that it revolutionizes medical procedure. Such is the case with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or ICSI, a new infertility treatment utilizing micromanipulation technology that specifically addresses male factor infertility issues.

  • Microscopic Vasectomy Reversal
    A vasectomy reversal, or vasovasostomy, is a surgical procedure to reconnect the tubes that are cut during a vasectomy (Figure 1).

  • Non-Assisted Reproductive Technologies Treatment Options
    Advanced reproductive technologies (ART) are not necessary in all cases of infertility. Anatomical problems or abnormalities found in either partner may be corrected by a variety of surgical procedures. This may be all that is needed to correct a problem or may be used in conjunction with other treatment options.

  • Oocyte Donation Information from IFV.com
    The use of the female gamete, the egg or oocyte, for treatment of certain disorders leading to female reproductive failure has only been possible since 1984. The oocyte from a donor can be either recovered as an embryo after it has undergone fertilization within the body (by uterine lavage(washing) in a process called ovum transfer) or recovered as an egg and inseminated in vitro (in the laboratory) to yield an in vitro fertilized embryo.

  • Overcoming Infertility
    Actually, psychological stress is more likely a result of infertility than the cause, according to Resolve, a nonprofit consumer organization specializing in infertility.

  • Ovum Donation
    Information about ovum/egg donation.

  • Routine Fertility Workup
    The following is a listing of tests generally included in a routine fertility work-up. Please note that every reproductive endocrinologist (RE) has his or her own standard protocol, and the following is intended to be a basic guideline.

  • Surrogate Parenting Associates, Inc.
    This site provides information about the services of Richard M. Levin, M.D., PSC. and Surrogate Parenting Associates, Inc. Both organizations are located at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, where they provide high quality infertility and surrogacy services to the public, both locally and worldwide.

  • The Egg Factor
    The concept, Dr. David B. Sable (INCIID), describes most frequently to anyone interested in fertility is that of ovarian reserve, or the "egg factor." As of this writing we are quite capable of bypassing the problems of poor quality sperm or low sperm count or problems stemming from dysfunction or disease of the female reproductive system such as endometriosis or tubal disease.

  • The Emotional Effects of Infertility on the Couple Relationship
    Men and women are affected by infertility in different ways. Most couples experience the struggle in much the same way. This is related to the traditional ways men and women have been trained to think, feel, and act.

    Select a region of the US map for a list of physicians/clinics that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in men and women. All medical practices listed in this Directory applied and paid a fee to become Members of the Fertilitext Physician Directory.

  • The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
    INCIID was created by three professional women who "met" in 1993 on Prodigy's Infertility Support Board---an online exchange of information and support among couples facing infertility and pregnancy loss. In total, they'd suffered 12 pregnancy losses over 16 years of infertility.

  • The Making Of An In Vitro Embryo
    By removing human eggs directly from the ovary, and mixing them with processed sperm, human embryos could be generated outside of the body in the laboratory and subsequently transferred to the uterine cavity a day or two later thus bypassing the tubal blockage.

  • Treatments for male infertility
    In almost half the cases of subfertility, there is a male contribution to the problem. The initial investigation requires a sample of semen for analysis.

    It is estimated that 15% of the couples in America trying to conceive will have difficulty with one or more of the steps of ovulation, fertilization, implantation, or gestation. With the current state of medical technology, it is possible for a couple to use a donated sperm, egg, or uterus when indicated.

  • Who Makes a Good Egg Donor?
    Women who donate their eggs to couples experiencing fertility problems are very special people. They are providing infertile couples with one last chance to be a family and have the child of their dreams. These women are even more special because not just any person can be a donor. While many women are physically able to donate their eggs, not everyone has the qualities necessary to make a suitable egg donor.

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  • Infertility FAQ
    This FAQ is intended to provide some basic information about the alt.infertility and misc.health.infertility newsgroups as well as a very general overview of infertility in as simple terms as possible.

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