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  • Bornfree: The Unassisted Childbirth Page
    Welcome to the world of unassisted childbirth. In these pages you will discover not only a new way of birthing, but a new way of being. Cast off your fears, open your mind, and prepareto be enlightened, entertained, and most of all, inspired.

  • For a Natural Birth, There's No Place Like Home
    In fact, study after study conducted on the issue has shown that for healthy women with low- to moderate-risk pregnancies, giving birth in a hospital is actually less safe than giving birth at home with a trained midwife.

  • Home Birth and Out-of-Hospital Birth: Is it Safe?
    Sheila Kitzinger, British childbirth expert, states that planned home birth with an experienced lay midwife has a perinatal death rate of 3-4 babies per 1,000 births (51). Hospital births, by contrast, carry a perinatal mortality rate of 9-10/1,000. [Perinatal death rates include fetal deaths on and after 28 weeks gestation, whereas neonatal mortality rates only include deaths occurring in the first 28 days after birth (Jones 96,98)].

  • Home Birth FAQ's
    Questions and answers about birthing your baby at home.

  • Home Birth Reference
    Is home birth safe? What are the statistics on outcomes for mother and child? Contains summaries of research into home birth, references, links, and recommended books.

  • Homebirth Safety/Advocacy
    References and information about the homebirth experience.

  • Homebirth - Safety and Benefits
    Several informative articles about the safety benefits of birthing at home.

  • In His Hands Birth Supplies
    We are a provider of the necessary supplies for home births to midwives and expectant mothers all over the United States. Our supplies can be ordered in the form of a specific midwife birth kit or a kit that is customized to your needs.

  • Preparing for a home birth
    Whether you've already settled on having a home birth or you are researching your birthing options, there are certain things to consider. Following are some of the preparations you should make when planning a home birth.

  • Siblings and the Homebirth Setting
    As birth moved out of the home, and families were splintered by the birth experience, birth no longer was a family event. Birth became dehumanized. With the return to home and with the consumer demands for more "home-like" settings in institutions, the concept of children at birth has became a "problem" that needs special preparation, classes and advice from "experts". I have a very strong prejudice regarding children's presence at birth -- if the mother and father want their children present at the birth and if the children want to be there, then that is how that family should have their birth.

  • The Safety of Home Birth
    Home birth can be a safe option for 90% of mothers, with appropriate prenatal care and attendant personnel. It makes both financial sense and medical sense for state laws to permit home birth attended by midwives, for insurers to reimburse for home delivery, and for hospitals and obstetricians to provide medical back-up.

  • Unassisted Homebirth
    One family's adventure in unassisted childbirth.

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