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  • A Place To Remember
    Support materials for those who have been touched by a crisis in pregnancy such as bed rest, premature birth or NICU infants, or the death of a baby--miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, or SIDS

  • Breech Birth
    An overview of the complications associated with a breech position baby.

  • Breech Delivery
    The diagnosis of breech is the third most common reason for cesarean section in our country. Any strategy to bring down overall cesarean section must deal with this issue. Somewhere between 2 and 4% of all babies are born in the breech position (butt first). At the present time virtually 100% of these babies are delivered by cesarean section in the outdated belief that it is the safest way for the baby; none will say cesarean is the safest way for the mother.

  • Coping with the Emotional Aspects of Pregnancy Loss
    A primary guide for parents who have recently experienced the death of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or other perinatal loss.

  • For Those Who Have Had Miscarriages
    A primary guide for parents who have recently experienced the death of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or other perinatal loss.

  • Grieving and Healing
    Grief is internal bereavement, while mourning is the external, or "public" grief. (miscarriage)

  • Group B Strep FAQ
    PREVENTION OF PERINATAL GROUP B STREPTOCOCCAL DISEASE A typical parent has never heard of group B streptococcal (GBS) disease until a few hours after birth when faced with a critically ill newborn. Information and links included.

  • Labor and Delivery Complications
    Although serious complications are rare during labor, some problems can develop during this time. Some of the more common complications include...

  • M.E.N.D
    M.E.N.D. is a Christian not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to reach out to those who have lost a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death and offer a way to share experiences and information through support groups, the bi-monthly newsletter, and our Internet web site.

  • Men Facing Infertility or Loss
    In any fertility challenge, be it infertility or the death or your baby, the husband is often the overlooked person in the marriage.

  • Miscarriage Support & Informational Resources
    Support for women who have suffered a miscarriage can be found through the comprehensive list of chat's, newsgroups, books and more.

  • Nurturing Network
    The Nurturing Network is an international charitable organization founded by Mary Cunningham Agee in 1985 following the loss of her first child in a mid-trimester miscarriage. Setting politics and rhetoric aside, volunteer members provide practical, life-saving services to women facing the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Loss
    Dealing with miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

  • Premature Infant
    I have co-authored a book called YOUR PREMATURE BABY AND CHILD (Berkley, 1999) which is a comprehensive handbook for preemie parents that gives critical information needed throughout the first five years of a preemie's life. This website compliments our book by bringing even more knowledge and emotional support to parents of premature infants and the professionals who care for them.

  • Prenatal Breech Issues
    Information on every aspect of turning a breech, the safety issues surrounding the mode of delivery and more.

  • Remembering Baby
    Coping with miscarriage.

    A support group for parents who experience miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death.

  • Sidelines
    Sidelines is a network of support groups across the country for women and their families experiencing complicated pregnancies. A pregnancy is termed "high risk" or "complicated" when the life or health of the mother or baby may be at risk.

  • Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society
    We provide support for bereaved parents and their families whose baby has died at or soon after birth.

  • The Bonnie Babes Foundation
    The Bonnie Babes Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has been caring for families who have lost babies from miscarriage, stillbirth and prematurity since it was formed in 1994. The Foundation was established by Allan and Rachel Stanfield-Porter after the loss of their first two babies. The organisation is run by volunteers and is the only one of its type in Australia.

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