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Welcome to the KinderStart Newbie Tour and Search Help

Probably the way to get the most use out of our site is to use our search engine to find what you're looking for.

Simple Searches

Simple searches may consist of merely one word, or, many words. Each word is separated by a space. For example: 

If you type in the word diapers in the search box and click the GO button with your mouse, you will get 24 results that link to web sites that have the word diapers in them.
Like; "Diapers - Comparing Costs"  and  "Earth Angels Baby.Com" 

If you type the word diaper without the "s" on the end you will get 49 results with such pages as; "Working Moms' Internet Refuge""Diapers and Dentists"  and "Diaper rash" . 
Plus, the results include the the 24 links of the diapers search.  So in this case, if you want more choices to browse through, you want to use diaper without the s on the end.

On the other hand, if you only want a few answers then you would type diapers cloth
Now we only get 7 responses like; "The Changing Table", "Bareware Baby Accessories" and "Elfwraps Babywear"  so you narrow the search by using more keywords.

Finally, If you type in diapers paper you get an article like "Diapers - Comparing Costs" 

So you see, the fewer words you use the more returns you get.

The more words you use the fewer returns you get. You are narrowing the search. 

If one word doesn't work, try something else, experiment, have fun!

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