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  • Family Friendly Jury Duty
    This site is dedicated to promoting Family Friendly Jury Duty laws which accommodate the needs of breastfeeding mothers, at-home parents of young children, and caregivers of disabled or elderly relatives, and those who depend upon them.

  • Hoffman Estates Real Estate
    Hoffman Estates Illinois real estate search engine home finder MLS residential houses condos townhomes

  • America Links Up
    A Kids Online Teach-In is a public awareness and education campaign sponsored by a broad-based coalition of non-profits, education groups, and corporations concerned with providing children with a safe and rewarding experience online.

  • American Humane Association
    The mission of the American Humane Association, as a network of individuals and organizations, is to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children and animals and to assure that their interests and well-being are fully, effectively, and humanely guaranteed by an aware and caring society.

  • Californians Stand for Kids
    Californians Stand for Kids 1996 California Children's Policy Summit Stand for Children Events California Children's "Agenda" Endorsing Organizations Links. (child advocacy)

  • Childwatch International Research Network
    The Childwatch International Research Network is a nonprofit, nongovernmental network for institutions and individuals involved in research for children. It aims to initiate and coordinate research and information projects on children's living conditions and the implementation of children's rights.

  • Domestic Violence Against Men
    The unreported problem of domestic violence against men.

  • Family Research Council
    The Family Research Council champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society. We shape public debate and formulate public policy that values human life and upholds the institutions of marriage and the family.

  • Laissez Cogens
    A group which aims to promote economic development and sensible globalisation, while realising that people are humans too.

  • Law For Kids
    LawForKids.org is America's first stand alone web site dedicated to teaching children about the law. The Site was created by the Arizona Bar Foundation with the specific goal of educating Arizona's youth, their parents, communities and schools to increase their knowledge about youth laws and to encourage law-abiding behavior.

  • Missouri - Partnership for Children
    The Partnership for Children mobilizes powerful and effective new voices to speak out for children in Greater Kansas City. Created in 1991, the Partnership for Children stands for the principle that children are our most valuable and vulnerable natural resource, and works for change on their behalf.

  • National Association of Child Advocates
    The National Association of Child Advocates (NACA) is the only national organization devoted to building the capacity of state and local child advocacy organizations.

  • Stand For Children
    Nobody can guarantee a child's future. But in a nation as rich and resourceful as ours, we can give all children a fair chance in life. Stand For Children is organizing a powerful citizen voice to give all children the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, and safe. (child advocacy)

  • The Childrens Partnership
    More About Us The Children's Partnership is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to inform leaders and the public about the needs of America's 70 million children, and to engage them in ways that benefit children.

  • The Kids and I
    Advice for women who stalked by ex-husbands, ex-wives with children and how to protect against abusive ex-husbands.

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Children's Bureau
    The oldest federal agency for children, the Children's Bureau (CB) is located within the United States Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families. It is responsible for assisting States in the delivery of child welfare services - services designed to protect children and strengthen families. The agency provides grants to States, Tribes and communities to operate a range of child welfare services including child protective services (child abuse and neglect) family preservation and support, foster care, adoption and independent living. (child advocacy)

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