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  • Dads Divorce - Legal
    Resource for divorcing dads seeking to maximize their role in their children's lives. Includes attorney hosted chat room, legal statues and information for each state in the U.S., an extensive online divorce guide, attorney referrals and more.

  • Divorce - Alimony
    Alimony (also called maintenance or spousal support) means paying money to a former spouse. Alimony is ordered only if one spouse is financially dependent on the other and the other spouse is able to pay. Alimony is far less common today than it once was when most households had only one wage earner.

  • Divorced Christians
    Divorcedchristians.com is a service which seeks to help anyone struggling with the issues surrounding divorce.

  • Divorce Laws of the Fifty States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
    This page links to the divorce laws of the states and to tables summarizing some of their salient points.

  • Divorce Online
    Welcome to Divorce Online, an electronic resource for people involved in, or facing the prospect of, divorce.

  • Divorce - Property Division
    When people divorce, they are faced with the sometimes difficult task of dividing up their property. Most couples, with the help of their attorneys, decide on their own who should get what.

  • Divorce Recovery University
    Free online mini courses, e-manual, poetry, and phone mentors to help deal with the emotional effects of divorce.

  • Divorcing.Com
    Divorcing.Com - Divorce Information & Resources

  • Family Therapy Net
    Family Therapy Net provides Online Counseling, family therapy, marriage counseling and marriage guidance for marriage and family, relationship and codependency, parenting and stepfamily, and recovery problems.

  • Financial Divorce Information Site
    Most people never consider all the financial consequences of a divorce, until it is too late and even when they do, where do you go to get the real story? Well, use the index at the top to find your answers.....

  • Grounds for Divorce
    Most divorces today are "no-fault" divorces, but some states also recognize "fault" divorces.

  • Kids Turn
    Kids' Turn is a non profit organization to help kids and Parents Through Divorce.

  • National Family Mediation
    National Family Mediation is a network of over 60 local not-for-profit Family Mediation Services in England and Wales offering help to couples, married or unmarried who are in the process of separation and divorce.

  • Parents, Children and Divorce
    Parents, Children and Divorce is an interactive class for parents to complete prior to a divorce being granted. It does not tell parents how to raise their kids.

  • The Coalition for Cooperative Divorce
    Divorce is a process, a journey in which one makes the transition from being part of a couple to being single. It is a journey in which one unit of two divides into two units of one, with the goal of ending as one still feeling whole. Divorce leads families through a maze of transitions including legal divorce, physical divorce, emotional divorce, and spiritual divorce.

  • The Split-Up Divorce
    Information about dealing with divorce, including state divorce law resources, helping children deal with divorce, financial issues, child support and alimony, remarriage and blended

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