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  • Child Medical Malpractice Lawyers
    A lawyer and attorney can help represent you in a case of failure to diagnose child disease, disorder, defect, MRSA, meningitis, infection or offer attorney referral in the United States. Call a law office pediatrician doctor on our staff for medical-legal help with your case or lawsuit.

    Medical negligence occurs when a physician fails to properly treat a medical condition and the negligent act or omission is the cause of a new or aggravated injury to the patient. Obviously the physician cannot be responsible for the original underlying medical problem. The negligence in medical malpractice cases can occur in a variety of situations.

  • Birth Injury Medical Malpractice
    This website was designed to explain how medical malpractice arises in the context of a failure by a physician to timely diagnose and treat prenatal and birth complications; to describing what is involved in pursuing a medical malpractice claim; and to offering a convenient and free attorney consultation to those who believe they have been the victim of medical malpractice.

    According to extrapolations from the Harvard Medical Practice Study, more than 95,000 Americans die each year due in part to medical malpractice and hundreds of thousands of others are injured. The Harvard researchers concluded that "we do not now have a problem of too many claims; if anything, there are too few."

  • General Information about Medical Malpractice
    I think Medical Malpractice might have happened, but I am not sure...what should I do?

  • LAW & MEDICINE Medical Malpractice
    Practical Info & 'News' about Medical Malpractice, Litigation, Standards of Care, Using Expert Medical Consultants & Witnesses, other Med/Law issues...

  • Medical Malpractice Attourney
    Medical malpractice cases require the injured person to prove that his treatment was not proper or reasonable. The law requires that such proof be given in the form of expert testimony from other doctors of similar training and experience.

    Today, nearly 77 million Americans, the majority of individuals who have health insurance, are covered under a managed care system as opposed to the traditional fee-for-service medical insurance. Obviously, there are cost benefits to the plan member as well as the provider under this managed care system. However, simply because the practice of medicine has necessarily become more concerned with the costs associated with treatment, this should not mean that those considerations can legally be allowed to affect treatment regimes when to do so would adversely affect patients' health.

  • Medicine and Medical Malpractice
    "The Surfing Lawyer" offers information about Medical, Medicine and Medical Malpractice (Canada)

  • Statutes Regarding Medical Malpractice in Florida
    These links take you to copies of some of the most important Florida Statutes dealing with medical malpractice claims. These references are for general information purposes, and should not be relied upon without reviewing your legal situation with a lawyer, and making sure you are using the version of the statute that applies to your situation.

  • World Medical Association Statement on Medical Malpractice
    In some countries medical malpractice claims are increasing, and National Medical Associations are seeking ways of coping with the problem. In other countries medical malpractice claims are rarely brought, but National Medical Associations in those countries should be alert to the issues and circumstances that could result in an increase in the number of claims asserted against physicians.

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