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  • Advice on Child Custody
    Today the government is actively creating single and no parent homes for children to serve financial and narrow special interests. All parents not in an intact married family are at risk of having their relationship with their child greatly changed to fully severed under a number of circumstances. Reading the information on Childs Best Interest's website is a good insurance policy to lessen the chances of this happening to you or someone you know.

  • All Dads Aren't Deadbeats
    Some of you may have noticed that Bernard Goldberg is one of the reporters on _48 Hours_. He is also a divorced, non-custodial dad. This is what he had to say in a editorial on fathers' rights almost nine years ago. (February 6, 1984) He did the story on the father who was repeatedly denied visitation and no one would do anything about it. All of us who have been denied visitation felt for that man as he stood outside his ex's apartment and tried to keep from crying.

  • All the books on Child Custody
    This site offers the most current and authoritative books on child custody.

  • American Bar Association - Child Custody Committee
    To study and strive for improvements in the law relating to child custody and visitation, such as development of a model joint custody statute, standards for relocating children and rights of stepparents and unwed parents.

  • ANCPR - Alliance for noncustodial parent's rights
    A site dedicated to sharing evidence in support of shared parenting and joint custody.

  • Association for Shared Parenting
    The Association for Shared Parenting (ASP) exists to promote the rights of children to the nurture of both parents after separation or divorce and to encourage and support parents in the fulfilment of that right.

  • Books on Divorce and Custody
    These are books (and a few interspersed articles) that, while not necessarily 'Men's Movement' or 'Dads Rights' oriented, may be of interest. I have mixed reviewed books in with unreviewed listings.

  • Central Child Support Enforcement Agency
    The Central Child Support Enforcement Agency is licensed and bonded as a collection agency.

  • Child Custody
    Proven Child-Care Tips from Experienced Parents ...

  • Child Custody
    Custody of a child refers to the obligation to control, care for, supervise and educate that child. In all states, courts have the power to enter both temporary and permanent custody orders. There are consequences of being the non-custodial parent, such as not being able to take the child out of state without permission, nor the ability to make parental decisions about the child's education, religious training or medical care. (from My Counsel.com)

  • Child Custody And Divorce: Free Legal Advice
    Divorce, and Child Custody Issues can be among the most stressful things that can ever happen to a person. In addition to the stress, a good result or bad result in your case can have an impact that will last for literally the rest of your life. Perhaps the stress is a symptom, reflecting the fact that you, and your body and mind, recognize this fact: your world as you knew it in the past is changing, and changing forever.

  • Child Custody And Divorce: Free Legal Advice
    Divorce, and Child Custody Issues can be among the most stressful things that can ever happen to a person. In addition to the stress, a good result or bad result in your case can have an impact that will last for literally the rest of your life. Perhaps the stress is a symptom, reflecting the fact that you, and your body and mind, recognize this fact: your world as you knew it in the past is changing, and changing forever. The stress can be managed and/or diminished, by you getting educated as to what's happening, and what's going to happen next. Divorce and child custody cases do have a certain rhythm, a certain procedure and pace. This page, and the ones following, are an attempt to educate you, as a consumer and potential (perhaps current) client, so you will be better informed about the divorce and child custody process.

  • Child Custody and Family Court
    All of these books deal with child custody information for once married or never married fathers, mothers and grandparents primarily in the United States and Canada. Specifically the topics include: Preparation for child custody battles, visitation, home study, evaluations of custodial and non-custodial homes, case management, psychological evaluation for custody decision, attitudes, forms, child custody court appearance, false accusations of abuse, parental alienation syndrome, change of existing custody, non-custodial challenges, panic situations, laws, support groups, lies, parenting, family support or lack of it, child abuse, witnesses, attorneys, detectives, mediation, evaluators, deposition, domestic violence, evidence, judges, GAL's, Grandparent and prevention of parental kidnapping.

  • child custody: an overview
    Generally, statutes authorize the court having jurisdiction of divorce proceedings to determine who shall have custody of children from the marriage. (The authority to do so is considered part of the original jurisdiction of the court, and not as a new authority being conferred upon them.)

  • Child Custody Article Search Engine
    ind articles posted to research location 2 organized by child custody topic. Over 3000 articles listed. This extensive resource is dedicated to the best interests of children.

    This is the archive for on-line discussion forum called CHILD CUSTODY DISCUSSION. The archive is organized for research by child custody topic. Follow the link below to access this vast resource of custody information.

  • Child Custody Law: Free Legal Information
    Free Advice's child custody law legal information helps individuals to understand their legal rights.

  • Child Custody Savvy
    Make informed child custody decisions that are sensitive to the developmental and emotional needs of your children.

  • Child Support Analysis
    Website giving highbrow analysis of the Child Support System in the UK, seeking to educate and explain both the existing system.

  • Child Support Enforcement Steps
    The Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Program is a federal/state/local effort to locate parents, their employers, and/or their assets; establish paternity if necessary; and establish and enforce child support orders.

  • Child Support Options
    NCCSO is a coalition of custodial parents, child support agencies, concerned citizens, and legislators who want to help promote options for the collection of child support.

  • Child Support Reduction
    The purpose of this site is to inform and educate non-custodial parents paying child support, how to protect yourself against unfair and inflated judgments and offer a guide to "balance the scales" and minimize child support payments.

  • Consider the Kids
    ConsidertheKids.com is a multi-discipline task force that operates under the guidance of the Travis County District Court. The mandate of the task force is to look at child support, visitation and the overall effects of divorce and paternity establishments on Travis County children.

  • Custodial Parent Help Center
    ustodial Parent Help Center: Offers free research, links, as well as low fee social security searches and credit bureaus.

  • Custody and Child Abuse Links
    List on Links on Child Custody Abuse

    This site will teach you how to get the evaluator to make recommendations in the best interest of your child and how to gain or defend child custody.

  • Custody Evaluation Consultant
    A safe place to ask questions concerning child custody evaluations.

    A safe place to ask questions and discuss child custody issues.

  • Custody Reform
    We are a group COMMITTED to fairness in the child custody process, since before the new millennium.

  • CustodySource.com
    Our wish is that the people, groups and organizations listed here will shorten your time of distress concerning divorce and child custody by offering sources to check for information.

  • Custom Legal Software
    Programs that calculate child support and interest on past due family support.

  • Divorce - Child Custody and Support
    Parents who are divorcing must decide who will care for and support the children. A parent with child custody has the right and obligation to care for the child on a daily basis and to make major decisions for the child. Determining who gets custody can be a difficult and emotional decision and one the courts must often decide.

  • Effects of Fatherless
    Studies and Citation, emphasis on joint custody. The observed effects of removing a father to the position of a visitor in a child`s life.

  • Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society
    The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society is a non-profit organization focused on the healthy development and well being of children of separated and divorced families. We are actively pursuing a new family law system based on the principles and challenges of today's society and the fundamentals of fairness and equality.

  • Fathers4EqualRights
    Fighting for equal rights for fathers in child custody and against the bias of the judicial system against fathers.

  • Fathers Child Support Helpline
    We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping fathers receive reasonable child support orders based upon their current income and their necessary expenses to live.

  • Fathers Deserve Equal Justice in the Courts
    Originally posted by brunner@bullhead.uucp , 3 Oct 90 He describes a study of father's perceptions of the justice system -- this came from the authors joint presentation at the 53rd Conf. of the National Conference of Juvenile and Family Court Judges last August.

  • Guideline for Custody in Divorce Proceedings
    Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce Proceedings. Decisions regarding child custody and other parenting arrangements occur within several different legal contexts, including parental divorce, guardianship, neglect or abuse proceedings, and termination of parental rights.

  • Guidelines for Parents After Separation
    Guidelines for Parents After Separation The behavior of parents has a great influence on the emotional adjustment of their children. This is equally true after the dissolution of a marriage. The following guidelines should help you and your children survive with a minimum amount of trauma.

  • Handbook on Child Support Enforcement
    The Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Program is a Federal/State/local partnership to collect child support: we want to send the strongest possible message that parents cannot walk away from their children. Our goals are to ensure that children have the financial support of both their parents, to foster responsible behavior towards children, and to reduce welfare costs.

    The critical relationship between custody, visitation and child support seems to be lost on most legislators and family law judges - by Armin Brott

  • I Want My Child Support
    A private agency to assist in the collection of child support

  • Men CAN and DO Win Custody
    I have long warned men that they face a difficult time in the family courts. But I hope my warnings have not been taken as counseling a defeatist approach. I present some advice to the contrary.

  • National Association For Child Support Action
    The National Association For Child Support Action are a voluntary group of dedicated men and women who are committed to the repeal of the Child Support Act

  • National Child Support
    National Child Support specializes in helping custodial parents get the child support payments they are legally entitled to receive.

  • National Congress for Fathers & Children
    The Mission of the National Congress For Fathers and Children is to serve as a national organization, to assist state and local efforts, compatible with our goal of assisting parents who desire to remain actively involved in the lives of their children, regardless of marital status.

  • Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act
    If a party (such as your ex-spouse) refuses to return your child, you may seek relief under the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA). Contact the local law enforcement authorities and request they assist in the return of the child. If they refuse, insist that they enforce the PKPA Statute. Local law enforcement is bound by law to enforce the PKPA, and it is NOT up to them to selectively enforce it OR to decide the merits of any specific case or situation where the PKPA is applicable.

  • Parental Separation and the Child Custody Decision: Toward a Reconception
    Contemporary debates regarding the appropriate way to resolve custody and access disputes reflect deeply rooted conceptions of both the family and the proper relationship between the family and the state. The prevailing "best interests of the child" test and judicial presumptions favouring sole custody embody a traditional definition of the family and a communitarian image of familial relationships. Conversely, current joint custody legislation adopts a liberal-contractual paradigm, in which the family is viewed as a joint partnership and children are conceived as assets to be equally divided upon termination of the spousal relationship. The authors reject both notions of the family and the standards for custody determination associated with each. Instead, they advance a feminist vision of the family and a feminist approach to the resolution of access and custody disputes.

  • Parenting and Custody Law
    Ms. Mitchell specializes in ensuring that children of disunited families have access to both parents, by advocating for ongoing father-involvement.

  • Parents Without Custody
    Parents Without Custody is a website for mothers and fathers without custody of their children.

  • Promoting Responsible Fatherhood and Motherhood
    The relationship between parents and their children should be left as unrestricted as possible despite of separation or divorce. Both fathers and mothers should share equally in the parenting and support of their children.

  • Rotating Custody
    Learn why Rotating Custody is in the best interest of our children. Order now and you will receive a complete report that is packed with valuable information that most people, including Judges and Attorneys do not know about Joint Physical and Rotating Custody.

  • Shared Parenting
    Shared Parenting Forum Welcomes You To The Virtual Conference on Parenting Arrangements After Parental Separation

  • Shared Parenting Information Group
    This is the concept that, following divorce or separation, mothers and fathers should retain a strong positive parenting role in their children's lives, with the children actually spending substantial amounts of time living with each parent.

  • Single Dad's Index - Custody
    Essays and commentary about custody rights and laws.

  • Support The Children, Inc
    Support The Children, Inc is a private company which was organized in 1993 for the sole purpose of locating absent parents and collecting and enforcing court-ordered child support payments. Our mission is to work in the best interest of your children so they can receive the child support they deserve and need to grow into productive and happy adults.

  • The Child Custody Page
    This page provides information on child custody.

  • The Men's Issues Page
    Our mission is to cover the several men's movements encyclopediac

  • Win Child Custody
    This site is dedicated to teaching you how to WIN OR DEFEND CUSTODY for your child. Custody is not an automatic process where the parent with the best intent always prevails.

  • Win Child Custody - Fathers Guide on How to Win
    This is a father's guide on how to win child custody that will better prepare you, establish a better foundation advantaging your position, focus you, and increase your chances of success long BEFORE you even begin the official evaluation and hearings

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