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  • Buy To Let Mortgages
    Landlord Mortgages provide all types of mortgages for landlords and their property

  • Loan Modification
    A loan modification may be the last option available for a homeowner that is falling behind on their mortgage or has a low credit rating.See if you Qualify. Loan modification is the process which allows homeowners and lenders to collaborate together to create new loan terms in an attempt to stop a foreclosure.

  • Registered Education Savings Plans ( RESPS )
    Information about Registered Educational Savings Plans, with links to RESP providers across the country and news about the program.

  • American Savings Education Council
    The American Savings Education Council - a coalition of private and public sector institutions - undertakes initiatives to raise public awareness about what is needed to ensure long-term personal financial independence.

  • An investment plan tied to your child's age
    Don't let your child's college education cost you your own financial future. If you start saving early, the best investments have been in the stock market. College does not give every parent a future in abject poverty. Yes, it's expensive, but you can financially survive college with some advance planning.

  • BabyMint - The fastest way to save for education!
    BabyMint is a unique college education savings program that allows parents to save for education for free!

  • Banking on Our Future
    Basic primer for banking, checking, savings, and investing geared toward kids, teens, and adults in disadvantaged situations.

  • Bureau of the Public Debt
    Learn all about U.S. savings bonds and treasury securities.

  • Can't Stop Spending
    We know that we should do a better job of managing the resources we have. But, we really don't want to put in the effort and it doesn't take much to convince us to keep spending. In fact, it almost appears that some of us have an allergy to saving money!

  • Frugal Moms
    Share time and money saving tips with other moms, coupon exchange, recipes, etc...

  • Government Grant .com - the Free Grant Resource Center
    Matthew Lesko 's free government money, grants and cash business loans directory is guaranteed to produce results. If you need student loans or business loans as well as free study money and startup money, Government Grant .com provides the quick way to find the resources you need.

  • Investing With Your Children
    Opening a savings account with a child can give them a real opportunity to watch their account balances grow over time. This rewarding experience helps kids learn good financial habits, a lesson that will stand them in good stead as they face more complicated financial choices later in their lives.

  • Kid-friendly investments double as teaching tools
    Investment houses have turned their promotional machines toward children. It makes sense, given that parents have become immune to the myriad sales pitches from investment houses and mutual fund companies. But parents tend to think kindly toward anyone -- or anything -- that helps teach their kids values that they'll need later as adults. Besides, today's second-grader is tomorrow's consumer.

  • Kids and Coins Club
    Special kid's banking hours. Kids learn to save money and have fun at the same time.

  • Kids Can Save
    Kid-friendly guide explains savings, interest, paying yourself first, Canada Savings Bonds, and other financial concepts.

  • Kid Sense
    Welcome to Kid $ense, where saving money just makes sense for kids! At Community Bank of Boone, Kid $ense is what we're all about. Our kids club is a load of fun where learning about money can be fun and exciting!

  • Saving Secrets
    Award Winning money saving tips, articles, and newsletters to help you eliminate debt and effectively save money. Saving money is easy when you learn how to eliminate debt, reduce excess spending, and faithfully budget to save money.

  • Teaching your kids to be investment-savvy adults
    The earlier your children learn how to save and invest, the better prepared they will be to manage their money as adults (which may come back to help you!). When children are very small, and have no actual money of their own, you should separate the concepts of investing and saving. Teach savings with the traditional piggy bank or passbook savings account.

  • Your Money Page
    This page contains a series of calculators to help plan your personal finances. Thinking of your Children's Children's Children? What if you invested money for them now?

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