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  • All Purpose Software
    Providing families with a simple and affordable way to plan and maintain a household budget. Our home budgeting software is free for you to try for 30 days - no limitations.

  • A Family Budget
    The scenario rarely varies much--the income generally is fixed, and the outflow only seems to increase. If too much money gets spent, the shortfall gets added to the debt load. As the debt load increases, more of the money coming in goes to paying the debt, which leaves less for spending, which increases the debt. Sound like a vicious endless cycle? It is, and many families can't seem to find their way out of the circle.

  • Better Budgeting
    Your personal budgeting and money saving resource - information and advice on family budgeting, getting out of debt, frugal living, frugal recipes, home business, parenting, early retirement, taxes and more! Subscribe to our free E-zine filled with money saving tips and start saving money, or making money, today!

  • Budgeting for a family with kids
    Tips for budgeting in a family with kids. Kids are a joy, but at times an expensive joy.

  • Budgeting the family money on hobbies that child wants
    Family money can be budgeted so that your child can participate in all the hobbies out here. Children love to try new things and often show a lot of enthusiasm at first only to end up loosing interest in may of them.

  • Credit in the Family Budget
    Consumers use credit widely throughout the United States. Many people don't even give much thought as to whether they should use it. The buy-now, pay-later philosophy has become a way of life, and, in many cases, has resulted in serious financial difficulties for many people.

  • Crown Financial Ministries Online
    I have been on a "Larry Burkett" budget now for over a year and praise God! My wife and I are a CFC success story. We had never learned to manage our money and had only an idea [that] we should tithe. We did tithe whenever we could afford to. We did not always pay our bills, though. Whenever some little emergency would pop up, we'd be in trouble.

    Low-cost ideas for the family rich in everything but money. Great money saving ideas!

  • Financial planning: Family budget
    You'll need to add up what the family will require to make it through. You have to examine the saving and spending habits of your family to do this. The best way to understand your family's personal cash flow needs is to create a budget.

  • Free Home Budgeting Program
    Tips a free home budgeting program that will work with your lifestyle.

  • Making a Family Budget
    The best way to start is to prepare a family budget schedule that shows where you spent your money in the last 12 months. It is advisable to use a monthly family budget schedule because expenses will fluctuate greatly from month to month. For example, if you have children in private school or college and the tuition is due twice a year, then those months will require additional cash.

  • Penny Wise Dollar Smart
    Family friendly finance and budgeting site with creative budgeting ideas, budgeting tips, financial tools, discount travel resources, consumer resources, cosumer saving tools, free articles and freebies for the whole famlily.

  • Practical Money Skills
    Practical MoneySkills.com is a free Web site designed to help educators, parents and students practice better money management for life.

  • Preparing Your Family Budget
    If your family is floundering financially, it may be time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and make up a family financial plan. Consumer Credit Counseling Service suggests keeping the following tips in mind when developing your family budget.

  • Raising your quarter-million dollar baby
    Children are priceless, but raising them is probably the most expensive thing you'll ever do. Here are some strategies and tips for budgeting that may help you cut your child-rearing costs.

  • set up a family budget
    What's the key to a family budget that works? Cooperation from all family members, self-control in spending, a sense of purpose and a willingness to stick to it.

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