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The following links are in English

  • About Rainbows
    Author Donald Ahrens in his text Meteorology Today describes a rainbow as "one of the most spectacular light shows observed on earth". Indeed the traditional rainbow is sunlight spread out into its spectrum of colors and diverted to the eye of the observer by water droplets. The "bow" part of the word describes the fact that the rainbow is a group of nearly circular arcs of color all having a common center.

  • Blustery Beginnings
    What do your students already know about wind? That's a tough question. Each one brings an entirely different history to your classroom. Has anyone been to Mount Washington? Has anyone survived a hurricane? Have your students even had the chance to fly a kite? In order to establish some sort of commonality, begin your exploration of wind by using some of the following resources.

  • BrainPop: Rainbows
    Learn about rainbows on this fun site by watching a movie, taking a quiz, trying out an experiment, and lots more!

  • Cloud Boutique
    Learn about the different kinds of clouds.

  • CloudCam
    Variety of cloud photography from Utah based photograper.

  • Creative Summer for Kids
    Provide simple, creative fun outlets for your children during the hot summer months!

  • First-School's First Climate & Weather
    Features fun lesson plans and activities related to climate and weather conditions for young chidren (ages 2 to 6). Free printable crafts, online activities, activity pages, coloring pages and more.

  • Fun Summertime Activities for Kids
    The summer is a great time to connect with your kids. The days are longer and there is no school and fewer activities. Here are some fun summertime activities to share with your children.

  • Hurricanes and Tropical Weather
    I separated this site from the main weather site to make the info more accessible for Tropical Weather Lovers and hasten download time. It includes My Favorite Sources of Tropical Information, Reconnaissance Information, Buoy Data, Satellite Movies , Single Frame Satellite Imagery, Spectacular Imagery from Previous Years , Computer Models , Radar , Predictive Forecasting Tools, the Saffir-Simpson Scale of Hurricane Intensity and a Temperature and Pressure Conversion Chart.

  • Hurricane Storm Science
    All about hurricanes as weather systems and natural disasters.

    Tips from a girl who was struck by lightning.

  • Kid Storm
    Hello, kids and grown-ups! Click below to get information, see pictures and graphics and find links on tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing.

  • Lightning - The Shocking Story
    From National Geographic, illuminating facts about lightning.

  • Severe Weather - Hurricanes!
    Glossary, links and lots of facts about hurricanes.

  • Snowtastic Snow
    This site contains a lot of information about snow, the science of how it's made, winter safety, and more! 1998 award-winning ThinkQuest Junior site.

  • SpaceWeather.com
    SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids. Daily monitoring of solar flares, geomagnetic storms, Earth's aurora, and all forms of space weather.

  • Temperate Deciduous Forest
    The Temperate Deciduous Forest biome has four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall. Animals and plants have special adaptations to cope with these yearly changes.

  • The Seasons
    Learn all about the four seasons of the year, what causes the seasons, and description of seasonal changes.

  • The Weather Dude
    Welcome to the weather education site especially for kids, parents and teachers from Nick Walker of The Weather Channel.*

  • Thunder & Lightning
    Explains the science behind the crash and boom.

  • Tornadoes
    All about tornadoes.

  • Weather
    explore the forces behind the weather. Try your hand at tornado chasing or discover how wind chill works.

  • Weather crafts at Danielle's Place
    Free printable weather bear paper doll with three different outfits including, rainy day, hot day, and cold day outfits.

  • Weather Dude
    Learn about the basics of weather with these pages. And have fun doing it!

  • WeatherEye
    Weather education Web site, designed to be used in classrooms.

  • Weather for Kids
    Definition for children with information on cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms.

  • Weather Net
    Weather, the Internet's premier source of weather information. Providing access to thousands of forecasts, images, and the Net's largest collection of weather links

  • Weather Resources for Kids
    Nick's favorite resource materials for kids to learn more about weather and other sciences.

  • Web Weather For Kids
    Atmospheric science experiments for kids. Create a thunderstorm, lightning, tornadoes right in your classroom or at home.

  • Winter Activities for Kids
    Once there is a little nip in the air, there are many fun activities you can do with your children. Just because summer is over, it doesn't mean that the fun is. Here are some great fall and winter activities to do with your kids.

  • World Meteorological Organization
    The World Meteorological Organization coordinates global scientific activity to allow increasingly prompt and accurate weather information and other services for public, private and commercial use, including international airline and shipping industries.

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