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  • Chainsaw, Chainsaws
    Chainsaw views, reviews and news. From the professional lumberjack to the semi pro, information on chainsaws including the best brands like Stihl, Husqvarna, Poulan, Echo and McCulloch.

  • Gardening for Kids
    Includes kid-friendly flowers and bulbs, a featured flower of the month, a kid critic's comments, artwork, tips and links.

  • Gardening for Kids
    Gardening for kids is a great way to involve the children in an outdoor activity the whole family can benefit from. These gardening projects for kids will allow even the youngest children to get involved.

  • Gardening Ideas for Kids
    Gardening is more than cutting the grass and pulling weeds. There are so many plants for you to explore and experiment with both inside and outside. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Gator Gardening for Kids
    Flordia University School Gardening Resources Historically, school gardens in America have been in use since the early 1900s. Community and school gardens were created to help foster moral and social skills in children using the gardens. One of the first educators to document the benefits of school gardening was Maria Montessori. Montessori believed that children working in a garden would learn moral education and an appreciation of nature.

  • Kids Gardening Resources
    There is a growing (no pun intended) number of web sites especially for kids, and of particular interest are sites dedicated to gardening with children. Gardeners and horticulturists have intuitively known for a long time that kids love to garden, and gardening develops children in many different ways. They learn the rhythms of nature, the character-building virtues of patience, responsibility, sharing, acceptance of loss, experience the joys of seeing planted seeds and bulbs sprout and eventually bloom, and many others. Gardening offers a vehicle to teach many things including: science, botany, ethnobotany, language, history, recycling (composting), math (calculating volumes, numbers of plants or seeds, weights, areas, etc.), agriculture, entomology, plant pathology, soils, and lots more. As any gardener knows, cultivating plants is relaxing, exciting, and interesting! Recently, studies have been undertaken to scientifically verify what we have known all along - that gardening is good for you. This area of G

  • KinderGarden
    An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors.

  • My First Garden
    A Guide ( Children Friendly ) of basics for children's Gardening- animated- fun for kids

  • Pictures of Kids Working in the Garden
    Kids at Work When we first got in our kids' line of tools it was winter and we didn't have little ones to photograph with the products so we just took pictures of the items. Then one day this spring we noticed the little girls across the street helping their mother garden. Well we invited them over for a photo session and they proved to be remarkably agreeable models and budding gardeners, too. Here are some of the photos we took of them. Special thanks to our little neighbours!

  • Starting a Garden with Children
    Our love of gardening often begins in childhood. Share your passion for gardening with your child or grandchild and plant the seed for generations to come.

    In the summer months, it's sometimes hard to keep kids out of the garden, especially if you've marked off an area just for them to grow their own vegetables and flowers. But what about winter, when chilly temperatures force you inside? What can you do to keep your children interested in gardening? The answer is "plenty!" Here are some ideas from the American Association of Nurserymen to get you started thinking about indoor gardening projects for your family, scout troop, or other youth group. I'm sure you'll come up with others.

  • Apple Activities

  • Earthday Activities For Kids
    A new look at junk, or change the world, one bit a a time....recycle, plant, clean-up and beautify your environment.

  • Endangered Plants & Trees Index
    From the Endangered Species Project - information about endangered plants and trees.

  • Evergreen Project Adventures
    Fun/educational activities for kids, all with a plant/garden theme.

  • Faery Garden
    Find tips on seeing fairies, and fairy poetry and folklore.

  • First-School's First Plants
    Features fun lesson plans and activities related to plants and taking care of earth for young chidren (ages 2 to 6). Free printable crafts, online activities, activity pages, coloring pages and more.

  • Garden Crafts at Danielle's Place
    Original and inexpensive crafts for your garden. Free patterns and directions including directions for making plant markers, a garden crow, and stepping stones.

  • Garden Fun
    Plant bean sprouts, create an earthworm farm, and grow an avocado house plant.

  • Gardening Fun
    Playtime for Toddlers brings you gardening fun for your young ones.

  • Gardens - A to Z Kidstuff
    Fun/learning garden-oriented activities for pre-schoolers.

  • Growing Apple Trees
    Growing apple trees in the home garden can be fun and rewarding. Several factors are important to consider before planting for successful apple production. Apple variety and rootstock, site selection, proper planting, training and pruning, adequate fertility, and pest control all contribute to healthy and productive trees.

  • Growing Ideas Catalog
    This site is designed to educate children about gardening.

  • KidsGardening
    Ideas on using plants and gardens for educational projects, from the National Gardening Association.

  • Kids Valley Garden
    Learning to plan and plant a garden, keep growing plants healthy, and combat unwelcome garden pests.

  • Ohio's Trees
    The Ohio's Trees feature of ODNR's Division of Forestry Information and Education web site was by no means designed as a technical reference for the advanced student of forestry, but rather as a very basic field reference for the person who wants simply to become familiar with some of the more common trees found in our state.

  • Partners For Growing
    Fun activities including interactive storybook, leaf collection, training bees, and more! From The Evergreen Project and the Midwest Public Garden Collaborative

  • Prairie Restoration
    Create a "cool prairie", learn about America's prairies.

  • Seeds/Weeds -A to Z Kidstuff
    Seeds/weeds/farmy things - learning activities for pre-schoolers.

  • S.K. Worm Answers Questions About Soil And Stuff
    I'm the official annelid, or worm, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service. And it's my job to make you and everybody else naturally resourceful about natural resources.

  • Trees and Shrubs
    Find answers to questions about planting and caring for trees and shrubs.

  • Trees Forever
    Facilitate the planting and care of trees, woodlands, and forests, and promotes environmental awareness.

  • USDA for Kids
    Information about resource conservation, gardening and science to farming and food safety.

  • What Grows
    Kids Farm presents terrific images of plants and trees and stuff.

  • Why Do Plants Have Flowers?
    The California Native Plant Society (CNPS) is a statewide non-profit organization of amateurs and professionals with a common interest in California's native plants. The Society, working through its local chapters, seeks to increase understanding of California's native flora and to preserve this rich resource for future generations - good stuff for kids here!

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