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  • Blue Bird Hill
    Quality, educational children's art and craft supplies.

  • Chalk Cloth
    We offer the worlds first folding chalk board. This chalk board can be transported easy in its custom carrying case and is easy to clean. Easy folding chalk board, Childrens folding chalk board, Folding chalk board.

  • Activity Pad
    Activity Pad offers printable preschool activities, word search puzzles, mazes, holiday activities and more to help children learn and have fun!

  • All God's Children - Drawing Lessons
    Here little hands can learn to make simple drawings of animals, toys, flowers, bugs, cars, trucks, trains, buildings and more with our easy to follow steps.

  • Cartoon Anatomy
    An interesting diversity of easy to use drawing lessons (people, animals, cartoons).

  • Chunky Monkey Fan Club
    This is it, the official one and only place for kids of all ages to have fun with Chunky Monkey and his creator, cartoonist Pauline Comanor. The very best cartoon lessons for kids; fun stories with original characters that you can learn to draw.

  • Color Theory
    Color Theory? Basically, it's having the knowledge to mix colors and put colors together in a way that is right for your art work.

  • Cool Kids Animation Site
    Create your own animation and send it to the Kaleidoscapes site for display.

  • Crayon by Number
    Just like paint by numbers but using crayons. Convert YOUR PHOTO to a crayon by number drawing. Learn fundamental art techniques with this childrens arts and crafts kit. Ages pre-teen and up.

  • Drawing Lessons
    Here little hands can learn to make simple drawings of animals, toys, flowers, bugs, cars, trucks, trains, buildings and more with our easy to follow steps.

  • Drawing with Billy Bear
    Learn to Draw with Billy Bear - A Project 4 Kids

  • Emmett Scott's Arts and Activities
    What does a cartoonist do? How does he draw his cartoons? Well, here is a great place to find out. Welcome to the Art Studio, where a variety of activities can help keep you busy for hours. Learn to draw here, or simply have fun with your imagination!

  • etch-a-sketch
    The online Etch-a-Sketch will draw your name! You can learn all about this classic fun toy, and learn some tips for being a better etch-a-sketcher.

  • etch-a-sketch - game activities
    Kids can have lots of fun with the online version of this drawing classic.

  • Glossary of Drawing Tips
    Check out the radical super hero cartoon characters drawn by RadicalMan! You can also use a coloring book, check out a worm puzzle, or learn how to draw horses in motion.

  • Kate WATTSON Still Life Painting
    Realist artist Kate Wattson explains how she makes a still life painting and suggests a project for kids ages 8-11. MY ART--Art for Kids at Biddington's.

  • Kids Cyberland
    Wonderful activity site for kids including color pages, educational sites, safety for kids and lots of great places to learn and have fun!

  • Kids learn to draw a shark
    From the National Wildlife Federation: Grab a pencil and a piece of paper, and find out how simple it is to draw me, Jimmy Jaws, the shark with super-sharp teeth.

  • Kidz Draw
    Kidz Draw - Children and kids art, artlessons, craft and drawing projects and learning painting.

  • KinderArt - Drawing
    Resources that offers a wide variety of drawing lessons and activities for a range of ages.

  • Learn How to Draw
    Drawing techniques for beginners.

  • Learn How to Draw with Bob Weber, Jr.
    This site will help kids learn how to draw a number of colorful animals and characters.

  • Learn to Draw step by step
    Another good source of drawing lessons for kids - animals, cartoons, etc..

  • Marie Hablitzel & Kim Stitzer Draw Write Now authors
    Marie created drawing lessons for her 2nd grade class and integrated them with science, history, geography and social studies. Beginning drawing instruction for 5 to 10 year old children. Come draw a bird with us!

  • Rebus Rhymes Painting from EnchantedLearning.com
    The following are nursery rhyme pictures that you can color online and also read.

  • The Draw Squad
    This page will give you the seven most important tools of drawing. We call these "The Seven Magic Words" of drawing. Once you learn these words (and we mean really learn them! Don't just skim through them on your way to the super drawings on our Web site.) you will have the keys to enter the land of drawing and will be able to draw your own secret house, secret building, secret city, secret world - even you own secret universe!

  • The Incredible Art Department!
    Procedure: Make sure that the kids have bibs or smocks and an area where it is safe to make paint messes. We are going to learn about different ways of painting. You kids are used to painting by just sticking your brush in the water and paint and then moving it across your paper. Today, we'll learn more ways to paint.

  • ToonTakes.
    Kids, learn how to draw eToons online or print and practice! Choose your favorite eToon and follow the How To instructions to make silly animal cartoons!

  • Virtual Drawing
    The place to go if you want to surprise friends or family with an original (FREE) drawing! Use the drawing device above to express your creativity and show off your artistic talents...

  • Warner Bros. Online: Kids: Learn To Draw
    Kids learn to draw at the Looney Tunes School of Drawing - really cool!

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