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The following links are in English

  • Britchops Drum Tuition
    The Britchops Foundation Drum Course is a new interactive MIDI eBook drum course in Adobe PDF format.This course provides all the information you need to begin learning today's popular drumming styles such as Pop, Rock and Britpop/Indie in the comfort of your own home.

  • Art & Music - About School
    Activities, lessons and links to art and music for kids.

  • Bass Clef Valley
    Cello, Double Bass & Bass Guitar. Lessons, links, photos.

  • B.J.'s Dare to Drum
    An effective lesson program for beginning drummers on VHS video. Developed and co-produced by 11-year old B.J. Also, many music education and drumming resources.

  • Childrens Music Workshop
    Children's Music Workshop currently coordinates instrumental music programs at more than seventeen public and private schools in grades Kindergarten through 12. Instruction is offered before school, during the school day and after school - depending on the needs of each individual school.

    A priceless treasury of drum lessons, drum set tips, percussion techniques and drumming tricks. This website contains useful hints and secrets for students of all levels, from the moderately curious air-drummer to the advanced professional percussive artist.

  • French Horn
    The leader of the brass section is the French horn. But when it was first made nobody used it indoors because it sound harsh. In France the nobility used the horn during hunts and made up special codes to signal each other. It was even used by the night watch to call when there was trouble.

  • Idea Box - Music
    Music and song activities for kids.

  • Instrumental Music Resource Guide
    An guide to introducing your children to instrument learning lessons.

  • Juice Bottle Jingles
    By filling juice bottles with different amounts of water, you can create some catchy tunes! Here's how to do it with real bottles at home: take six glass juice bottles or very tall drinking glasses and fill them with different heights of water to make a six note scale.

  • Kindergarten Activities from David Jack
    Kindergarten aged children and parents just have to see Parent's Choice Award-winner David Jack's super-fun kid's site. Kindergarten teachers will also find this site a valuable and enjoyable resource for music in their classroom.

  • Make A Rain Stick for Earth Day
    The rain stick is a percussion instrument made from a dried cactus branch. While you may not have access to dried cactus, you can still make a rain stick by recycling some common materials.

  • Mrs. Carrier's Middle School Music Page
    The intentof the site is to engage students in research in music topics. The siteincludes www. activities, historical music survey, and just fun dept.

  • Musical Mystery Tour
    Tongue twisters, instrument descriptions, coloring pages, song clips, and more from children's musicians Hilary James and Simon Mayor.

  • Musical Spelling Rules
    Hey Kids, Hop Aboard. Let's Get Ready to Spell. Learn the Songs and Let The Rules Help You.

  • Prophecy Music
    Little Child's Prayer is a compilation of original Christian music written for children's religious services.

    An assortment of fun/educational musical activities for kids.

  • The Perpetual Preschool - Music and Movement
    Welcome to the Music and Movement Area. Do you have some favorite songs, fingerplays, movement activities, or music that you use with your preschool children and would like to share them with others? You have come to the right place! Just click on the "submit" button below to enter your idea.

  • The Violin
    An interesting site all about violins and how they are made.

The following links are in Dutch

  • Music Magic: A Piano Exploration
    Welcome to Music Magic:A Piano Exploration, a site that is solely devoted towards the education and learning of every aspect of the piano...probably advanced for kids, but fun to explore.

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