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  • A+ Kids Conrer/Optical Illusions
    Line Drawing Illusions Magic Show Math Magic Activities Hocus Pocus Palace On-Line Magic Trick

  • Card Trick Central
    The sleight of hand, the act of illusion which transforms an ordinary pack of cards into magical illusion.

  • Free Magic Tricks
    For Kids, Parents and Beginners of all Ages

  • Kids Magic Camp
    Kids MAGIC Camp is the ultimate hands-on learning experience that helps increase kids self-confidence and important life skills while they learn how to perform magic, juggle and make balloon animals.

  • Magic Fun Zone
    Magic Fun Zone Magic Club for free. Receive free magic goodies. Learn tricks, tips, etc.

  • Magic Over The Web
    I have a deck of cards in which all the Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces have been removed. The remaining deck was shuffled and I pulled out a card, which you can see face down. I want you to think of one the remaining thirty-one cards." This trick involves some math, so if you make a mistake along the way (as I did the first time through), the ending won't make any sense.

  • Magic Tricks
    Magic is fun, very entertaining, and easy to do. With just a few minutes of practice, you'll be amazing all of your friends.

  • MagicTricks.Com
    Fast shipping on easy-to-do magic tricks. Each trick is rated by appropriate skill and age levels, so finding the right trick is simple! Great prices, online customer support.

  • Online Magic Showroom
    Showcase for interactive online magic tricks, puzzles, and more.

  • PBS Kids Magic Trix
    Magic Tricks list of ZOOMdos

  • Simple Magik
    This page contains the secrets to simple magic tricks that you can do, using things you probably have lying around your own house! With everyday things like handkerchiefs, coins, and soda-pop, you can do amazing tricks, to mystify Mom, dazzle Dad, and fascinate your friends. Most don't even require any practice at all.

  • TheCase.Com for Kids
    Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests.

  • The Conjuror Website
    Learn magic tricks.

  • Top 10 Magic Tricks for Kids
    Favorite tricks that are easy to handle, but very amazing!

  • Wonder Kid's Magic Tricks
    Wonder Kid's Magic Tricks provides

  • World of Magic
    Magic Tricks for Kids and Adults from World of Magic in Santa Barbara!

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