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The following links are in English

  • Adventures with Posnayko
    Adventures with Posnayko - an online educational magazine for children 4 - 7. A fun way to learn - cool games, stories, pictures, jokes, and music. A family friendly site - no chat, no violence, and no advertising. Kids and parents love it!

  • broward mommies connection
    Welcome to our special place where you can enjoy playdates, moms night outs, family fun days, holiday parties & celebrations. We offer plenty of online support and lots of conversation! Develop new friendships in a warm and laid back atmosphere that feels "JUST LIKE HOME " ~~All children are life's little miracles~~

  • Broward Mommies Connection
    Welcome to our special place where you can enjoy playdates, moms night outs, family fun days, holiday parties & celebrations. We offer plenty of online support and lots of conversation! Develop new friendships in a warm and laid back atmosphere that feels "JUST LIKE HOME " ~~All children are life's little miracles~~ : BrowardMommiesConnection@yahoogroups.com

  • Coastal Kid
    Join the Coastal Kid Club and get a free triop starter kit. CK contains great games, activities, crafts, stories and information about kids on coasts around the world. Our goal is to educate kids about the ocean but do so while having fun.

  • Crafts, recipes, movies and games for fun kids playdates!
    Funplaydates.com is your premier source for initiating creative playdates for your children, including great crafts, invitations, activities and recipes, as well as expert tips on parenting, advise from other moms, and movie reviews from CBS's Emmy award winning "Mr. Movie."

  • Crazy Russells
    this a safe site for your kids it has over 60 games and movies my name is luke russell and im 16 years old i do did this sites for kids because when i was younger there was no good game web sites for more info e-mail me wizejedi@hotmail.co.uk

  • Everythingforkidz.com
    Everythingforkidz.com is a parents portal to everything for kids. We have links to kid friendly sites conviently organized to help you find everything for your kids. Also, all sites have been checked to ensure family friendly content.

  • Funplaydates.com
    Funplaydates.com is your premier source for initiating creative playdates for your children, including great crafts, invitations, activities and recipes, as well as expert tips on parenting, advise from other moms, and movie reviews from CBS's Emmy award winning "Mr. Movie."

  • Geo World K Bears
    Geo-World: Provides history, culture, music, climates, and manually-filtered links to websites for over 200 countries and territories

  • Jellybean Kids
    Website just for kids. Games, crafts, pen pals, crossword puzzles, optical illusions, and much more, all just for kids!

  • K Bear
    Fun Games For Kids

  • Kids Certificates
    We offer several hundred certificates designed for rewarding children and students. Our certificates can be customized instantly to look and say exactly what you need them to say! Check out the free certificate area.

  • Kids Fun and Games
    Loads of fun kids games for your family. Games for babies, toddlers, and school-aged kids. Educational and online games, crafts, indoor & outdoor games, festivals & childrens party games.

  • kidsplaypark.com
    Kidsplaypark.com offers free, fun, and educational games for kids. We also have jokes, screensavers, downloads, and more!

  • Little Kids Games Online
    Your guide to ideas for baby games, party games for young children and baby shower games. Includes reviews of quality online kids games.

  • MailboxSurprise.com
    Kids love mail! We make it easy to send. Free Mail for Kids Templates, Downloads, Printables and more. Include Letter from the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa and more. All of our templates are free.

  • Mind Bluff
    A family-friendly collection of cartoon puns, optical illusions, brain puzzlers, mind tricks, and more.

  • Music Studio:
    Music Studio: Our virtual keyboard, drums and guitar let students make music without even picking up an instrument.

  • My Name is Little Dittle
    The Little Dittle website features games, poetry, puzzles, and coloring for kids.

  • Party 'Round the World
    We provide kid birthday party ideas,free kids games,childrens birthday party supplies,crafts for kids,kids birthday party games at Party Round The World. Educational,Fun and Unique parties are our business!

  • Pauly's Playhouse
    Pauly's Playhouse features online interactive games and activities for children 3 and up.

  • 101 Activities To Do With Your Toddler
    101 Activities to Do With Your Toddler" contains activities, songs, fingerplays, and more for children aged 1-3 years. These constructive activities help encourage motor development and eye-hand coordination, and they will promote mental and social growth. As if that weren't enough, they are also a lot of fun!!

  • 4Kids2Play
    Hey, this site has tangrams, memory gamestic tac toe, online coloring sheets and click and drag games for you!

  • 4Kids Treehouse
    Voted one of the top ten links for kids. Contains many learning activities.

  • ABC's Play School
    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's playschool is full of games and friends.

  • ABC Toon Center
    A children's playground of original games, stories, music and cartoons. Playful, creative, kid-friendly.

  • Activities and Crafts from ChildFun
    Easy crafts and preschool themes, coloring pages, holiday activities and more, all sorted by category.

  • AgameAday
    Agameaday.com has created thousands of games, puzzles and related materials designed to stimulate learning, problem solving and creative thinking.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Want to check out the latest from our friend Patch the Pirate? No need to look any further - follow the link to the official Patch the Pirate home page!

  • Alfy.com - Kids' Portal
    Welcome to the Family Room. We have games designed for you and your kids to play together, information about computers, the internet, online safety and lots more! Lots of very interactive fun games. The kids will love it, and so will dad :)

  • ALFY - Portal for Kids
    A fun, entertaining and educational free mega site for children worldwide, with lots of interesting activities, games and cool links for kids and teenagers, teachers and educators.

  • American Girl
    A commercial site with fun activities and stories for girls only.

  • Animal Planet: Animal Fun & Games
    See what you pet's horoscope is, view the Everglades though time, take a dive to a coral reef, build a dinosaur and los more at this site from Animal Planet!

  • Animated Cards for Kids
    Animated greeting cards for kids of all ages! The best place on the net for kids to express their feelings ; ) Show everyone how much you love them.

  • Animation Grove
    Games, downloads, word searches, and puzzles. Includes section for very young children.

  • Animations for Kids
    Animations, a coloring page and paperdolls.

  • Arthur
    Arthur's songs and animated puzzles, play games, color your favorite characters, read new stories. Explore this popular PBS series.

  • Ask Jeeves For Kids
    Ask Jeeves for Kids(tm) is the fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions. Ask Jeeves for Kids allows you to ask a question in plain English and, after interacting with you to confirm the question, Ask Jeeves for Kids takes you to one and only one web site that answers your question.

  • A Trip To Illinois
    This adventure will take you on a FUN journey through Illinois! There are many fun things to do and exciting people to meet.

  • Barbie.co.uk
    Barbie.co.uk - sells the dolls and accessories. Also provides online games.

  • Barney Online
    Silly/funny kids' games featuring Barney and his friends.

  • Bed Tyme Tales Internet Stories
    Bed Tyme Tales Internet Stories is designed for children of all ages. It includes lots of fun and entertaining stories for children of all ages to read and enjoy.

  • Berit's Best Sites for Children
    Berit Erickson, has been publishing this acclaimed list of over 1000 websites for children for four years. We invite you to make this your first stop when looking for quality children's activities on the Internet.

  • Billy Bear Storybooks
    From the Billy Bear Storybooks games, puzzles, mazes and pictures to color.

  • Billy Beaver's Gameshow
    Puzzles, word games, arcade games, action games - all fun and all for kids.

  • BlackDog
    Welcome to BlackDog The Site for Kids! It has all kinds of neat things to see and do!

  • BlackDog Fun and Games
    BlackDog has all kinds of neat things to see and do!

  • Bonus.com
    A site for kids, parents and teachers with over 2,000 games, art, activities, parent/teacher tips and more.

  • Boredom Busters - Amazing Moms
    Tired of hearing "I'm Bored!"? Encouraging our children to entertain themselves is not always an easy task. Television and Video games are a common solution, but are not necessarily, in the best interest of the child. Start a new pattern...Provide options that are prepared in advance and readily accessible for your children. A few examples may be: an art kit, junior cook book, a box of buttons, a book of riddles or a pile of kids magazines. The many suggestions on this site are here to help. You'll find them to be simple, quick and fun to do. The very cure a busy family needs for the boredom Blues!

  • Brownielocks
    Brownielocks and The Three Bears where things are (almost) just right! Funny, Humorous, views of life through the eyes of colorful cartoon teddy bears(some animated) plus other fun!

  • Buchel's Kindergarten Class
    Ideas for Teachers for wonderful reading & writing strategies, sight word activities, number rhymes, schedule, how to create your own site, and more!

  • Build-a-Monster
    Build a monster online. Fun puzzle for small kids.

  • Bunny Dance
    Bunnies with kids' faces dance on screen - you can choreograph their dance movements.

  • BusyKids.com
    BusyKids.com is a one stop fun zone for parents and young children. It is a stress reliever and time saver for those parents that want to do something with their child but do not have the time to research and dream up activities. BusyKids.com. offers you a weekly Fun Zone of things to do with your child.

  • Canadian Kids Page
    We hope you enjoy the Canadian Kids page. It is meant as a jumping in point for teachers and students, and parents and children exploring the Web together.

  • Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort
    Four different adventures - find the right things to help the Cartoon Network characters have a fun summer

  • Cartoon Critters
    Cartoon Critters offers coloring pages, online coloring, online games, mazes. Learn to draw, stories and music.

  • Cartoon Factory
    Welcome to Jim Gilbert's Cartoon Factory.

  • Cartoon-O-Matic
    Select a cartoon face and then "customize" it to your hearts desire.

  • Cartoons for Kids
    Cartoonist Dale Hale presents the comic strip, Figments.

  • Cathy's Picnic Fun Page
    A fun free and great site to visit for crafts, games, riddles, puzzles, stories, holidays, great links for children.

  • Charlotte Bear
    Charlotte Bear invites you to play games, do magic tricks, read online stories, download printable greeting cards & chat to friends from all over the world.

  • Chateau Meddybemps
    Read a "story starter" to your child and ask him or her to finish the story, write it all down. Make a whole library. In the Learning area click on Online activities and have some fun playing with frogs, fire engines, clowns and more.

  • ChildFun Activities
    Coloring pages, books, fun crafts, songs, fingerplays, poems, science projects, games and more. They are perfect for preschool and elementary teachers, childcare providers and parents just looking for a way to fill a rainy day!

  • Child.net
    Sites for activities and resources for children and teens.

  • Children's Folklore Project
    Folklore site provides games, customs, rhymes, and activities involving children from countries around the world.

  • Children's Freeware
    Children's Freeware - Links to sites and software on Activities, Advice, Art, Educational, Entertainment, Games, Greetings Cards, Reference, Miscellaneous, Utilities, News, Information, Nature, Winnie the Pooh, Health and Safety, Internet Safety and more.

  • Children's Games from Around the World
    Around the world, children have one thing in common. They love to play games. Discover how children from Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, China, Germany, and many other countries play different versions of the same traditional games such as jump rope, marbles, tag, top spinning, hopscotch, jacks, card games.

  • Children's Songs Together
    This is a site so parents and children can sing together.

  • Choti Si Duniya
    Choti Si Duniya - offers edutainment, funstuff, activities, games, articles, and parental guide.

  • CleverMedia
    Tons of entertaining online games - sports, puzzles, fantasy. Fun for kids!

  • Coco Pops
    Kelloggs a fun place for kids with downloads, games, and characters.

  • Connect the Dots Game
    Play Connect the Dots in the round, robotic world of Rolie Polie Olie. Each level of the game will reveal a special Olie friend. And Zowie's there to say, "Good Job!" Play it now at PlayhouseDisney.com, where learning is powered by imagination.

  • Cow Tunes For Kids
    ow Tunes For Kids Children's Music About Cows and Ice Cream.

  • Crazy Bone
    Fun Stuff for Kids - Free Online Games, Jokes, Free Email, Magic Tricks, and much much more... !

  • Create Your Own Sea Adventure
    To make your own personalized creature adventure, all you need to do is enter in the words of your choice according to each description. The results are sure to be surprisingly funny!

  • Creature Creator
    From Sonywonder - a fun way to create your own creatures.

  • Crustless Bread Kids
    An interactive kids web site with fun homework help recipes crafts jokes games pets fashion and parents column.

  • CyberKids
    Stories and artwork, puzzles and games.

  • CyberSurfari
    A free, fun, safe, and educational Internet treasure hunt game for family or school fun. Kids compete for prizes at home or the classroom. Web Quest

  • Cyber Tales
    A site for kids with stories fun and games, hosted by the mouse potatoes.

  • Dave's Wonderful World of Yo- Yo's
    Everything about Yo-Yo's including a store, memorabilla, a museum and chat."The Place to Be in the Universe of Yo!"

  • Dav Pilkey's Web Site O' Fun
    Summaries, cover art, notes, and facts about Dav Pilkey's books. Also includes lots of activities such as puzzles, trivia, and games to play online, coloring pages to print or email, paper airplane designs, drawing lessons, and jokes and riddles.

  • Debby Fun Kid Links
    Debby's Fun Kid Links is a site for kids to find general information sites.

  • Dewey Does
    A motivational and inspirational safe site for children, daycares, parents and teachers.

  • DisGalaxy
    Disney Galaxy Gaze at the stars of Disney

  • Disney Home Page
    Click here to see parts of movies, play games, visit the Disney store, information about Disneyland and Disneyworld and muc

  • Disney's World of Wonders
    Disney fan site with games, graphics, lyrics, fun facts, and information on upcoming movies.

  • Disney World Of Wonders
    Disney Fun site with tons of fun games, exclusive graphics such as clipart, animation, wallpaper, cursors plus lyrics, fun facts, sections on Pooh, Tinkerbell, Belle, Ariel, Alice and more!

  • edbydesign.com Educational activities and ideas
    Practical ideas for teaching young children reading, writing, spelling and math. Online educational activities for young children- math games, scrambler puzzles and children can publish their stories, jokes and poems.

  • Edison Kids
    Looking for some fun things to do with your family or school? Check out the latest happenings at the new Power Lab FabFun Guide!...

  • Edufun Online
    Welcome to Edufun Online, the kids' fun source!

  • Elementary Ages Sites
    More Great places to take your children online.

  • EntryPoints
    stories and lesson plans for teachers and kids.

  • Exploratorium
    What is so fascinating about bubbles? The precise spherical shape, the incredibly fragile nature of the microscopically thin soap film, the beautiful colors that swirl and shimmer, or most likely, a combination of all these phenomena? Why does a bubble form a sphere at all? Why not a cube, tetrahedron, or other geometrical figure? Let's look at the forces that mold bubbles.

  • Family Fun - Amazing Moms
    Fun for the Guilt Ridden - It's true that recent studies show the importance of spending time with our children. However, today's families are juggling work, school, soccer and band. Just to name a few of the "time hogs" we are faced with in our daily schedules. The Family Fun segment of Amazingmoms is not here to make you feel guilty or place blame on you as a parent. It exists to provide you with solutions you can use with your family.

  • For Kids Play
    Fun and Educational site for kids of all ages.

  • Fun101
    Fun101.com Kid's Central! Hey Kids, welcome to Kid's Central! Now you have a resource with links to some of the coolest stuff of the web including magic tricks, online games and more jokes than you could ever imagine!

  • Funbrain.com
    Kids of all ages will find games, quizzes and other "cyberfun" to keep them busy and learning.

  • Funology: The Science of Having Fun
    Cool ideas for things to do around the house or anywhere. Features include Brain Drains, Boredom Busters, and Tummy Ticklers.

  • Funorama
    Origami, mazes, word search puzzles, paper dolls, coloring pages, and links to children's sites.

  • Fun Pages for Kids
    Home of Fun Pages For Kids. ...

  • FunRoom.com
    FunRoom... a fun place for kids and families! All sorts of activities, games and crafts for children.

  • Fun School
    Here at funschool.com, you will find engaging educational content for your child. All content is original and created for your child's learning experience

  • Game Kids
    The International Natural Play Site

  • Gamescene
    Dozens of shockwave games for kids of all ages.

  • Games Kids Play
    Looking for kids games? How about rules for playground games, verses for jump-rope rhymes, and much more??? You have come to right place!

  • Games - World Village
    Games for kids from WorldVillage.

  • Gareth Long's Encyclopedia of Monsters
    An A-to-Z list of monsters, mythical creatures, and fabulous beasts. Includes a short description of each; some include illustrations.

  • Garfield Online
    Lasagna recipes, electronic postcards, riddles, a trivia quiz, catch the lasagna game, desktop patterns, screen savers, and coloring book pages are part of this official web site. Includes a comic strip archive from previous weeks.

  • Ghosts In The Castle
    Greetings, traveler. Before you looms a stone castle, built in Britain about A.D. 1250. It has withstood battering ram, catapult, even fire. Now, after all these years, it still stands, ready for you to explore. Have you the courage? From National Geographic.

  • Girl Tech
    A Girl Powered Search Engine. We also provide Girl Tech's research, information on girl development and direct links to many articles, essays, and areas on the Internet devoted to girls and women.

  • Global Show and Tell
    Children show off their favorite projects, possessions, accomplishments and collections to kids (and adults) around the world.

  • Grands Place Kids
    There are pictures to color on the online coloring book and more to print and color. You will find games here from very easy for small children to more challenging games for older kids. The links section has links to great pages on the web both big and small sites

  • GreatKids Network!
    You'll find plenty of fun stuff to do here: webisodes, games, comic strip, and lots more. And be sure to stop by the bulletin board and tell us your opinion. Looking for contests and prizes? Try Brain Strain. And don't leave without reading the extraordinary stories about kids everywhere and submitting your own.

  • Griffin's Cookie Bear
    Have fun with Griffin's Cookiebear

  • GusTown
    GusTown is the number one rated childrens web site by Family PC Magazine. Click on any building for fun, games, and surprises just for kids!

  • Happy Kids Page
    Welcome To All You Happy Kids. Fun place for kids to visit. Play games, makes a friend.

  • HaringKids.com
    Keith Haring website for children has fun interactive activities to inspire a love of learning and art, online books, and information about this well-known artist's life.

  • Headbone.com
    Headbone.com is a kid site bursting at the seams with free kid chat rooms, instant messaging pager, cool kid games, free email, exciting prizes, stuff to download, and more!

  • Hershey's Candy Bar Factory
    Free Games, ECards, Screensavers, and more, all about Hershey's Candy Bar Factory.

  • Hershey's KidzTown
    We know kids love candy! Check out this site for recipes using Hershey's kisses, find out the history of your favorite candy bar and plan a trip to Hershey's Chocolate World.

  • Hewlett-Packard Kid's Clubhouse
    Our Kids' Clubhouse was designed from a kids' point of view. You'll find everything from fresh school projects to killer room-decorating tips. Just remember: no adults (unless accompanied by a kid). To learn about any of the projects described below, click on its name, image or the More Info link. For more fun project ideas, look under the More Kids' projects pull-down menu

  • Hop Pop Town - music fun
    Young children can enhance their imagination by combining sound with pictures. We have also introduced writing pages that take material from musical games and help children use multiple media to express themselves. These games do not require the shockwave plug-in file. The target users of Hop Pop Town are aged from 3 to 10, but other age groups might also find it interesting as a simple but pleasant educational tool.

  • Horsefun
    Welcome to Horsefun - the number ONE site for kids who LOVE horses

  • Horse Fun
    Here at HorseFun you'll find heaps of facts and fun - all about horses!! There are horse quizzes and puzzles, horse stories and poems, horse brain teasers and mind benders - and lots of help with horse problems and handy hints on handling horses too.

  • Humongous Entertainment
    The makers of Putt Putt, Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish, and other Junior Adventures offer Club Humongous Online, a playroom for kids that's chock-full of games, contests, puzzles, coloring pages and other fun activities! Perfect for rainydays and crowded classrooms.

  • Humphrey Bear
    Play with one of Australia's favorite bears. Games, songs and a history of Humphrey's show.

  • @ir Hockey
    The entire Byte family is ready to challenge you to a fast-paced game of air hockey. Watch it! They're out to win. Save this game for offline play using Shockwave's new "save" capabilities

  • I Spy
    This is a simple game for young children, based on the traditional 'I Spy' game parents have always played with their children to fill time while waiting somewhere. It is a game that you can play with your kids, or that they play with each other.

  • Javalovers
    View, play and buy Java-applets in the applet showroom. Choose from a large collection of games, puzzles, educational programs and utilities. The collection includes Tangram, Tetris, Breakout, Crosswords, Word Search, Towers of Hanoi, Slider Puzzle, Colorbook, Memory, Crypto, Solitaire, Worm game and more...

  • JayJay The Jet Plane
    Read the bedtime story or print the coloring pages from this video and television series.

  • Jay Zee Bear
    Stop by and have a fun adventure in the Green Forest! There are many fun games here for you to discover. Let's join JayZeeBear and his friends for a fun adventure in the Green Forest

  • Jenny's Place
    Thanks for stopping by! Each month we bring you great links for kids of all ages and add to our fantastic games room. Soon we should have our preschool activities section up with loads of great ideas for sensory play and learning games!

  • Julias Rainbow Corner
    Welcome to Julia's Rainbow Corner! Let's play some games!

  • JuniorNet
    This web site gives you information about the JuniorNet Online Service, the best, safest place for kids online.

  • Junior Sports Network
    Introducing Junior Sports Network News, your one-stop information site for Backyard Baseball, Backyard Soccer, Backyard Football, and the new Junior Sports Network online gaming community! The

  • Kaboose.com, Inc
    This site features jokes, online interactive games and activities. Kaboose.com is an exciting online experience for boys and girls under 14.

  • Katie Did and the Neon Peach
    Katie Did presents her collection of original, illustrated, rhyming stories for kids of all ages as well as tons of coloring pages, puzzles and jokes.

  • Kayleigh's Playground
    This site was created originally for my young niece. As I started browsing children's sites on the Internet I realized that there are few quality sites out there. I hope to make a difference. Kayleigh's Playground is intended to be a fun, safe, and educational place for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children.

  • Kid Allergy
    Lists allergens that trigger seasonal and year-round allergies-Gives do's and don'ts to limit a child's exposure; -Explains signs of an allergy, so parents can identify it right away; -Offers fun activities and coloring book pages to help parents explain allergies to their child.

  • Kid Corner Oasis
    Kid's Corner, a place for kids to hang out, play games, talk to other kids and get your stuff published.

  • KiddoNet
    A safe Internet environment for kids. Offers a downloadable safe browser.

  • KiDiddles Music Site
    Musical Mouseum, loaded to the brim with almost two thousand(!) kids' song lyrics, now organized both alphabetically and by category, and with search engine capabilities!

  • Kidpub
    Welcome to Kidpub, the largest collection of stories by children on the Internet (and maybe in the real world, too).

  • Kids Castle
    Kids' Castle features articles written about the things that interest kids today: sports, history, the arts, travel, science and air and space, all with great photos.

  • Kid's Corner
    Kids fun links.

  • kids corner
    This is a fun and safe place for kids to play when they're on the internet. Kids Corner includes a "school" where they can choose to listen to music in the music room, or do simple experiments with their parents in the science room, read stories in the reading room, practice math in the math room, and learn how to make graphics or just draw in the art room. So come check out Kids Corner, a fun and safe place for kids to play on the net :)

  • Kids Hall of Fame
    The Kids Hall of Fame spotlights extraordinary kids by age level.

  • Kid Sites
    A list of safe sites for kids, teachers and families.

  • Kids-Korner
    Kids-Korner.com is an interactive, on-line community built especially for kids 14 and under. We have lots of things to do such as chatting, sending kidkards, find a penpal and so much more.

  • Kids Like It
    Kids Like It - A Directory for Kids by Kids

  • Kids Media Club
    Kids Media Club is a site for children age 3 to 15 to learn, have fun, find friends, and get started with the Internet surfing.

  • Kids Organic Club
    A compost game, and an interactive organic kitchen with recipes and food combining tips.

  • Kids Play and Learn
    Tons of kids-games ideas for fun and learning. Make your own toys and games atlittle or no cost to you. All types of game-ideas for preschoolers and elementary schoolers.

  • KidsPsych
    Lots of fun games and activities for children ages 1 to 5.

  • KidsRanch
    KidsRanch fun and encouragement for kids.

  • Kids Ring
    The Kids Ring is a webring dedicated to uniting the best kids homepages from all around the world.

  • Kids'Space
    Kids' Space was created to foster literacy, artistic expression, and cross-cultural understanding among the world's children. We aim to: Encourage artistic expression utilizing a variety of mediums (art, writing, music). Engage children's minds and curiosity, stimulating learning through self-discovery. Break down cultural, religious, ethnic and racial barriers between children of the world by promoting cross-cultural collaboration in creative projects. Provide a forum for electronic communication between children. Demystify the Internet experience for children through clear organization and child focused education in computers and networks. Provide a friendly, safe, adult-monitored digital environment for children. Provide parents and children with an alternative to advertising based commercial web sites.

  • Kid Stacy.com
    A complete website for Kids and Parents with lots of fun and education.

  • Kids Turn Central
    Canadian Thanksgiving, ways for kids to celebrate the holiday.

  • Kids Website
    Welcome to Kids Website. This website is devoted to kids. For the kid in all of us, we have fun recipes for the adults and kids and we have short stories and poems for the children and their parents read. We have things to make, games, puzzles, bible stories, jokes and riddles, and much, much more.

  • Kidszone Team
    Great fun stories, projects, recipes, and penpals.

  • Kidzbiz Place
    Kidzbiz Place is a site designed and managed by kidz to cater to other kidz and their parents. Kidz are in control of everything!

  • Kidz Korner
    A variety of fun activities for young kids. (coloring, puzzles, cyberpets)

  • Kidz.net
    Web Site which enables Children's web access to be limited to suitable sites only.

  • KIDZ of WorldVillage
    For kids ages 4-12. Online games, postcards, puzzles, and other activities.

  • Kidz On Earth.Org - Where Kidz Go For Fun
    At Kidz On Earth, our mission is to provide kidz with fun activities and great resources that make a positive impression. We offer cool coloring pages, great games.

  • KinderCrafts
    These crafts projects are for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. The crafts use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc. See a page about color mixing to see how to combine paint to make all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Kindergarten Kafe
    In my many years of teaching 5-year-olds, I have discovered that you can never tell what will come next out of their little mouths. As a Christmas gift to parents, we published a book of their recipes. What an experience. These recipes are written exactly as dictated to me. I believe each recipe will bring a smile to your face as you read the wonderful directions! So sit back, relax and get ready to smile as from the "mouths of babes" we all shall learn!

  • Kool Kids on The Web
    Created by kids for kids! Kool games, puzzles, interactive books, crafts, recipes, stories by kids, jokes, e-card shop, and more! A safe place for kids to hang out on the web!

  • KoxKids - fun games
    Play these games - Digimon: Quest to Save the Net Dodgeball Toxic Torpedo Digimon: The Game Sk8Pipe GP Turbo Luge Fishing ...and more!

  • Lego World Wide Web
    For the legos lover. Kids will have fun with this page!

  • Little Animals Activity Centre
    From the BBC - Loads of games, stories and things to do - supports learning at home for children who are in their early years at school.

  • Little Buck Online Adventure
    Color, play games, or write to Santa. Requires Shockwave Plug-in.

    The official site of Little Critter - based on the popular book series. Hi! I'm Little Critter. I live in Critterville. I have a mom and dad and a little sister and a little brother. But I am the oldest. Do you have any sisters or brothers? I have lots of pets, too. I have a dog and a cat and a mouse and a grasshopper and a frog. And a snake and a bunch of fish and some turtles, too. Do you have pets...(reading, writing, coloring)

  • Loch Ness Live
    This site lets you view the loch with our live web camera to see if you can spot the monster, send exclusive electronic NessCards, dive into the mysteries of the NessFiles, take a virtual trip round the loch, keep up to date with the latest info on the sightings and find out where the top places to eat and stay are.

  • LongIslandKids.Org
    Find links to fun and games, pen pals, a homework helper, games, stuff to do section, free software, and more.

  • Look, Learn, and Do - Games
    Game activities for kids.

  • Lovable Furry Old Grover
    Sound files, pictures, coloring, Sesame Street links, its all here at the Grover page.

  • Magic Tails
    Magic Tails is a series of FREE illustrated online stories ( original creation myths) for kids and adults. Cats! Ravens! Dragons! Animals of all kinds!

  • MamaMedia
    A fun place for kids to play on the Internet. MaMaMedia is an Internet company devoted to nurturing kids' natural love for learning. All of the activities are grounded on fifteen years of research at Harvard and MIT on how children learn best.

  • Matching Games
    o begin playing, CLICK on EASY, BIT HARDER, or ACE PLAYER. Then, CLICK on any of the squares to see what's behind it. Now find the match; there's a picture just like it behind another square. When you've found all the picture pairs you've won the game. Good luck, amigos!

  • Merlin The Magical Puppy
    Painting, stories, a jigsaw and some magic tricks with Merlin and his friends.

  • Mister Rogers Neighborhood
    From the popular PBS television show with Mr. Rogers, the on-line interactive version.

  • Monster Motel
    Something's eaten the sofa... What's that thing doing on the roof? Thereare footprints across the trifle - whose are they? And something verystrange is staying in Room 19... Enter, if you dare!Have you the nerve to check in at the Monster Motel? A new collaborative writing project for kids everywhere, created by writer and illustrator Mark Burgess for Kids on the Net.

  • Mr. Potato Head
    Mr. Potato Head's official home on the Web. Click on Tater Timeline to follow his course through history, or try out games for kids big and small.

  • MyGolf.com Golf Game
    Take a swing at the 18-hole MyGolf & Polo Club Golf Course. Or try your hand on the new Scottish Mist course. This game will entertain and challenge veteran computer golfers and newcomers alike.

  • My Kinda Site
    MyKindaSite.com is a fun site with many educational things for kids.

  • Mysterynet.com
    Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests.

  • Nabisco Kids
    Fun for kids of all ages! Featuring more than 20 great Shockwave games from Nabisco Company.

  • Nadyas Underwater Adventure
    Have you been looking for kids online games? This site is great for kids, teens, the whole family!

  • National Wildlife Federation Games
    An assortment of environmentally oriented games for kids - have fun in Ranger Rick's Kid Zone!

  • NeoPets.Com
    The greatest Virtual Pet Site on the Internet. With your help, we intend to build a community of virtual pet owners, and offer cool things such as chat, games, auctions, shops, greetings, and much, much more. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

  • NesQuik
    Nesquik.com lets kids join the Nesquik Bunny to play exciting, interactive games and enjoy creative, fun-filled activities. It's the ultimate online adventure!

  • Nessie's Grotto
    Lake monsters lurk on every continent. Nessie is one of the oldest. Stories of sightings on Loch Ness go back 1500 years to the time of Merlin. Other monsters have first been recorded in the past 100 years. All the monsters seem to be camera shy, but people who have seen them have no doubt they saw a real monster, possibly a dinosaur that survived meteor impacts and even ice ages.

  • Official Disney Page
    Disney Online - the magical place on the Internet where kids and their parents connect with their friends to play, to learn, and to explore.

  • Online Activities for Parents and Kids
    Help your preschool child develop skills needed for success in the classroom. Share in the excitement of learning. These playful activities were designed with specific learning activities in mind, but can be used to stimulate discussions on many topics. The exercises (and your attention) will be good for your child's development.

  • On-Line Jewish Games
    "The best Jewish games on the Web" - for kids.

  • Only Kids.com
    Ultimate resource for kids the web.

  • Owl Kids
    Fun things for kids including chickaDEE Net for ages 6-9.

  • Page Works
    Fun animations, stories and links for children.

  • Panda Pops
    Panda Pops website is packed with free competitions and fun for kids of all ages.

  • Pappyland
    Click on Pappy, Buddy Bear, Doodle Bug, Chucky Woodchuckles, or Turtle Lou to go to their New Games made just for YOU.

  • Peach Pod Kids
    PeachPod! the children's search engine.

  • Pink Panther Page
    Includes history , filmography, cartoons, videos, games, sweepstakes, licensing opportunities, and more.

  • Planet OzKids
    Planet Ozkids is a joint venture between Word Design Interactive and Wooden Eye Multimedia, creating original learning products using the principles of Integrated Themes and Active Learning.

  • Poulet Frites
    On this site, you are free to choose whether you want to use a napkin or not, if you want to eat with your hands, or use your brain or voice or even exercise your fingers with a few clicks of the mouse....

  • Preschool Playground - Children's Television Workshop
    Perched on a parent's lap, preschoolers can grab the mouse and share in the clicking. For this age group, there are stories to create, games to play, and interactive adventures to explore.

  • Print Me's with Shapes
    Here's a collection of coloring pages featuring your favorite charactersfrom Sesame Street with shapes. Use the print function of your browser to create offline coloring pages for your preschooler.

  • Puzzle Choice
    A wide choice of free interactive and printable puzzles and games for all the family. Crosswords, Wordsearches, Number puzzles, Logics, Quizzes, Word games, Jigsaws, Memory games. Fun and educational.

  • Quadgames.com
    "Hi-Gear Pinball", "Extreme SnowBoarding" - find it at Quadgames! FUN!

  • Rainy Day Playhouse
    Welcome to the Rainy Day Playhouse, where kids of all ages are invited to get out of the rain and have some free fun. We hope you enjoy the java games and other activities and return often. Many activities are updated frequently, including daily cartoons and a new game every week.

  • Room 108
    Room 108 is an educational activity center for kids. The kids stories make this site unique. The stories have sound and animation. There is lots of fun for children but all with an educational focus.

  • Sandbox Cliff Luger
    Hang on tight as Sandbox.com takes you on a street luge course down the side of a mountain. Watch out for the turns, it's a long way down!

  • Scavenger Hunt Game
    In Scavenger Hunt, you will play a game. In the game, you will get a list of special things from around the world. Then you will take a trip around the world to find the things on your list.

  • Scooby-Doo.com
    Official site with video information, games and free web cards.

  • See and shape the Alien
    Kids will really like this one - use your mouse to reconfigure an alien being.

  • See It Saw It
    A comedy series about a King and his jovial jesters See and Saw who live in the kingdom of Much Jollity-On-The-Mirth.

  • Sesame Street Central By Children's Television Network
    The Workshop will delight Sesame Street fans of all ages. Sesame Street Muppets star in many of the online activities. Everyone will get a kick out of tickling Elmo (virtually) or sending Ernie E-mail at the Sesame Street Post Office

  • Shadowlands Ghost Page
    True ghost stories and a directory of haunted places, plus ghost sounds and pictures. This site is aimed at general readership, and may contain material disturbing to younger children.

  • ShooZoo Fun Site for Kids
    The ShooZoo is a fun site for kids to come and play. The ShooZoo is full of baby animals who have found a home in different shoes. Shockwave online games! Activities to do offline! Links to other sites! The ShooZoo is suitable for kids ages 3 to 10.

  • Smile-A-Day World - Kids Corner
    Kids Corner with Humpty Dumpty, Eency Weency Spider, I'm A Little Teapot and Happy Birthday.

  • Smiley for Babies
    Happy Babies are Smiley Babies. Fun activities and an online baby book from SmileyForBabies.com, a fun, stimulating place for babies and parents!">

  • SodaConstructor
    See what you can build with this online toy where you can build and play with things made out of masses, springs and muscles.

  • Sound Site
    Close your eyes, open your ears, and explore the world of sound!

  • Squiglys Playhouse
    Squigly's Playhouse is a fun and safe place for kids to play and learn.

  • Strawberry Macaw's Puzzle Page
    Take turns eating crackers, and try to leave the last poison one for Strawberry Macaw...plus other puzzle games.

  • Teaching Healthy Eating
    An appealing character named Chef Combo guides pre-school and kindergarten students as they explore the basic concepts of the Daily Food Guide Pyramid and begin to understand and develop healthy eating habits.

  • Terri-Bear Caverns
    Terri-Bear Caverns - A Fun Interactive Web site for Kids and Family Friendly Content!

  • The Adventures of Herman
    The Autobiography of Aquirmin Herman the Worm.

  • The Arcade (Ringling Brothers)
    Create a clown, play trampoline basketball - kid fun site at Ringling Brothers Circus.

  • The Bubblesphere
    Visit the "bubblesphere" for bubble information that'll blow you away! Professor Bubbles shows you how to make bubbles with your bare hands, and dishes out the history of suds. Try to burst the computer's luck in a fun game of Tic Tac Bubble!

  • The Doo Zone
    Homepage with Scooby Doo pictures, voice talents, characters, history, episode guide and a Mad-Lib style online story maker

  • The Funkee Bunch
    A fun, interactive musical experience featuring an animated "monkee band".

  • The Idea Box
    Early childhood education and activity resource. Crafts for little hands, finger plays, recipes,games and on stories are just a few of the ideas found here.

  • Theodoretug Boat
    The official site of Theodore Tugboat, the world's friendliest tugboat, and his friends from the Big Harbour. Features interactive stories, activity sheets to print, games, a Java, coloring book with sound effects, and a media literacy guide.

  • The Pencil Pages
    Fun website that includes everything you need to know about pencils: their history, how they are made, trivia, and fun gams to try.

  • The Wise Owl
    Sometimes the learning process can be a bit dull. That's where The Wise Owl comes in. Our motto is where "Learning and Fun Come Together" - and we mean it. The Wise Owl has some of the coolest games and toys around. And you usually can't find these in any regular stores. And you know what the greatest thing is about these games and toys are??? They're educational!!! FREE Teacher and Parent Advice resource called section called "AskThe Wise Owl". Get free help on picking educationalresources for their classroom and/or homeschooling.

  • The Zone
    Age range varies, but this MSN site offers dozens of slick online games. FUN!

  • Things For Kids
    Feel like doing a puzzle, coloring a pictures, play a game? How about reading a story? You can find a link to do just that right here.

  • Thunk.com
    Thunk.com provides kids with unique web-based entertainment that is fun, educational and safe.

  • Top 20 Kids Sites
    Top20Kids.com - A Guide for Kids to Fun, Games, Art, Books, Stories, TV, Movies, Music, Internet, Sports and More.

  • Totally Wic-kid
    Games, puzzles, and creative interactive fun for cool kids who like to travel by airplane.

  • Twotoads.com
    Free filtered email for kids 5-14. Teaches kids the proper use of email and protects them from pornography and profanity. This email is being used by schools across the U.S. to promote good email writing habits. There are also games, contests, writing contests, polls and more. Hop right in and join the fun!

  • UK Children Directory
    We are a comprehensive directory of web sites for children's services and activities throughout the UK.

  • UKFavourites for Kids
    UKFavourites for Kids provides all the best web sites for you if you are aged between 3 and 14.

  • Vicki Fox Page
    Foxes, Skunks, Wildlife, Animation, Funny animal Puppets, Vicki puppet, Liska puppet, and Puppet resources.

  • Viki Mouse
    Virtual Pets, Adventure Games, Clipart, interactive adventures, web graphics, fun for kids.

  • Watership Down Kids Zone
    Watership Down cartoon friends are here for fun and games, competitions, and show updates. Come join the fun!

  • Weberley's Island
    Animated village of Weberley and discover hidden games and activites.

  • Welcome to Bamdad's Math Comics Page.
    This is a collection of some math related comics and cartoons.

  • Welcome to Faces 2!
    Kids can use this site to create funny faces of famous people.

  • Wicked4Kids
    Lots of fun things to do - games, crafts, cooking, puzzles, quizzes. Great fun.

  • Wild Republic Games
    Come out onto the first branch of our interactive tree. You'll find all kinds of fun! This branch is free and open to everyone -- gibbons, tamarins, even you!

  • Willy Wonka Candy Factory
    Full of fun games, activities, screen savers, and other cool Wonkanized stuff. Some games require Shockwave.

  • Winnie the Pooh
    Winnie the Pooh games, downloadable pictures and sounds, information, lyrics, a movie review, and much more!

  • Winnie the Pooh and An Expotition
    This map of 100-Aker Wood, along with the fictional characters Winnie-the-Pooh, Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo, and Christopher Robin, are based on the original works of A. A. Milne and Ernest H. Shepard.

  • Young Kids Games
    A wide range of games with educational value for kids.

  • You Rule School
    You found it...the internet school where kids rule! The only site with totally fun games featuring Lucky Charms, Trix, Cheerios and Fruit Roll Ups. There's nothing to study - just tons of fun stuff to do!

  • Zany Fun Australia
    The zaniest site on the net! Fun and games, safe for kids, G-rated.

  • Zeeks.com
    Zeeks.com is a safe haven for kids, with games, web design tools, a search engine, and personal calendars, all designed for kids. Parents can download ZeekSafe, free web filtering software!

  • ZParadise
    A fun and inspiring paradise where kids of all ages can play, learn, and feel loved.

The following links are in Dutch

  • Lil' Fingers
    Lil' Fingers storybooks is a computer storybook site for toddlers. Parents and children are encouraged to click from page to page reading and looking at colorful drawings (some of them even move!)."

  • Pixel Kids
    Jede Menge Fun findest du bei den Pixelkids: Auf ihrer Insel warten die Pixelkids auf deinen Besuch. Vom Forum bis zu Spielen gibt es alles, was das Herz begehrt. Schau einfach mal vorbei!

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