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The following links are in English

  • The Nature Pavilion Gift Shop
    This site is a nature and educational gift shop. We offer great nature books for all ages. Nature videos, and nature toys. Games such as Star Theatre, Tyrannosaurus Rex Build & sculpt creative kit, Butterfly Play pack and rubber snakes. Don't forget the "buzzerks". Our best seller!!! Over 400 items in stock. Stop by for a visit!

  • AgriKids
    Agrikids site is dedicated to education of kids in agriculture everywhere.

  • All About Butterflies
    All About Butterflies is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about butterflies It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension.

  • All About Rain Forests
    Kid-oriented information about rain forests from Enchanted Learning.

  • All About Wetlands
    Kid-friendly facts about wetlands.

  • Animals and other creatures from the Oakland Zoo
    The Oakland zoo site has a lot of activities and lessons for children, parents and teachers.

  • Animals/Reptiles, etc.
    Brief facts about all types of animals, birds, reptiles, snakes, etc.

  • Art and Nature Fun for Kids
    These art and nature activities are created by Kathy Delisle, an artist/naturalist and occasional teacher - great for kids.

  • Ask A Geologist
    Do you have a question about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, rocks, maps, ground water, lakes, or rivers? You can email earth science questions to:Ask A Geologist

  • Ask Dr. Universe
    Questions and answers about the natural world (do frogs sleep?).

  • A Thousand Friends of Frogs
    A Thousand Friends of Frogs connects K-12 students, educators, families, and scientists from Minnesota and beyond to study and celebrate frogs and their habitats.

  • Becoming Human
    An extensive, information-rich online destination for paleoanthropology. The site includes an interactive documentary, educational exhibits, research tools, and the latest news from scientists across the globe.

  • Biology Corner
    The Biology Corner is a resource site for biology and science teachers. The Lesson Plans sections contains classroom activities, labs and worksheets, feel free to change any of these to suit your own classroom needs.

  • Canyonlands Field Institute
    We offer outdoor and environmental education adventures covering science, ecology and natural history through hiking and river trips, workshops, tours and a Graduate Residency Program in Environmental Education.

  • Children and Horticulture
    An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors.

  • Children Of The Earth
    A great place for kids who like science, ecology, nature, and outdoor activities.

  • Children's Environmental Activities
    The National Safety Council's Environmental Health Center conducts a variety of educational activities. The following pages are designed to help children learn about environmental safety and health issues.

  • Childrens Nature Institute
    The Children's Nature Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality and scope of education for young children through interactive experiences with nature, and to inspire a sense of respect and responsibility for the environment in children, their families and teachers.

  • Childrens Rainforest Canada
    The Children's Rainforest is a Canadian charity (n 0997965-59) whose mission is to work on specific educational and preservation programs in the tropics.

  • Cloud Forestalive.org
    Informartion about cloud forest of Central America and the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.

  • Coral Reef Animal Printouts - Enchanted Learning
    All about coral reefs from Enchanted Learning.

  • Create a Backyard Wetland
    This Earth Week 2000, create a backyard wetland to replace the important natural functions of wetlands that may have been lost when your community was developed. It will also temporarily store, filter, and clean runoff water from your roof and lawn.

  • Desert Animal Printouts - ZoomSchool
    All about the desert from Zoomschool.

  • Desert Life
    The Desert Environment What is a desert? How many deserts are in North America? Learn about the desert environment and the unique characteristics that define the beautiful arid and semi-arid landscapes of the American Southwest.

  • Digital Frog
    Resources and activities about frogs and their habitats.

  • Dragonfly
    Project Dragonfly is a joint venture of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), funded by a grant by the National Science Foundation, with the assistance of the Center for Human Development, Learning, and Teaching. Our primary mission is to provide a national voice for young investigators and the opportunity for them to interact with experienced researchers. Project Dragonfly includes the magazine Dragonfly, the Dragonfly Teacher's Companion, the Dragonfly Home Companion, and DragonflyNet, a family of computer services including an electronic mail list with which children can share their questions and observations with scientists and other children, and these Dragonfly World Wide Web pages.

  • Earth and Animal Facts
    An educational web site about earth ecology, plant and animal life, and wildlife.

  • Earthforce
    If you have ever felt the rumble of an earthquake or seen the eruption of a volcano, you've witnessed EARTHFORCE. For scientists, the word force is defined as a push or pull that causes a change in motion. EARTHFORCE, then, is the pushing and pulling in the core, crust, or water of the Earth that causes motion like eruptions, quakes, or floods.

  • Earth from Space
    Picture of our planet taken from the space shuttle.

  • Earthquakes
    A site from Great Britain - All you want to know about earthquakes.

  • Earthquakes for Kids
    Provides and apply relevant earthquake science information and knowledge for reducing deaths, injuries, and property damage from earthquakes through understanding of their characteristics and effects and by providing the information and knowledge needed to mitigate these losses.

  • Earth Science Explorer
    Information about the extinction of the dinosuars and the geological history of planet earth.

  • Earth Systems
    Information and activities about earth science presented in a fun fashion.

  • Ecosystems
    Most of us are confused when it comes to the words ecosystem and biome. What's the difference? There is a slight difference between the two words. An ecosystem is much smaller than a biome. Conversely, a biome can be thought of many similar ecosystems throughout the world grouped together.

  • Educational in Nature
    Fun activities and extras exploring nature and the environment.

  • EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
    Welcome to "EEK!" - brought to you by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This electronic magazine is for kids in grades 4-8. Surf around and learn more about the great outdoors.

  • Elements Environmental Magazine
    Children's games, stories, and adventures that focus on the environment. In English and French.

  • eNature
    Bring nature to your computer by exploring info and photos of almost any North American plant or animal.

  • EndangeredSpecie.com
    EndangeredSpecie.com is dedicated to providing all the best endangered species information, links, books, and publications regarding rare and endangered species. This site also includes information about conservation efforts and endangered species organizations that are dedicated to saving and preserving the world's most endangered wildlife and plant life.

  • Environmental Education
    The National Wildlife Federation has been a leader in environmental education, reaching out to the communities where children and adults live, work and play. Explore NWF's educational pathways to understanding, appreciating and safeguarding the natural world.

  • Environment - KidsClick
    Lots of links to educational sites about the environment.

  • EPA Global Warming Kids Page
    Global warming is, the greenhouse effect, and the changes in climate and weather. Find out more information within the site.

  • E-Patrol
    E-patrol, educational and interesting site to learn about the environment.

  • Exploring the Environment
    Explore the environment activities for kids.

  • For Kids Only: Earth Science Enterprise
    Information about how NASA studies air, natural hazards including hurricanes, and land including continental drift and plate tectonics.

  • Garden and Flower Fun Activities
    Choose from Flower Clip Art, Flower Icons and more.

  • Geography for Kids
    Geography4Kids! The web site that teaches geography fundamentals to children and adults!

  • Gigglemoose.com
    Exploring and preserving nature with children, parents, and teachers. Includes articles, activities, teaching center, and an online Nature Learning Store!

  • Glaciers
    All about glaciers.

  • Grasshoppers and Crickets
    Iowa State University entomology resource shows the damage a grasshopper does on various corns

  • Harcourt Science
    Offers activities and resources by topic including updated Science news and video clips from CNN Turner Learning. In English or Spanish.

  • Hawaii Coral Reef Conservation Group
    The mission of the Hawai'i Coral Reef Network is to foster education and research on coral reefs by facilitating communication among the environmental, scientific, governmental, and public communities and to enhance the conservation of coral reefs through stewardship. Great info & images.

  • Infant Explorer
    Meet Sebastian, a swan from the U.K., and read his simple stories with photos and sound effects. They're about nature, the seasons, and animal friends, especially swans!

  • International Crane Foundation
    The International Crane Foundation (ICF) works worldwide to conserve cranes and the wetland and grasslands communities on which they depend. ICF is dedicated to providing experience, knowledge, and inspiration to involve people in resolving threats to these ecosystems. Cranes are a family of birds that have long been revered by people living near them. In Japan, the cranes are honored as symbols of long life and a happy marriage. In Viet Nam, cranes are believed to carry the souls of the dead to heaven. In North America, Africa, and Australia, native inhabitants have incorporated the crane's graceful movements into their own dances and regard cranes as auspicious symbols.

  • INTRODUCTION TO THE EARTH - Enchanted Learning
    All about planet earth from Enchanted Learning.

  • Journey into Amazonia
    Journey into Amazonia features the swollen rivers, flooded forests and dense canopy of the vast rain forest recognized as one of Earth's natural wonders.

  • Journey North
    Track Wildlife Migration and Spring's Journey North The journeys of a dozen migratory species are tracked each spring. Students share their own field observations with classrooms across the Hemisphere. In addition, students are linked with scientists who provide their expertise directly to the classroom.

  • Keeping Our Planet Green
    Lesson Plans, Activities & Resources about environmental issues.

  • Kid's Ark
    Kids Ark - a cyber space station for kids. Join us in our mission to find and gather material about the world - animals, folktales, puzzles, pictures and monsters.

  • Kids' Corner - Rainforest
    A tropical rainforest consists of three layers of life: the canopy, the understory and the forest floor. The canopy is the treetops (160-220 feet tall!) which make up the rainforest's green ceiling.

  • Kids Dig Reed
    Have a "moo"velous time at this cool archaeological site located in West Virginia. It's filled with games, puzzles, and a virtual tour of the grounds

  • Kids For Canada
    Let's learn a little bit more about Canada! Check out some of these interesting facts!

  • Kids for Saving Earth
    Kids for Saving Earth National Orginization. Educate,inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth's environment

    Rocks that glow, rock microscopes, lessons about groundwater - all for kids from the USGS.

  • Life of Birds
    A site to the PBS show by David Attenborough has information on bird songs, evolution, bird parenthood, and lots more.

  • Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page
    A primary focus of volcanology is to provide scientific and educational information that can lead to hazard mitigation. Michigan Tech's Volcanoes Page aims to provide information about volcanoes to the public. Amongst these pages you will find information about current global volcanic activity, research in remote sensing of volcanoes and their eruptive products, hazard mitigation, "Decade Volcanoes", links to government agencies and research institutions, and even some volcano humor.

  • Minerals By Class
    Useful, colorful facts and information about the world of minerals.

  • M. Trubble: Mission to Earth
    Environmental games for kids - from the EPA.

  • Mystic Rain Forests
    Help see the balance in nature. Educate yourself about plants and animals of the rainforests in the RainForest Garden

  • Nancy 4 Caves (earth science)
    This is the cave series used to create IMAX films - just great images of frozen, wet, and desert caves!

  • National Earthquake Information Center
    Where do you think the largest earthquakes in the United States have occurred? Questions similar to this one may be answered at this site.

  • National Earthquake Information Center
    The U.S. government's earthquake information site.

  • National Wildlife Federation
    The Kids Page features articles in English and Spanish from Ranger Rick, the environmental magazine for children; a homework help section; and briefings on issues such as the wetlands, endangered animals, water quality and more.

  • Natural History Notebooks
    In our Natural History Notebooks you'll find lots of fascinating facts about 246 animal species. You'll also learn about the amazing diversity of life on earth (both past and present), and why it's important to protect that diversity.

  • Nature Crafts for Kids at Danielle's Place
    Original and inexpensive nature craft ideas for your children. Directions on how to make a sea shell paper weight and leaf and flower print bandannas from real leaves and flowers. Great crafts for scouts!

  • NatureWatch
    The NatureWatch program is for people to experience wildlife, fish, and flowers in their natural settings; to promote recreational viewing opportunities, facilitate learning about the environment, and to promote conservation efforts and wise use of natural resources.

  • Ocean Animals
    These animals inhabit oceans. Some can be found all over the world, others can only be found in certain parts of the world.

  • Oceans Alive
    The oceans are alive! Our planet, mostly covered by water, is filled with movement and life. Learn all about our global seas in Oceans ALIVE!

  • On The Prairie
    Kids can visit this site to learn about prairie ecology. Among other activites, they can play the prairie restoration game, find out how to build a prairie, view live broadcasts and read a Field Guide to the Prairie. From the University of Minnesota.

  • Power Posse
    Activities designed to teach young kids about energy/environmental issues.

  • Rabaul Caldera, Papua New Guinea - Volcano
    Information concerning the ongoing eruption at Rabaul Caldera, Papua New Guinea. Reports, images, animations from Michigan Technological University

  • Rainforest Alliance
    The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests for the benefit of the global community. Our mission is to develop and promote economically viable and socially desirable alternatives to the destruction of this endangered, biologically diverse natural resource.

  • Rainforest (Auckland Zoo)
    Everything about rainforests - especially for young kids.

  • RainforestEducation.com
    Find scads of pics and information about of the rainforests of the Americas. Interactive, multimedia pages equal learning fun.

  • Rain Forest Lesson Plans & Simulations
    Over 200 teachers, many of them funded by the Dodge Foundation, have developed units, lessons, and activities based on the rain forest. The selection below represents only a sampling of the many creative classroom applications submitted by Earthwatch Teacher Fellows.

    Basic teaching lessons about rainforests for kids.

  • RainForest Web
    Rainforestweb.org as an information and campaign tool is its participatory design that encourages users to quickly add new resources, alerts and other postings to the site.

  • Rare Species Conservatory: Stuff to Do
    Go CRAZY with these great games, downloads and projects! You're at the right place for stuff to color, cool creations, and games to play! (all with a nature/conservation theme)

  • Real Trees 4 Kids
    Real Trees 4 Kids! was created to highlight the process of growing and harvesting Real Trees. By interacting with these pages, you will learn that Real Trees provide us with much more than traditions and memories.

  • Recycling Lesson Plans
    Lesson plans about recycling for young kids.

    RiverResource encourages the study of all aspects of rivers: their present, past, and future; their social and natural history; their ecology, folklore and legends; their music, literature, and art. And lots more.

  • Royal Ontario Museum - Fun Stuff
    This fantastic site has lots of great activities for kids in areas like archeology, fossils, cuneiform, and more. You can even make your own mummy!

  • ScienceBob.com
    meet Bob, find cool experiments, get answers to your questions, and find sites about the science topic of your choice.

  • Science in the Rainforest
    All about rainforests.

  • Science Made Simple
    Get clear, detailed answers to common science questions.

  • Science - Primary Games
    This site contains educational science games for elementary students. Games will be added throughout the year.

  • Sighting the First Sense Seeing is Believing
    The goal of this site is to provide a breadth of continually growing information related to sight within a simple, fun, and interactive environment.

  • Slim Goodbody
    Educating children about their bodies and how to care for them.

  • South Pole Adventure Web Page
    get the latest weather reports, read answers to questions or ask your own, do experiments, or even submit your own experiment to be performed at the South Pole!

  • Soy for Kids
    Soy science, education and fun activities for children plus soy resources for parents and teachers.

  • Strange Science
    Ever wonder how people figured out there used to be such things as dinosaurs? Curious about how scientists learned to reconstruct fossil skeletons? The knowledge we take for granted today was slow in coming, and along the way, scientists and scholars had some weird ideas. This Web site shows some of their mistakes, provides a timeline of events, gives biographies of a few of the people who have gotten us where we are today, and lists resources you can use to learn more

  • "The Living Edens"
    From Reader's Digest World and PBS links to information about the world's "Living Edens" (i.e. natural-beauty world locations).

  • The Mineral Gallery
    The Mineral Gallery is a constantly growing collection of mineral descriptions, images, and specimens (see our new specimens last updated 25-Sep-2000, and What's New last updated 30-Apr-2000), together with several ways of accessing these descriptions. The descriptions include searchable mineralogical data, plus other information of interest to students and rock hounds!

  • The Mosquitoes
    Mosquitoes are blood sucking insects that are responsible for the transmission of many diseases throughout the human and animal populations of the world.

  • The Ocean Adventure
    Marine science school assembly programs and interactive, underwater Internet expeditions.

  • The Ocean - A to Z Kids Stuff
    Ocean-oriented learning/fun activities for pre-school age kids.

  • The Peregrine Fund
    Welcome to The Peregrine Fund, an organization founded in 1970 by Tom Cade who was then a Professor of Ornithology at Cornell University. The Peregrine Fund developed naturally from the shared concern of students and associates that the Peregrine Falcon might go extinct in the wild if nothing was done. Our initial work was to learn how to breed falcons in captivity, with the idea the young could be released in the wild to re-establish the Peregrine in the eastern United States where it was already gone and to bolster the greatly diminished western populations.

  • The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group
    The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group (SCPBRG) was formed in 1975 to restore an endangered peregrine falcon population in California. We have become a resource to agency biologists, industry, and university researchers who require our expertise with problem solving and management of avian species, especially raptors.

  • The Treehouse
    A kidsafe and interactive site where you can explore & learn about the creatures and plants in your own backyard.

  • Toxic Waste River Rafting Game!
    We all need to work hard to keep our earth as clean and safe as possible. Such efforts are important not only to "save the planet," but also to reduce the risks to human and animal life resulting from exposure to environmental health hazards. Keeping our waters clean and pure (and drinkable!) is very important. Take a tube ride down a "toxic waste" river and see how long you can avoid the hazards - from thre NIEH.

  • Vernal Pools
    VernalPools.Org - dedicated to saving California's vernal pool landscapes. A collection of information and resources pertaining to California vernal pools.

  • Volcano Lovers
    Lots of cool pictures and useful information about volcanoes.

  • Welcome to the Frogwatch - Ontario website!
    By participating in this programme you will help to increase our knowledge of frogs and toads in Ontario. Frogs and toads are a part of local biodiversity - the amazing variety of life around us. Conserving biodiversity is essential to the health of the planet and the welfare of humankind. Changes in frog and toad populations may be good indicators of changes in the wetland environments that sustain them. This is because they live "on the edge" between water and land, and are very sensitive to pollution and habitat alterations.

  • Wetlands Restoration
    Create a wetland in a pan and see how wetlands clean water.

  • WhaleNet
    Welcome to WhaleNet's interactive educational web site which focuses on whales and marine research.

  • What Is A Grassland?
    Pictures, facts and lots of neat stuff about grasslands.

  • Who Zoo
    Info and facts animals, mammals, and other creatures.

  • Windows To The Universe
    Our purpose is to develop a fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences. Windows to the Universe is graphics intensive! Entry options here lead to the Intermediate content level. Click 'Preference' once inside the site to change your view settings.

  • Wonderful Worms Webquest
    Today you will explore the wonderful world of the earthworm. Follow the links to answer questions and play games that will teach you about our friend, the earthworm.

  • Woodland Caribou and Nature
    Woodland Caribou is a threatened species in Alberta, Canada, different from the barrens herds in the north.

  • Young Naturalists' Page
    Pages to print and color or to colorize on your computer, of some of Florida's roadside plants and flowers...plus lots more for your budding naturalist.

  • Your Gross and Cool Body
    Find out all about the human body with Wendell the Worm, Yucky's Ace Reporter.

  • Yuckiest Site on the Internet
    Learn all about your gross and cool body, find out yucky things about bugs, take a survey, and more at this great site.

  • Zoom Rainforests - Enchanted Learning
    All about rain forests from Enchanted Learning.

The following links are in Dutch

  • Rare Species
    The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation (RSCF) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity through grass-roots conservation programs rooted in sound science.

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