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  • 50 years of Scouts on U.S. stamps
    This exhibit presents the 50 years of Scouts on U.S. stamps commemorating Scouting. Since 1907 when Scouting started in England, the slogan "do a good turn daily" has earned this movement recognition in the United States and around the world. The selfless deeds of countless Girl and Boy Scouts has been recognized repeatedly by over 100 countries in the form of commemorative stamps.

  • African-American Philatelic Experience
    This site is for anyone who is or may be interested in the collecting of African-American Philatelic material. I hope to inform and enlighten you through these pages.

  • American Philatelic Society -- Welcome to Stamp Collecting
    You can easily find everything for your stamp hobby by mail. Stamps, other philatelic material, catalogues, albums, and so on are easy to get by mail order. The philatelic press carries advertising for all of these hobby needs, and stamp shows in your area also will have dealers there.

  • America's 1999 Stamp Program: The Nature of America
    You'll find here full-color images of, and the stories behind, every stamp being issued by the United States Postal Service.

  • Antarctic Philatelic - Stamps
    Welcome to the Antarctic Philately Home Page. This site is dedicated to the stamps, postal history and heroic explorers of the great white continent and its surrounding islands.

  • Australian Flora on Postage Stamps
    These beautiful stamps are Australian Flowers from around the country. The gallery of stamps contain the issue date, the information on the publication, design and the type of flower present on that particular stamp.

    Really good photographs of various stamps that feature bats on them. List includes the country the stamp was issued in, and the name of the bat pictured.

  • Chess on Stamps
    A really interesting online gallery of stamps from around the world that have chess as a theme.

    A Web Site devoted to exhibits and articles on early Canadian Stamps.

  • Disney Stamps
    Stamps from countries around the world about Disney.

  • Dog Stamps
    Wonderful stamps of dogs from around the world.

  • Frog Stamps of the World
    If you like frogs and you like stamps this is the site for you - frog stamp images from around the world.

    This is an introduction to the postage stamps of the Queen Victoria period of Great Britain, 1840-1901. It is my hope that the following provides viewers with general information covering the line-engraved and surface printed issues of Queen Victoria's reign.

  • Imagebase of U.S. Stamps Before 1995
    A searchable image database of all U.S. stamps issued before 1995.

  • Junior Philatelists* on the Internet
    This page is for all beginners in stamp collecting. You're never too young or too old to get started and this is your home page. *"Stamp collector" or Philatelist"? Some people think a "philatelist" (fl-LAT-un-list) means someone who is an expert at "stamp collecting." That's not true! But one advantage of using the word "philately" (fl-LAT-un-lee) is that it includes all areas of the hobby -- not just stamps -- such as postal markings, postal history, postal stationery, and the postal items from the time before there were stamps, such as folded letters.

  • Kid Stamp Fun
    The APS attempts to promote stamp collecting to youth. We do this by answering questions and correspondence, helping to staff youth areas at certain shows, and providing resources and ideas to leaders of youth clubs.

  • Museum of United States Essays and Proofs
    The Museum of United States Essays & Proofs is dedicated to the study and appreciation of the artistry in early U.S. postage and revenue stamp design, as seen through the actual handiwork of the designers and engravers.

  • SCV Stamps: Beginner's Corner
    You have just found a box full of stamps, or some loose stamps in an envelope, and you would like to know how much they're worth. First, I must point out that there are over a half million different stamps out there. So, there is no very simple rule for finding the prices of them.

    STAMP collecting is an ideal hobby for people of all ages, educational and social backgrounds - income and academic attainment being less important than enthusiasm and commitment. Most people begin by saving interesting stamps from their mail, adding others cadged from friends. With about 10,000 new stamps issued each year by more than 200 countries, it is almost impossible to maintain a worthwhile world collection, so most collectors concentrate on a few countries or select themes such as animals, birds, railways or sport.

  • Skap's Bug Stamps
    Welcome to BUGSTAMPS.COM You are here at the beginning of an ambitious project to create and maintain a definitive on-line reference collection of the insect related postage stamps as well as some virtual exhibits of subsets of the collection.

  • Space & Astronomy Stamps
    The history of astronomy & space flight as depicted on postage of the world.

  • Stamp Collecting
    A wise friend of the family once told me "Collecting is great for kids." And despite its apparent decline as hobby for young people, it still is a great way to combine geography, armchair travel, history, and own's one personal view of world into a single pastime.

    Stamps come in all shapes, sizes and colors; can depict historical figures or events; celebrate a person, idea or event or they can be representations of art. Most countries issue their own stamps, but belong to an international postal union. This is why there are similarities among all postage stamps, which makes collecting worldwide stamps extremely fun.

  • Stamp Collecting Basics
    To outline all of the facets and sidelines of stamp collecting is much like trying to define outer space. Each has almost limitless boundaries. While this document will explore the more common philatelic pursuits, the possibilities are by no means complete. They can never be complete, because collecting stamps and related material defies full annotation.

  • Stamp Collecting for Beginners
    These pages are intended for those web surfers who would like to know more about stamp collecting.

  • Stamp Collecting for Kids
    Stamps on envelopes can become part of your collection! First, cut the envelopes that the stamps are on. Leave just a little paper around each stamp. BE CAREFUL TO NOT CUT THE STAMPS! HINT: Do not use any stamps on red (or other dark) envelopes. (Your stamps might get colored by the paper!)

  • Stamp Collecting for Kids
    Kids can save or collect lots of things, like sports cards, coins, dolls, action figures, rock group posters, and postage stamps. Stamps that you can buy at the Post Office and that are used on letters and parcels are both pretty and interesting. And they can be lot's cheaper than saving some things, like cars!!

  • Stamp Collecting - learn more & improve your collection
    Welcome to the Home of Stamp Collecting Whatever you're looking for, find it here at the click of a button. Stanley Gibbons are the world's oldest stamp dealers. Our name is your guarantee of quality.

  • Stamp for Beginners and Philatelic Collectors
    Stamp & Letters Collecting is one of the Oldest & World Embracing Hobbies. Learn about a COUNTRY or your HOME TOWN, It's history, geography & politics while having fun.

  • Stamp Quest
    An interactive website for stamp collectors aged 8-14, complete with stamp and club membership information, games, and activities.

  • Stamps 4 Kids
    The study and collecting of stamps and other postal material.

  • Stamps On-line
    Welcome to StampsOnline, featuring the latest stamp and stamp collectibles from the U.S. Postal Service.

  • The Beginner's guide to Stamp Collecting
    There are too many ways to collect stamps to explain them all. If you have 100 collectors in a room they will probably all tell you a different way. Let me try to suggest some approaches and relate these approaches to the method to use my services to add to your collection.

  • The History of Stamps
    The first official central royal mail office was opened in England 1516. Nearly 300 years later Sir Rowland Hill suggested 1835 that letters until the weight of a half english ounze (14.5 g) should be carried for a uniform fee of 1 Penny. The receiver had no longer to pay the postage fee, but the sender.

  • Trinidad and Tobago Philatelic Page
    This site seeks to encourage collectors of Trinidad and Tobago stamps and postal history, primarily as a means of learning about the history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Virtual Stamp
    Virtual Stamp Club - The best news, information and discussion about stamp collecting and philately on the Web.

  • Welcome to Stamp Collecting - Just For Kids
    Through STAMP COLLECTING you can venture back in time to the Old West, rocket into outerspace, sail the open seas with the explorers, meet famous people, or learn about customs, history, landmarks, animals, or plants from around the world. It is a wonderful hobby that reflects your interest, does not need to cost a lot of money, and most of all is FUN!

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