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  • Australian Seashells
    Welcome to one of the world's largest suppliers of quality Australian and world wide specimen seashells. We have been collecting, buying and selling quality marine shells and molluscs since 1970.

  • Collector's Connection - Sea Shells
    This is a fairly new category and we will be adding more shells in the weeks ahead. Shell collecting, known as Conchology is growing in popularity and one of the more educational collecting hobbies.

  • Conch-Net
    If you think shells are beautiful and would like to know more about them, If you are interested in our natural world and some of the intriguing creatures that inhabit it, If you'd like to learn about caring for the environment, our oceans, streams and woodlands. . . If you've always loved the sea, Then Conch-Net is for you!

  • Information on sea shells collecting and preserving
    The sea holds a fascination for people from all walks of life and spanning many generations. There is a wide variety of activities you can enjoy doing around the sea from fishing, surfing, snorkeling and swimming. Collecting and preserving sea shells is a fun activity to remind you of the sea and can be used for a wide variety or crafts and home decorating as well.

    Challenge. . .information. . .friendships. . .and just plain fun are part of "the World's Most Popular Hobby," stamp collecting! For more than 150 years, stamp collecting has been the hobby of choice of royalty, movie stars, sports celebrities, kings, presidents, and hundreds of thousands of other people. Why do so many different types of people like stamps? One reason is the hobby of stamp collecting suits almost anybody - it's very personal.

  • Sea Shell City
    For the unusual in sea shells, sea shell gifts and nautical decor, check out our online catalog ... shells for decorating, crafts or collecting, sand dollars, sea shell lamps, starfish, corals, novelties, metal detectors, old lighthouse photos and more.

    By exchanging our local sea shells with one another, we can virtually open "ALL" of the worlds beaches to our love and passion......SEA SHELL COLLECTING!

  • Seashells
    This site is devoted to the answering of all your questions you might have about seashells, beachcombing, cleaning seashells, preserving sealife, identifying your seashells, and more.

  • Sea Shell Shop in Rehoboth Beach
    Sea Shells hold such precious gifts, As you walk in the sand beside the sea, From shells in our shop we create for you, Treasured Memories"

  • Shell Exchange
    Some really great photos of seashells plus information about collecting.

  • Shells & Conchology
    Links, articles, information about seashells and collecting from Shells & Conchology.

  • Southwest Florida Sea Shells
    Collecting shells is a favorite pastime for visitors on holiday. Here in Southwest Florida, to their delight, we find shells washed up in greater abundance than anywhere else in the continental U.S. In time, Sanibel Island gained a reputation for its shell-carpeted beaches, and Sheller's arrived from around the world.

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