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  • Accent Rare Coins
    Rare coin collecting site for 2001 coins, old rare coins, gold bullion coins, world coins, precious metals & more at Accent Rare Coins.

  • Banknotes.com
    Banknotes.com - Your Source of World Paper Money, Bank Notes & Currency.

  • Canadian Coin Reference Site
    Welcome to The Canadian Coin Reference Site! The ultimate online resource for Canadian numismatic enthusiasts. Utilizing the new Internet medium, the producer has tried to expose important numismatic reference material in an organized, interactive, and fun manner.

  • Coinage of Baltic Countries
    The historical overview of coins, minted or used in Baltic countries since 13th century.

  • Coin Club
    Get current coin collecting information on rare coins, prices, auctions, free classifieds, coin clubs, shows, rare gold, and numismatics.

  • Coin Collecting
    The Hobby of Kings. A coin collecting page with very useful coin collecting FAQ's and links to help out the novice to the expert coin collector.

  • Coin Collecting FAQ
    This FAQ addresses a few of the most commonly asked questions about coin collecting. It is intended only as an introduction to the hobby. Years of research and even entire careers have been devoted to in depth study of specialized topics, and many detailed reference works have been published (a few are listed in Part 2). While some of the material is applicable to other numismatic collectibles, the emphasis here is on coins. In some cases, more complete information is provided for U.S. coins.

  • Coin Collecting for Everyone
    Information about coins and collecting, including numismatic facts, educational resources, and a discussion room.

  • CoinFacts.com
    Free information on United States Coins, including pricing, rarity, and historical information.

  • Coin Gallery
    This site contains visual images of a selection of coins from around the world.

  • Coin Gallery Online
    Welcome to one of the Best Coin Collecting Guides for Ancient, U.S. and World coins. We provide you with easy access to rare coin dealers, collecting supplies, books & periodicals, major coin shows, auctions, mints, articles, exhibits, and more.

  • CoinSite
    Ask the Coin Doctor, FAQ's...lots of coin collecting information.

  • Coin Universe
    Starting point for coin collecting and numismatics on the Internet. Up-to-date prices and information on all aspects of numismatic collectibles.

  • Collecting Coins as a Hobby
    The hobby of collecting coins has been known since ancient times. The Romans used to collect Greek money and their own older coins. Coin collecting may have different motives. Coins can be collected because of their material value and as a financial reserve, as old curiosities or as works of art.

  • Collecting Coins - www.bangalorebest.com
    Coin collectors add to their archives even manuscripts which are hundreds of years old in a language which only the archeologists know, a roll of paper which the British used to print notes, old clocks, metal lock, ancient measurements, paintings, coins of all ages, all types, different sizes and different shapes.

  • H.I.P. Pocket Change
    The H.I.P. Pocket Change (HPC) Web site was launched in July 1999 by the U.S. Mint. HPC is designed to be a fun, educational tool -- for students and teachers -- that generates interest in coins, the Mint, and U.S. history.

  • H.I.P. Pocket Change
    HPC is designed to be a fun, educational tool -- for students and teachers -- that generates interest in coins, the Mint, and U.S. history.

  • How to Grade U.S. Coins
    How to Grade U.S. Coins is an important and necessary piece required to solve the great grading puzzle.

  • Images of U.S. Type Coins
    Virtual type collection of US coins.

  • Jersey Coins and Banknotes
    These pages are provided for information about Jersey coins and banknotes for numismatists, collectors, and others who have an interest in the currency of the States of Jersey.

  • Money Museum
    A great site for information about currency, coins, collecting and the history of money.

  • Numismatica
    This site is dedicated to providing information about numismatics, the study and collecting of coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and other similar objects. Numismatica brings you an extensive selection of numismatic FAQs, glossaries, biographies, news, articles, stories, reviews, trivia, humor, and references.

  • On the Origins of Coinage
    I have been collecting coins for only three years. With a Randian interest in first principles, I was immediately attracted to the origins of coinage. I found many theories. I summarized my findings for the MSNS Mich-Matist (Winter 1994) and the Seaby Classical Numismatic Review (Summer 1994). Kerry Wetterstrom of CNG pointed me to new material on the subject. My library of choice is Michigan State.

  • Rare coins - Gold, Silver & Platinum
    Accent Rare Coins & Gold Coins, serving rare coin collectors since 1991 with the finest quality U.S. rare coins, silver dollars, and world gold coins.

  • Surfing the Net with Kids Paper Money Sites
    Kids, teachers, and families, this guide recommends web pages about currency collecting and the history of money.

  • The American Numismatic Association
    This is a state by state listing of AMERICAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION Club members.

  • The Working Man's Rare Coins
    Specializing in United States Silver Coins ... Hundreds of coins listed with images ... coin show schedule ... numismatic information ... find what you've been looking for.

  • The Working Man's Rare Coins
    My favorite coins are Walking Liberty Half Dollars and Morgan Dollars. I also like Mercury Dimes and Barber & Seated Liberty coins. I have some kind of inventory in almost every type of silver coin made by the U.S. Mint. If there's something you want that I don't have, let me know. I have many sources I can tap to help you find it.

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