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The following links are in English

  • The Home of Dandy Ppets
    Delightful, responsive animal marionettes designed to bring creative and imaginative play to young children.

  • Activities and Crafts Penguins
    Penguin activities, crafts ideas, and games to cure the winter blues.

  • Adopt a Rainforest Animal
    : "While we can't offer you live animals - we have animated gifs that can live happily on your web pages. These animals come from Soleil Software's Zurk's Rainforest Lab."

  • Agriculture for Kids
    Take an agriculture quiz, print out some coloring pages, or learn fun facts from the farm.

  • ALL ABOUT BIRDS - Enchanted Learning
    All about birds from Enchanted Learning.

  • All about ducks for kids
    Facts and related activities about ducks, songs, free worksheets, internet lessons, cliparts for kids.

  • All about lobsters
    From the Gulf of Maine Aquarium, all there is to know about lobsters.

  • All About Mammals
    From Zoom School, a whole lot of fun facts about mammals.

  • All Animals
    All Animals is the place to find animal information, breeders, fiber, feed, tack and accessories, services and gifts.

  • American Zoo and Aquarium Association - Felid Taxon Advisory Group
    Facts sheets and conservation data for endangered and threatened Cats around the world. The student section contains fact sheets appropriate for elementary and middle school students as well as photographs.

  • Animal Channel
    Animal channel - Streaming media on animal news, pet minutes, wild neighbors and pet care, weather center.

  • Animal Crafts at Danielle's Place
    Original and inexpensive animal crafts for children. You will find lots of free animal craft patterns that are great to use with large groups of children. Patterns include snakes, monkies, elephants, sheep, birds, lions, turtles, cows, and turkies

  • Animal Diversity Web
    An online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology

  • Animal Nation
    Welcome to Animal Nation, a weekly newspaper graphic about animals.

  • Animal Printouts - Enchanted Learning
    In addition to printing the animals, you can copy a printout (click here for instructions) and paste it into a painting program (like Paint) and color the animal there.

  • Animals, Dead or Alive
    Alive or extinct. Links to private as well as educational pages. From universities, zoo's or animal lovers.

  • Animal Sites for Children
    Animals Dinosaurs Facts and fun stuff about dinosaurs. Acme Pet Articles, jokes, tips and links to other sites about pets.

  • Animals - KidsClick
    Lots of links to educational sites about animals.

  • Animal Trivia
    Test your knowledge of animals with this trivia game!

  • Animal Walks
    With each picture, talk about the animal, where they live, and how they move. Demonstrate. Have the players stand up and move like the animal. Allow animal noises to help their concentration on the animal.

  • Arctic animals - Enchanted Learning
    Lots of pictures and facts about animals of Antarctica.

  • Arctic Polar Pairs
    Play this matching game and learn about Arctic animals and their habitats.

  • Austin's Animal Sounds
    Use your ears! Listen carefully to find out which animals are here.

  • Bat Page Game Room
    Fun games to play while you learn more about bats.

  • Bats, bats everywhere!
    Welcome to this special website about bats, designed for all children, and created with the hope you will like, respect and help protect these endangered species. We want you to have fun learning all about this very unique and helpful animal, so please come visit the site often.

  • Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den
    My name is Beartracker. I invite you to explore the world of tracking with me. I am interested in both animal and SAR (Search and Rescue) tracking. When you explore this site, you will find information on animals and their tracks. I have also included links to my favorite tracking sites. As you follow the links below, you will find pictures of animal tracks and drawings. In addition to animal tracks, you will find pictures of the animals themselves and natural history information for each species.

  • Big Cats Online
    Big Cats Online offers both a general and more detailed introduction to the various species of cat living in the wild today. It not only covers the 'Big Cats' - Leopard, Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, Cheetah and Puma, but also introduces all of the lesser known 'Wild Cat' species.

  • Birds - Net Vet
    Lots of pet links and info about birds.

  • Black-tailed Prairie Dog
    A close cousin of the ground squirrel, the Black-tailed Prairie Dog is a heavy-bodied rodent with a black-tipped tail. Prairie dogs have large eyes, short tails and a brownish-tan pelage.

  • Breeds of Sheep
    Information about some rare breeds of sheep.

  • Bunny Behavior
    A rabbit's best developed sensory organ is its nose. Wild rabbits recognize each other outdoors by their smell. Rabbits recognize their human partners by the scent of their hands.

  • Cats - National Geographic
    Lots of basic information about cats with illustrations.

  • Cavies Galore
    Cavies Galore is a guinea pig gaming site.

  • Coral Reef Fishes
    Of all the creatures dwelling on coral reefs, none are more active or obvious than the fishes. Perhaps more than any other single component of the reef communities, fishes provide the best opportunity to observe essential features of reef ecology. ...

  • Critters
    This is where you will find out about all of the animals, bugs, pets, and fish. From the tiniest bug to the largest mammal, and everything in between Critters hopes to cover it all.

  • Daring Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax)
    The daring jumping spider is common along the entire East Coast to the Rockies and is most often spotted on trees.

  • DebMark Rabbit Education Resource
    The purpose of this web site is to educate you about raising rabbits. You may learn the basics or go into whatever depth you want to. I'll do my best to keep this site as informative as possible.

  • Desert Animals
    Learn all about animals that live in desserts.

  • DLTK's Animal Activities
    Free printable templates and instructions for animal crafts, coloring pages, and jigsaw puzzles.

  • Earthwave Society
    Public television documentaries on video relating to fish, wildlife, conservation and the environment. Very informative. (animals)

  • Elephants Trunk
    We are dedicated to informing and educating the world about these most wonderful creatures.

  • Endangered Bird Index
    From the Endangered Species Project - information about endangered birds.

  • Endangered Fish Index
    From the Endangered Species Project - information about endangered fishes.

  • Endangered Mammal Index
    From the Endangered Species Project - information about endangered mammals.

  • Endangered Species Project
    Photographs of selected endangered species by National Geographic photographers Susan Middleton and David Liittschwager.

  • ES2000 - Endangered Species of the Next Millennium
    Hi and welcome to Endangered Species 2000! Currently, there are over 24,000 species that are endangered or threatened by human activities. Unless we do something quickly, they will disappear forever. Without them, Earth's ecosystem may very well crumble. By endangering wildlife, we are endangering ourselves.

  • ExZooBerance
    Virtual Zoo, Animal Photo Gallery, Animal News, Animal Web Cams, Animal Quotes, Zoo and Aquarium Directory, Animal Web Sites

  • Farm Animals
    All of the activities on these pages are farm-related!

  • Farm Animals - Enchanted Learning
    Games, activities, information about farm animals from Enchanted Learning.

  • Ferret Central
    The most important information for ferret owners and prospective owners.

  • First-School's First Birds
    Free preschool & K and activities and easy lesson plans related to birds. Printable crafts, printable activities, coloring pages and more.

  • Flapping Flight Web Site
    Welcome to the Flapping Flight Web Site - the hottest site on the Internet devoted to the most graceful and efficient kind of locomotion - flapping wings! Two thirds of all living species use flapping flight. It's everywhere in nature. If you've ever wondered how birds fly, you'll find the answers here.

  • Florida Animals
    Animal Page Transporter - Click on Animal - Energize

  • Forest Animals
    All about the animals that live in the forest.

  • Georgia Wildlife
    Information about Georgia's reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, mammals, birds, and fish.

  • Hatching the Past: DINOSAUR EGGS
    Focusing on the beginnings of dinosaur life, it discusses and illustrates, with photographs and drawings, dinosaur nests, eggs, embryos, and chicks.

  • Horse Information
    The horse is one of God's greatest creatures. Long has it been admired and used by many cultures for one purpose or another. Featured in this area of our web site are only a few of these magnificent animals. The information provided is general and there is much more that can be said about each horse.

  • HummingBirds
    WELCOME to your WWW source for information on attracting, watching, feeding, and studying North American hummingbirds.

  • Incredible Creatures
    Awesome toys and tools that explore the beauty of animals and the wonders of the natural world.

  • International Tiger Information Center
    Accurate and up-to-date information is vital to making good decisions. Information concerning tigers and their habitat is changing every day. This Web Site and the 1-800-5tigers information line were created to provide the public, scientific, and conservation communities with an international forum for exchanging information relevant to the preservation of wild tigers across Asia and in zoos worldwide.

  • International Year of the Ocean Kids' and Teachers' Corner
    Includes fact sheets and activity books on: marine debris, Northwest salmon, endangered whales, the ocean, seals and sea lions, and neat photos. Also has coloring pages, 25 things you can do to save coral reefs, and information about the NOAA.

  • Irresistible Bears
    Everyone loves BEARS! At least, the teddy bear kind! Here you will find plenty of activities to do with your child, all "beary" suited to the "little ones" in your family!

  • J.J.'s Adventure-a baby gray whale's rescue and release
    Click on any porthole for an amazingly creative look at J.J. the stranded gray whale, including quizzes, poems, drawings, fun games and activities, and a really cool "Notes to J.J." page.

  • KidsCom's Animals of the World
    Guess the identity of the mystery animal by clicking on fun and interesting clues, then learn about the animal you guessed!

  • Kids Farm
    Kids Farm is about animals and people who live and work on ranches on the western slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

  • Kids Farm Wild Animals
    The primary purpose of this web site is to provide a safe educational activity for young children to learn about environments that they might otherwise not be able to experience.

  • Kids For Animals
    Kids for Animals, de actieve jeugdclub van de Dierenbescherming.

  • Kids Go Wild
    Wild animal facts with photos and videos, Shockwave games, a kids club, and wildlife news for kids! Produced by the Widlife Conservation Society.

  • KidsGoWild.com
    Kids Go Wild at the Wildlife Conservation Society

  • Kids Korner - Fun Stuff
    Animal games from the Sedgwick County Zoo.

  • Kratt Brothers
    Chris and Martin Kratt travel all over the world to meet creatures and find out about the world in which we live. Games, quizzes, creature questions and creature heroes.

  • Marine Mammals - Enchanted Learning
    Printouts and fun facts about marine mammals.

  • Marine Mammals - Net Vet
    Whales, dolphins - lots of links and information.

  • Marine Mammals - Virtual Whales
    Here you can glimpse animated scenes of real whales in the wild--and hear their songs! WOW!

  • Marsupial Printouts
    Printouts and fun facts about mursupials.

  • Michael's - Bird Telephotos
    Great bird photos to share with kids - Each photo will first display a 3K or 4K thumbnail that you can click to view the larger image.

  • Michael's Photo Gallery
    A photo gallery of beautiful telephoto pictures of birds.

  • MSN Encarta - Vole
    Read an encyclopedia article about the rodent species and find links to related resources.

  • Names of Animals, Babies and Groups of Animals
    Did you know that a baby shark is a pup, a female ferret is a jill, and a group of lions is a pride? Check out other animals too, including an info page for each one.

  • Nature Virtual
    A virtual tour of nature reserves in Kent, England supporting environmental education, teaching and research in schools, in universities and in lifelong learning.

  • Nine-banded Armadillo
    The Nine-banded Armadillo is a cat-sized, armored, insect-eating mammal. Similar in form to an anteater, the bony, scaled shell of the armadillo protects it from attacks by predators.

  • North American Bear Center
    It is the mission of the North American Bear Center to be a leader in providing understanding and appreciation of black bears, their role in the ecosystem and their relationship to humans. This will be accomplished through a facility that promotes and provides educational facilities, exhibits, multi-media presentations, and when prudent, live animals, particularly those needing clinical rehabilitation.

  • Nutty Birdwatcher
    Birds, birds, more birds - The Nutty Birdwatcher offers information on birdwatching, backyard bird feeding, Eastern US Birds, comprehensive bird feeder preference chart, suet receipes, what are the natural foods of birds which includes insects, mammals, etc., spring and fall bird migration timetables, maps of the North American Flyways, the do's & dont's of building bird nestboxes, comprehensive guides to identifying birds with checklists, identification by Behavior or where seen.

  • Orang-utan - Jerry's Junk Yard
    A good source of information about orangutans and their habitat.

  • Pet Arena
    Here you can tell kids around the world why your pets are so great and even read about other kids' cool pets. Just click on any animal to get started.

  • Peterson Online
    Magazine for birders and those interested in the natural world.

  • Pork 4 Kids
    Learn All About Porks and How They Are Raised.

  • Primates - Net Vet
    Extensive scientific, educational and fun information about primates.

  • Project FeederWatch
    Project FeederWatch is a binational monitoring program of bird species that visit feeders in winter. The project, which began in 1987, exists to document and explain the population changes of species that visit feeders. FeederWatch also educates people about bird feeding.

  • Rainforest Action Network Kids Network
    For kids - Pages containing information about the rainforests and the interesting animals and people who inhabit them.

  • Ravine Trapdoor Spider
    A photo and a couple of important facts about the ravine trapdoor spider.

  • Really Wild Animals @ nationalgeographic.com
    This National Geographic site takes you on an interactive adventure game around the globe to track down wild animals, help find their homes, and learn about their habitats.

  • Sounds of the World's Animals
    Animals make much the same sounds around the world, but each language expresses them differently.

  • Squirrel Place
    General information on and about the squirrels of the world.

  • Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation
    Found an injured or orphaned squirrel? We can help you locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area and send you Emergency Care Information. Have photos to help you determine the babies age and other wildlife photos.

  • SquirrelWorld
    Basic care and info about feeding of orphaned grey squirrels.

  • Steve Jackson's Brockwatch Badger Pages
    Badgers, badgers and more badgers.

  • Students Learn About Bats
    Click on your grade level and proceed to learn all about bats.

  • Sugar Gliders
    Sugar Gliders are marsupials from Australia, and they are similar in size and appearance to our American flying squirrel.

  • Switcheroo Zoo
    Create a creature using the heads, legs, and tails of nine animals at this virtual zoo, and see a real switcheroo!

  • Tarantula
    Learn about the habitat and different species of this spider.

  • Tarantulas
    Pop down into a tarantula's burrow and take an interactive tour of its life. By National Geographic site.

  • The Barnyard Buddies
    On these pages you can play a trivia game and win prizes. Then, move ahead to pages of stories of the Barnyard Buddies. Also included arepages of quality, wholesome, highly endorsed books ,videos, and games.

  • The Cheetah Spot
    A cool spot to see and learn about cheetahs.

    Links, photos, and lots of useful information about eagles.

  • The Lady Wolf
    Welcome to the "World of Lady Wolf" My site is all about nature. I have included information about endangered species and what we, as part of this wonderful planet, can do. You will find wolves, wild cats, such as cougars, dolphins and whales, grizzly bears, forests and other very important information about the environment.

    This webpage is the best place to find information about the marmoset monkey. This page is full of information, pictures, sounds, and links about, and only about, the marmoset monkey.

  • The Penguin Page
    Species, Evolution, Behaviour & Ethology, Biology Correlates, Predator & Prey, Deconstructing Penguin Myths.

  • The Red Panda Pages
    Welcome to the Red Panda Pages! These pages are devoted to the cutest animal in the world: the red panda. Here you can learn about this fascinating creature, view images of it in the photo gallery, and find links to other pages of interest to fans of the wah.

  • The Shadow of The Bear
    Nice photographs and information about the Brown bears of Alaska and their habitat.

  • The Tapir Gallery
    Lots of teachers assign projects on rainforest animals these days. We're really happy that YOU chose the tapir for your project! Tapirs need all the publicity and support they can get if enough people are going to care about them to keep them from becoming extinct. Also, as you probably know, they are just too lovable to ignore!

  • The tree squirrel place
    There are two genera of Chipmunks among the many kinds of ground squirrels. The Eastern Chipmunk is the larger of the two, with the body measuring five to seven inches and the tail three to nine inches in length. The fur is a reddish brown with two dark stripes flanked by two white stripes on either side of the back. It also has a reddish fur at the base of the tail. The tail is not as bushy as that of a tree squirrel.

  • Tiger Universe
    Welcome to Tiger Universe, a steadily growing authority on tigers on the internet. It started as a single page of tiger pictures, thrown together in about 20 minutes, and has grown into a large archive of tiger pictures, sponsership information, and zodiac information, with many new pages still in the works.

  • TigliTale
    A tigli is a unique character - a spotted Swiss mountain tiger. He's unique, because unlike most tigers, he travels the world discovering new traditions, meeting new friends, making keepsakes for you to buy, helping you give to other kids in need and telling his tales.

  • Top Livestock
    Barnyard sounds and games from the USDA.

  • Vicuna Lore
    Vicunas are the spirit and the life blood of the camelid families living in the high Andes.

  • Weasels
    Weasels and stoats are members of the family Mustelidae which is part of the Order Carnivora. There are 67 species of Mustelid in the world. They include otters, badgers and skunks.

  • Western North Carolina Nature Center
    Numerous references to information for the North Carolina community. Also contains information which applies to many in the Eastern United States.

  • WhaleNet
    Welcome to WhaleNet's interactive educational web site which focuses on whales and marine research. WhaleNet is sponsored by Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts with support from the National Science Foundation.

  • Whales
    Whales are large, magnificent, intelligent, aquatic mammals. They breathe air through blowhole(s) into lungs (unlike fish who breathe using gills).

  • Whale Songs
    Welcome to Whale Songs, an educational center about people and whales. It is an evolving resource, encouraging communication among researchers, students, educators and whale lovers worldwide.

  • Who Is Charlie Chipmunk?
    You are probably wondering who I am. Well, here are two stories about me. I'm also the star of my own coloring book. I don't mind all of the attention, as long as I can tell people how important it is to protect the environment.

  • Wild Animals Fact Sheet
    Provides factsheets on endangered species, by region of the world.

  • Wild Arctic Activities
    site by Sea World with puzzles, activities, and facts about the Arctic. Includes vocabulary list and description of Arctic animals.

  • Wild Sentry: The Northern Rockies Ambassador Wolf Program
    Founded in 1991, Wild Sentry blends science and the humanities with an appearance by Koani, a 100 pound Gray Wolf from Montana, to present an unbiased, educational and entertaining program that challenges stereotypes and corrects misconceptions about wolves while examining cultural perceptions of wildness. While we can pass legislation aimed at protecting wildlife and wild lands, we can't legislate morality.

  • World Lynx Home Page
    These pages are dedicated to the Lynx The only wild feline that still spans the breadth of both Old and New Worlds in the northern hemisphere.

  • World of the Wolf
    A natural history of wolves and other canids such as foxes, and includes photographs, a section on wolf/canid fossils, wolf sound files, and other information.

  • Zany Zoo Animals
    Everyone loves to go to the zoo! Here are some activities that your child will love! All of them have to do with the zoo and the animals you will find at the zoo!

  • Zebras, Zebras, And More Zebras
    Welcome to the zebra information page. An introduction to the different species and subspecies of zebras.

  • Zooish
    A fun site filled with animal images and animal sounds.

  • Zoos - A to Z Kidstuff
    Zoo-themed fun/learning activities for pre-schoolers.

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