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  • Alopecia Kids
    Welcome to alopeciaKIDS.org - where kids with alopecia and their families help other alopeciaKIDS and their families by sharing experiences, making new friends, learning, growing and discovering themselves.

  • L'il Aussie Prems
    An Australian support site for parents & families of premature babies.You will find useful links to all things for premature babies including clothing stores, support sites, birth stories, galleries, personal blogs, journeys through the NICU & much more.

  • About Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar disorder (also known as manic-depression) is a serious but treatable medical illness. It is a disorder of the brain marked by extreme changes in mood, energy, and behavior. Symptoms may be present since infancy or early childhood, or may suddenly emerge in adolescence or adulthood. Until recently, a diagnosis of the disorder was rarely made in childhood. Doctors can now recognize and treat bipolar disorder in young children.

  • AlopeciaKIDS.org
    AlopeciaKIDS.org - where kids with alopecia and their families help other alopeciaKIDS and their families by sharing experiences, making new friends, learning, growing and discovering themselves.

  • Apert Syndrome
    Apert syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by specific craniofacial and limb abnormalities. It is caused by a genetic mutation in the FGFR2 gene on chromosome 10.

  • Archives of Disease in Childhood
    Archives of Disease in Childhood focuses on all aspects of child health and disease from the perinatal period (in the Fetal and Neonatal edition) through to adolescence.

  • Association for Glycogen Storage Disease
    Association for Glycogen Storage Disease has informtion for parents of children with the disorder and their families.

  • Autism FAQ - Similar Conditions
    There are a number of diseases which cause children to display some of the symptoms of autism. Also, on occasion, brain injury has caused people to display some of the symptoms of autism

  • Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
    A comprehensive site to learn about this rare, underdiagnosed genetic disorder, affecting the heart, growth, ability to create neutrophils, and muscle weakness in boys.

  • Brain Surgery
    The purpose of this Website is NOT to make you into a Brain Surgeon; rather, it is to give you useable, non-technical information about the conditions which require surgery in this most important area of our body.

  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder
    Charcot-Marie-Tooth, or CMT, is the most common inherited neurological disorder, affecting approximately 150,000 Americans. CMT is found world-wide in all races and ethnic groups. It was discovered in 1886 by three physicians, Jean-Marie-Charcot, Pierre Marie, and Howard Henry Tooth.

  • CHARGE Syndrome
    CHARGE syndrome (also known as CHARGE association) involves a specific set of birth defects that occur in early fetal development,

    CHARGE Syndrome - Choanal Atresia, Posterior Coloboma, Heart defect, choanal Atresia, Retardation, Genital and Ear anomalies. Many resources for families.

  • Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
    Learning about bipolar disorder is an important first step on the path to understanding the medical and emotional needs of a child with the illness.

  • Children With Leukemia
    Each reader of this web site can make a difference in the life of a child diagnosed with leukemia. We ask, having known the suffering that our own child endured, that you spread the word concerning this web site.

  • Chronic Care Center
    Chronic Care Center - specializing in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases, including thalassemia and insulin dependent diabetes.

  • CMT-Charot-Marie-Tooth Disorder
    CMTnet is a repository of information for research and treatment of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). CMT is a hereditary progressive neuromuscular disorder that primarily effects the feet, legs and hands. CMTnet is intended to provide information for both the medical and non-medical communities.

  • Diastrophic Help
    The purpose of this web site is to help the parents of children with diastrophic dysplasia (DDs for short) solve the very early questions of self-care and adjustments to the home and school environments.

  • Disorder Zone Archives
    Welcome to the Child's Disorder Zone Archives. As we feature various disorders, they will be archived into this collection.

  • Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center
    Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center Understanding this learning difficulty

  • Dyspraxia Foundation
    We are a UK charity which exists to help people to understand and cope with dyspraxia. We are a resource for parents, for teenagers and adults who have the condition, and for professionals who help all of them.

  • Essential Tremor Foundation
    The International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) was created to provide information, services and support to individuals and families affected by essential tremor (ET). The organization encourages and promotes research in an effort to determine the causes, treatment and ultimately the cure for ET.

  • Malaria
    Malaria is re-emerging as World's Number One killer infection. Once nearly-eradicated, the disease now affects more than 300 million and kills more than 3 million people every year.

  • Multiple Personality Disorder: Child Abuse Survivor
    If you have multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorders... if you know a person with mpd... or DID... If you are a person who enjoys good art... or if you are curious about M.P.D. and D.I.D... if you are a survivor of child abuse... if you are a mental health professional working with trauma and abuse survivors... if you are in therapy... or if you need to be in therapy... if you just have a big heart (Did I say "just"?!?)... then this is the place for you!

  • National MPS Society
    Information about children with Mucopolysaccharidosis or Mucolipidosis. These are storage Disorders.

  • Preemie Mom's Page
    This site contains information on prematurely born children, cerebral palsy, vision impairments, the Early Intervetion Program, Special Education, siblings, supporting special families, and more.

  • Pull-Through Network
    The Pull-Through Network is a non-profit national support and information network for families of children born with anorectal malformations and their associated defects, or who have had a pull-thru surgery for any reason.

  • Royal National Institute of the Blind
    RNIB offers practical support and advice to anyone with a sight problem.

  • Sanfilippo Syndrome
    Sanfilippo syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by mental deterioration, mild physical defects, and behavioral problems. Sanfilippo syndrome, also considered a genetic error of metabolism, is a mucopolysaccharide disorder and is referred to as MPS - III

  • Second Hand Smoke and Kids
    Second-hand smoke (which is sometimes called environmental tobacco smoke or ETS) contains toxic substances, over 40 of which cause cancer. Some of these substances are in stronger concentrations in second-hand smoke than

  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction
    Information, links and resources regarding SID. Sensory Integration Dysfunction is the inability of the brain to correctly process information brought in by the senses. Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID/DSI) or sensory processing deficits can come in many different forms.

  • Sereena Celeste Beech Williams Syndrome Site
    This site is to share our experience of williams syndrome and how it has affected our daughter Sereena. We aim to give help and info to others in a similar situation.

  • Silence Isn't Always Golden
    The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) is one of the Institutes that comprise the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH is the Federal government's focal point for the support of biomedical research. NIH's mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. Simply described, the goal of NIH research is to acquire new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease and disability.

  • S.O.F.T. Support for Trisomy 18, 13 and other Related Disorders
    S.O.F.T. is a nonprofit volunteer organization offering support for parents who have had a child with a chromesome disorder, and education to familes and professionals interested in the care of these children

  • Teeter's Page on Aperts Syndrome
    Aperts Syndrome is a genetic defect and falls under the broad classification of craniofacial/limb anomalies. Teeter is a little girl with Aperts Syndrome. Many resources and family stories.

  • The Facts About Tourette Syndrome
    The original, although not official, Tourette Syndrome web site.Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by tics -- involuntary, rapid, sudden movements or vocalizations that occur repeatedly in the same way.

  • Triple X Syndrome
    Triple X Syndrome - Information and support for parents with daughters having 47,XXX, triple X or Trisomy X syndrome.

  • What is Sotos Syndrome?
    Sotos Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by excessive growth that occurs prior to and after birth. At birth, affected infants have unusually increased body length that is abnormal in proportion to weight, which may also be above average; in addition, newborns typically demonstrate advanced bone growth, abnormally large hands and/or feet, and characteristic facial features.

  • Williams Syndrome
    Williams syndrome (WS), which was first described in 1961, is a rare genetic disorder that causes medical and developmental problems. It is not a familial condition (it does not run in families) and is not a result of medical, environmental, or psychosocial factors; it is a random happening and the risk of parents having another child with WS is no greater than the original risk.

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