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  • Nosebleeds
    Nosebleeds are a common occurrence in childhood. They may occur from trauma to the nose, dry nasal passages on non-humid days, from inflammation due to allergies, and, of course, from nose picking. They may also occur for no particular reason that can be identified. These episodes of nosebleeding can be quite distressful for parents because just a few drops of blood can have a deceptive appearance of being a large amount, so a nosebleed that lasts for five minutes may appear like the child is hemorrhaging.

  • Nosebleeds
    Nosebleeds can be caused by a blow to the nose, picking or poking nostrils or blowing too hard. Sometimes a nosebleed has no obvious cause. Whatever the cause, the bleeding may seem heavy because the nostrils have a rich supply of blood vessels that lie close to the surface. Nosebleeds in children are very common and are seldom dangerous

  • Nosebleeds
    Lean the casualty over a basin, pinch the lower pan of the nose for 10 minutes, then release slowly. If blood starts to flow again, pinch the nose for another 5 minutes. If bleeding persists, take the person to a doctor. Do not allow the person to lie down. The nose should not be forcibly blown for 2-3 days after a nosebleed. If the remedies below produce no improvement, try one of the remedies listed under Bleeding.

  • First Aid - Nosebleed
    A nosebleed is sudden bleeding from one or both nostrils, and may result from a variety of events: a punch in the nose, breathing dry air, allergies, or for no apparent reason.

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