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  • Insect bites and stings: First aid
    Signs and symptoms of an insect bite result from the injection of venom or other substances into your skin. The venom triggers an allergic reaction. The severity of your reaction depends on your sensitivity to the insect venom or substance.

  • Can I get infected with HIV from mosquitoes?
    No. From the start of the HIV epidemic there has been concern about HIV transmission of the virus by biting and bloodsucking insects, such as mosquitoes. However, studies conducted by the CDC and elsewhere have shown no evidence of HIV transmission through mosquitoes or any other insects -- even in areas where there are many cases of AIDS and large populations of mosquitoes. Lack of such outbreaks, despite intense efforts to detect them, supports the conclusion that HIV is not transmitted by insects.

  • Fighting Fleas and Ticks
    Back from vacationing at the beach, Fido and Kitty sniff out familiar haunts around the yard. Meanwhile, their owner, Mary, plops down on the family room carpet with a month's mail. Mary scratches an ankle, then the other one, then a leg. Then she looks down and sees why she's scratching: Fleas! Although Fido and Kitty are flea-free after dog and cat pesticide dips at the beach, the house is not. During the weeks before vacation, fleas feeding and breeding on the pets deposited unborn offspring all over the homestead. And during the vacation, fleas at various life stages evolved, nourished by dried-blood flea excrement, "flea dirt," in the carpet and elsewhere. The result: A population explosion of fleas ravenous for fresh blood.

  • First Aid - Spider Bites
    The bites of some spiders, such as the black widow and the brown recluse, are particularly dangerous because they affect your whole body.

  • How to treat a bee sting
    This article will tell you what you can do to help prevent bee stings and also how to treat them with things that you probably have right in your home. Of course, like with anything else, you should consult your doctor.

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