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  • Cuts and Scrapes: First Aid and When to Call the Doctor
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital:Small cuts and scrapes are often viewed as part of childhood and growing up. Most cuts and scrapes are minor injuries that can be treated at home. The skin opening may bleed or drain a small amount of fluid.

  • First Aid for Scrapes, Cuts, Bumps, and Bruises
    Bumps and bruises are damage that occurs in the soft tissue under the skin. Under the following conditions, there is no need to call for medical assistance when a person suffers a cut, scrape, bump, or bruise.....

  • Cuts and Scrapes First Aid
    Cuts and scrapes. These injuries may come in the form of a simple cut, abrasion, or scrape, and sometimes they are more serious. Most of these wounds can be taken care of at home, but occasionally the pediatrician may need to help out.

  • First Aid for Cuts, Scrapes, Puncture Wounds At A Glance
    The most important first step is to thoroughly clean the wound with soap and water being careful to remove any foreign material, such as dirt or bits of grass, that might be in the wound and which can lead to infection. The area should then be kept clean and dry.

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