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    Virtually every child and adult gets a sore throat once or twice a year. What should you do when this happens? Could it be strep throat? How can you tell? Should you go to the doctor? Should you just call your doctor and ask for medicine over the phone?

    When to call the doctor - Sometimes laryngitis may be more serious.

  • Laryngitis
    Laryngitis is swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the voice box (larynx) that is usually associated with hoarseness or loss of voice.

    Laryngitis simply means that the larynx is swollen--that's the upper part of the windpipe that houses the vocal folds, commonly called cords. And as long as the larynx remains that way, your child will be very hoarse or unable to speak.

  • Strep Throat - Why it Comes Back and How to Stop It!
    Why strep afflicts some children repeatedly is a question under scrutiny in the medical community, since this infectious disease is potentially dangerous. It can lead to rheumatic fever within two weeks if left untreated. In underdeveloped countries and in countries where health care is not readily available, the mortality rate from strep equals that of tuberculosis: three to four million children a year.

  • Throat Infections
    Throat infections are very common in childhood. There are three main categories of throat infection: Viral, Strep Throat and Mycoplasma.

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