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  • 123 EZ Pain Relief
    123 EZ Pain Relief - offers a variety of magnetic therapy products.

  • Back Pain Central
    Back Pain Central offers the largest variety of products designed to eliminate or prevent back pain. Here you will find many different types of back products with a long history of strong customer approval and proven therapeutic effects on back pain.

  • Back Pain in Kids and Teens
    Because children rarely suffer from back pain, any complaint by a child or teenager about acute or chronic back pain is taken very seriously by pediatricians, and usually will result in a detailed consultation. Suspicious episodes of back pain in kids and teens, or any concerning features of the pain, may lead to a referral to a spine specialist for further examination and diagnostic tests.By Spine-health.com

  • Body Pain Central
    Body Pain Central - Your Online Source for Joint Pain Relief

  • Cherry Juice Power
    100% Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate - Research shows Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is 10 times more effective in reducing pain caused by inflammation, arthritis or gout. The antioxidant properties of tart cherry juice are superior to that of vitamins E and C in fighting diseases.

  • Doctors for Pain
    Pain Management is the act, manner or practice of managing pain, handling or control of an unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional disorder.

  • Home Medical Store
    At Home Medical Store, we focus on bringing innovative medical services home. Our extensive line of home products and services allows us to deliver virtually everything the patient needs to heal an injury, ease pain and maximize quality of life.

  • Mags4Pain.com
    Health magnets guaranteed to stop pain through natural pain management. Magnetic therapy, magnetic pain relief, magnets for pain.

  • Pain Care Store
    Paincarestore.com is your optimum source for pain care solutions, preventative health care, pain relief and paincare management. By representing the most effective pain care, pain relief and pain management products available.

  • Pain Care Store
    Paincarestore.com is your optimum source for pain care solutions, preventative health care, pain relief and paincare management. By representing the most effective pain care, pain relief and pain management products available, Paincarestore.com empowers your knowledge of personal health and well being.

  • Pain Easy
    Pain relief for Muscle aches and pains sports injuries headaches & migraines and general health.

  • Pain Fixx
    Pain Fixx is a safe, all natural topical pain reliever made with aloe vera, emu oil and MSM.

  • Pain Relief At Painfreein5.com
    CryoGel pain relief, provides better relief, better value, is the original emu oil rub. It has been shown to be effective in the relief of knee, back and joint pain, muscle aches, arthritis, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel. Extra strength Power Rub Plus and Two Bulls are also available.

  • Pain Relief Centre
    Welcome to The Pain Relief Centre. This site covers all sorts of everyday aches and pains, from headache and sports injuries to toothache, colds and flu.

  • Pain Relief Information
    We provide you with pain relief information about common painful conditions with suggestions on how to overcome them. Not only do we consider methods of pain management and control we also explore the best avenues to travel, ones that do not lead you into more trouble than you started with.

  • Advanced Pain Care
    Advanced Pain Care is a medical specialty company offering a comprehensive and interdisciplinary team approach to the treatment of patients afflicted by acute, chronic and neoplastic pain.

  • Cancer Pain Management in Children
    Resource for health professionals who care for children suffering from pain due to cancer

  • Chest Pain in Infants and Children
    This problem isn't reserved for adults only, but may occur in a child as well. Most of the causes aren't serious, but may require a doctor's attention. Follow this chart for more information when your child has chest pain.

  • Child Pain Help
    Child pain problems are often difficult to diagnose and treat. This should always start with a careful and thorough pediatric examination by your pediatrician or family doctor. Pediatric psychologists with specialized training in child pain management strategies and treatment of psychosomatic disorders can also assist in the treatment and management of childhood pain syndromes.

  • Children's Abdominal Pain
    Abdominal pain is very common in children, and is usually caused by mild illnesses, such as overeating, indigestion, gas pains, a viral stomach or intestinal infection, or food poisoning.

  • Ear Pain and Infections in Children
    The outer ear, or the part of the ear you see, picks up the vibrations from sound and sends them through the ear drum to the middle ear.

  • Knowing When A Child is in Pain
    Children, even little babies can suffer from pain. When children say they have pain, it means that they have pain. Children do not usually make up pain.

  • National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
    The National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing support for patients who are suffering from intractable pain, their families, friends and the physicians who treat them.

  • Ouch! Is Your Child In Pain?
    Many parents worry, is their child scared or hurting or a combination and while the way to treat both pain and being scared about pain may be the same in some circumstances, it's also important to differentiate, to tell the difference between those two.

  • Pain in Children
    The developmental stage of the child affects how the child perceives and reacts to pain. Children respond differently to pain as they increase in cognitive and emotional development.

  • Treat Child's Pain With Medication and Love
    How can you tell when your child is in pain? When do you need to call the doctor? What can you do at home? There are two main ways that you can determine a child's pain: the child's self report and the child's behavior. For infants, though, we must rely upon the behavior alone.

  • YourSpine
    At YourSpine, is a chiropractic web site designed with the patient in mind.

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