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  • Acu-Life Lice Control
    Acu-Life Lice Control Products are the most effective on the market today for head lice and public lice removal and prevention. The most effective lice treatment available today.

  • Banlice
    Banlice treats headlice & their nits (eggs) with one 10 minute application.

  • Head Lice Info
    Head louse treatment and solutions that every parent and doctor should know! Head lice removal products with safe and non-toxic treatment plan for adults and school age children, who are infested with head lice.

  • Head Lice International
    Lice information, research and treatment: Head Lice International. Our purpose is to help people to make an informed decision regarding the treatment of headlice. We are a not-for-profit corporation.

  • Lice Advice
    Offers consultation services to eliminate lice and nits as well as a network of nurse professionals who will nitpick your heads.

  • Lice Help.com
    This page contains a summary of information on Head Lice Cure.

  • Lice Off
    Lice Off is a special combination of pure essential oils that works as an alternative treatment and preventative for head lice infestations. Lice Off naturally treats and prevents without using any potentially harmful pesticides or pediculicides.

  • LiceOut
    LiceOut louse treatment is a safe, water-based gel that captures and immobilizes lice while lubricating the hair shaft so that their unhatched nits (eggs) will slide off easily. It is non-sticky, greaseless, odorless and gentle enough to use on adults, babies, children and pregnant women.

  • Lice Solution
    Make your home a non-toxic haven against lice and other insect infestations.

  • Pediculosis
    Pediculosis.com; a division of Albyn of Stonehaven Ltd, has been established to provide objective, unbiased information on headlice and their treatment & to market detection and extraction combs.

  • Thursa Herbal
    Thursa Herbal Shampoo, an all natural product used for the extraction of headline and nits.

  • Best Treatment for Resistant Lice
    We have used a remedy that works 100% of the time; a 50:50 solution of oil and vinegar.(mineral oil should be used,it smells less than other oils

  • Community Hygiene Concern
    Community Hygiene Concern is a registered charity dedicated to promoting a well-informed awareness of parasitic disease and disease passed on by poor hygiene, and to encourage practical measures which prevent their transmission, of benefit to both people and pets

  • Dealing With a
    Unfortunately, cleanliness will not necessarily keep a child lice-free. Head lice thrives in the company of young kids.

  • Head Lice
    The prevention and treatment of head lice

  • HeadLice Info
    Information about head lice, a common condition among children, and find out how to treat it.

  • Head lice: Information and Frequently Asked Questions
    Infestations by head lice become most apparent at the beginning of each school year. Parents, day care providers, school officials and healthcare professionals frequently seek information and solutions to this burdensome problem. Accordingly, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions concerning this subject. We hope this information will be useful.

  • Head Lice in the Child Care Setting
    Head lice are tiny insects that live primarily on the head and scalp. They should not be confused with body lice, which may be found in clothing and bedding as well as on the body, or crab lice that infest the pubic area. They are found only on humans and should not be confused with fleas, which may be found on dogs, cats, and other pets.

  • Natural Ways to Get Rid of Lice
    Kill the lice but not the child. These really work and contain no poisons or toxins.

  • Natural Ways to Keep Lice Away
    Lice are more common in schools and daycare every year because they become resistant to the chemicals. Our natural methods really work and contain no poisons or toxins.

  • Pediculosis
    Pediculosis (or lice) is an infestation of the hairy parts of the human body or clothing with the eggs, larvae or adult lice.

  • Welcome to BIBIHEADLICE.com home of Follicel.
    Follicel is the all natural weapon in the battle against head lice that everyone is talking about. With its all natural, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic formula is suitable for everyone of all ages and those with sensitive skin. If you prefer not to use chemical treatments for head lice then Follicel is the only one for you. If you would like to order Follicel it has never been easier. With our secure ordering system your information is protected and encrypted for safety and we deliver around the world to your door!

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