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  • About Infant Reflux and Pediatric GERD
    The internet's best, most well respected and extensive websites on acid reflux in infants and children. Find out what infant reflux is, current treatment options for infant reflux and infant reflux disease (GERD), symptoms, tips for getting diagnosed, free journal pages, the difference between reflux and GERD, and how to tell if your child is suffering from them. This site also boasts message boards, live chats, free brochures, and lots more. All information is reviewed by a board certifician pediatrician. A definite must visit for anyone dealing with a child suffering from reflux.

  • All About Acne
    Common questions about acne, answered by a doctor. After you find out about the causes of acne, learn how to fight it with Reversion Acne Control, a new concept in acne control that is effective for all levels of acne and blemishes.

  • Band-Aides and Blackboards
    Welcome! This is a site about growing up with medical problems ...any ole type. Its goal is to help people understand what it's like, from the perspective of the children and teens who are doing just that.

  • Disability Info
    Disability information including general and specific resources, that's empowering, encouraging, equitable.

  • Diseases Explained
    Illustrated guide describes more than 25 common diseases and medical conditions. Includes symptoms of each as well as treatment options.

  • Healthy Relief.com
    Similasan healthy relief products ( eye drops, ear drops, throat and nasal spray ) are non-toxic and is safe medicine which have been used with great success to treat all sorts of conditions for the eyes, ears, nose and throat. All Similasan products are strong enough for adults, yet gentle enough for children, seniors, pregnant & nursing mothers and pets.

  • Microbes.info
    A microbiology information portal containing a vast collection of resources including articles, news, frequently asked questions, and links pertaining to the field of microbiology.

  • Reversion Acne Control System
    Created by a doctor, Reversion Acne Control is a new concept in acne control that is effective for all levels of acne and blemishes. Reversion prevents and controls breakouts with a fast, two-step system. It's guaranteed to work! Come check it out, and hop into our discussion forum for acne answers and support from the doctor himself.

  • Allergy Learning Lab
    This site is a comprehensive online resource for people with allergies. We provide important information about allergy symptoms, medications, visiting your doctor, and the association between allergies and other medical conditions like asthma.

  • Allkids
    An indepth directory to all the best links to UK child health sites.

  • Books About Acne
    Books about acne at Amazon.com.

  • Books About ADHD
    Books about ADHD, ADD, hyperactivity, and related problems, at Amazon.com.

  • Books About Alopecia
    Books about alopecia, for professionals, laymen, and sufferers, both children and adults.

  • Bronchiolitis and Your Child
    Bronchiolitis is a lung infection caused by a virus. Children under age 2 get this illness in the winter and the early spring. Most children are sick about a week and then get well.

  • Call Your Pediatrician
    This information is designed to give guidelines to common pediatric illnesses and what to do to treat them.

  • CallYourPediatrician
    This information is designed to give guidelines to common pediatric illnesses and what to do to treat them.

  • Childhood Illnesses and Condtions
    This section is not meant to be the definitive answer for the treatment and care of childhood illnesses. It is meant to be an informative guide to recognising the common signs and symptoms associated with the medical conditions.

  • Colds, Flu and Other Common ailments
    We're here to help you deal with common ailments, such as cold and flu, pain and the minor symptoms of stress.

  • Cold Sores in the Child Care Setting
    Cold sores are usually caused by type 1 of the herpes simplex virus. Children often become infected with this virus in early childhood and many have no symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they may include fever, runny nose, and painful lesions (fever blisters or cold sores) on the lips or in the mouth. The blisters or cold sores usually form scabs and heal within a few days.

  • Common Acute Illnesses
    Organized by presenting complaint followed with lists of common and less common.

  • Common Childhood Diseases
    Facts about Children's diseases.

  • Common Childhood Illnesses and Infections
    The illnesses and infections of childhood are legion -- sometimes icky, and oftentimes scary. The most common are described along with remedies and treatments. In addition, you'll find information regarding safe antibiotic use, as well as information to help you decide if and when to call the doctor, or to send your child to daycare/school after they've been ill.

  • Dr Bill's Medical Pages
    This site covers many medical conditions in simple language. When you visit your doctor you are told things which sometimes you forget. These pages are 67 sets of written notes to take home with you so you won't forget the information.

  • DRs4Kids
    DRs4Kids is a web site that will take common medical topics concerning infants, children and adolescents and present them in such a way as to make them easier for a parent to understand them.

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux in Infants
    Most infants occasionally "spit up" or "throw up" after they eat. Some infants spit up or throw up so frequently that they are said to have gastroesophageal reflux. This term describes splashing or pushing of stomach contents backwards up into the esophagus, and sometimes, out the mouth. All of us have some reflux every day. Most of the time, reflux causes no problems or discomfort, and often, we are not even aware when it happens.

  • Handling Familiar Childhood Infections
    Handling Your Kids Familiar Childhood Infections. Treating the Diseases of Childhood.

  • Health Link USA
    HealthlinkUSA - Links to 1,000's of health sites, 100's of health topics, featuring treatment, diagnosis, prevention, risk factors, support groups, email lists, personal stories, etc

  • iBabyDoc.com
    Pediatric information written by a board-certified pediatrician. Chat rooms, "Ask the Doctor" forums, and a searchable database with hundreds of pages of inforamtion of the health and development of you baby.

  • Infectious Mononucleosis in the Child Care Setting
    Infectious mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). EBV is believed to be present in saliva. Most young children infected with EBV show no symptoms, unlike older children and adults, who may have fever, fatigue, enlarged neck lymph nodes, and inflamed throat and tonsils.

  • KRQE News 13 Health
    KRQE News 13 offers parents news stories and resources to help provide accurate information about children's health issues.

  • Medicine Online
    Medical Content site with over 200,000 medical site links.

  • Scabies in the Child Care Setting
    Scabies is caused by a tiny mite, Sarcoptes scabiei, that burrows into the skin, causing a rash. The rash is usually found on the wrists, elbows, or between the fingers. In infants, the rash may appear on the head, neck, or body.

  • Vaccine World
    Vaccineworld is an easy-to-access resource with information on vaccines and important Wyeth products for common childhood health problems.

  • Yeast Infections (Thrush) in the Child Care Setting
    Yeast infections are caused by various species of Candida, especially Candida albicans. These organisms are part of the germs normally found in various parts of the body and ordinarily do not cause any symptoms. Certain conditions, such as antibiotic use or excessive moisture, may upset the balance of microbes and allow an overgrowth of Candida. In most persons, these infections flare up and then heal. However, in newborns or persons with weak immune systems, this yeast can cause more serious or chronic infections.

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