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  • About Pet Dander Allergies
    For an estimated 10% of the entire population that can be allergic to animals, it is important to know what exactly causes their allergies, where these 'triggers' can be encountered, and what to do to minimize exposure.

  • Allergy Animal - Children's Hospital Boston
    Allergies are physiological reactions caused when the immune system reacts to a specific foreign substance (allergen). In people who are allergic to animals, their bodies are reacting to animal proteins.

  • Animal Allergies & Children
    Though pets are the primary source of animal allergies in children, symptoms also can arise from exposure to farm animals or proteins shed by rats, mice and other rodents.

  • Animal Allergy, The Facts
    Many people think that pet allergy is provoked by the fur of cats and dogs. But researchers have found that the major allergens are proteins secreted by oil glands in the animals' skin and shed in dander as well as proteins in the saliva, which sticks to the fur when the animal licks itself.

  • Living with Rabbit Allergies
    What if the worst happens and you're allergic to your rabbit? The most important step is to minimize triggering those allergies. A few people may need to find their rabbit a new home; for severe asthmatics, a strong reaction can be life-threatening.

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