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  • American Academy of Pediatrics: Circumcision Policy Statement
    Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision; however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision.

  • Benefits of Circumcision
    The purpose of this site is to provide a balanced up-to-date review of scientific studies on circumcision that have been published mainly in reputable international medical and scientific journals after a formal, critical refereeing process by experts in the field.

  • Circumcision for baby boys: Weighing the pros and cons (Mayo Clinic)
    Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin covering the tip of the penis. The procedure is fairly common in certain parts of the world, including the United States and Canada. But is it right for your son? Here's help making an informed decision.

  • Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
    The Circumcision Information and Resource Pages are an Internet resource that provides you with information about all aspects of the genital surgery known as circumcision. CIRP is essentially divided into two parts: The Circumcision Reference Library contains technical material, medical and historical articles, and statistics. The Circumcision Information Pages contain a more readable collection of information, suitable for parents and educators.

  • Historical Medical Quotes On Circumcision
    Historical Medical Quotes On Circumcision - circumcision, circumcision experiences, childbirth, newborns, circumcision information, circumcision methods, circumcision quotes, pain, bris, brit, circumcision video, Circumcision, Circumcize

  • History of Circumcision
    This is a site devoted to the history of circumcision. It will consist of research articles and primary documents relating to both male and female circumcision, in both medical and ritual/religious contexts; but its strongest focus will be on medically rationalised or "routine" circumcision in English speaking countries.

  • Mothers Against Circumcision
    MAC enables parents to make fully informed decisions about circumcision.

  • CircumcisionInfo.com
    The aim of this site is to provide information on all aspects involving male and infant circumcision that is based on recent scientific studies and general medical experience. Both the benefits and risks involving circumcision are discussed.

  • Circumcision: The pros and cons
    Several readers have written in with questions concerning circumcision. As with many other issues in medicine, this one tends to stir the masses into the avid pro versus con camps. The debate is not limited to the general public -- many doctors disagree over this issue.

  • CIRP - Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
    The Circumcision Information and Resource Pages are an Internet resource that provides you with information about all aspects of the genital surgery known as circumcision.

  • CIRP - Circumcision Reference Library
    This is the top index page of the Circumcision Reference Library. The Library is an online collection of abstracts, full text articles, and other material relating to male circumcision

  • CIRP - Cultural and Religious Issues (circumcision)
    Circumcision from a religious and cultural perspective.

  • CIRP - Information for Parents
    Circumcision Information Resource Pages (CIRP). This menu page provides links to basic information for parents about circumcision, care of the intact penis, protection from unwanted wrongful circumcision, and legal recourses.

  • Critical Analysis of the 1999 American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement on Infant Circumcision
    Points of view about the AAP's statement and position on circumcision.

  • Deciding About Circumcision - from AAFP
    Deciding whether to have your newborn son circumcised may be difficult. You will need to balance both the benefits and the risks of circumcision while making your decision. Other factors, such as your culture, religion and personal preference, will also affect your decision.

  • What were the original motivations behind routine infant circumcision in the West?
    Discussion of origins of circumcision among western nations.

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