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  • BirthMarks.com
    Birthmarks.com, the premiere Internet resource site and support group for information about birthmarks and port wine stains, known also as vascular lesions and vascular malformations. Find a Doctor, Laser Therapy, Makeup and Skincare Products

  • Birthmarks in Children - Keep Kids Healthy
    Birthmarks in children can include angels kisses, salmon patches, cafe au lait spots, strawberry hemangioma and port wine stains.

  • Birthmarks - information and treatments
    This factsheet is for parents of children who have a birthmark, or who would like information about them.

  • Newborn Rashes and Birthmarks
    •This guideline discusses the most common questions asked by parents about normal skin rashes and normal birthmarks.

  • BirthMarks.org
    The Vascular Anomalies Program at Arkansas Children's Hospital is one of the leading comprehensive centers for such diagnosis and treatment in the world.

  • Birthmark Support Group Website.
    The Birthmark Support Group is a registered charity - Number 1090952. It was set up by parents of children with birthmarks in December 1998 at the suggestion of Drs Harper and Syed from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Its objective is to provide a UK based support group for anyone with a birthmark. The word Birthmark is a common term used to describe the various birthmark types of which port wine stain, haemangioma and congenital melanocytic naevus are all examples.

  • Disorders-Birth Marks
    Common Congenital Disorders-Birth Marks

  • Plastic Surgery - Birthmarks
    Birthmarks refer to abnormalities in skin color or texture that are present at birth or appear shortly after birth. Vascular birthmarks are comprised of abnormal blood vessels within or just below the skin, and fall into two main categories: hemangiomas and vascular malformations. Hemangiomas contain proliferating capillaries that multiply and grow during the first 6 to 12 months of life.

  • Talipes Information and Parental Support Group
    Congential talipes equinovarus (or club foot) is a birth deformity of the foot, sometimes resulting from crowding in the uterus.

  • Vascular Birthmarks
    Many babies have what are called "birthmarks" when they're born. In some cases they may appear within the first few weeks of life. They can be brown, tan, blue, pink, or red. More than 10 in 100 babies have vascular birthmarks. These are made up of blood vessels bunched together in the skin. They can be flat or raised, pink, red or bluish disco

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