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  • Vegetarian Baby and Child
    Vegetarian Baby and Child magazine is your resource for vegetarian and vegan children. Products, information and support for parents. Find all related to vegetarian baby, toddler children, vegetable fruit nutition, recipees, food diet, health soy kid, kids carters, pregnant and pregnancy nursing, breastfeeding, soymilk, rice milk.

  • Vegetarian Store
    VegetarianStore.com offers delicious food choices for people interested in a healthier, meatless, and low-cholesterol but great-tasting diet. Meat-lovers & vegetarians alike will enjoy these vegetarian soy-meats, & milk alternatives!

  • Children Thrive on a Vegetarian Diet
    Many school nurses, dietitians, social workers, and even physicians are concerned that a vegetarian diet may retard children's growth. Yet, clinical studies prove this to be a myth. In 1992, after reviewing all available scientific evidence, the Department of Community and Family Medicine at the University of California at San Diego concluded that children on a diet of mostly vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes, when consuming adequate calories, not only grow normally, but have actually been shown to attain greater height than meat-eating childen.

  • Fruits and Vegetables for Me
    Fun Australian site is filled with interesting fruit and veggie facts, history and recipes.

  • Healthy Fast Food for Pre-Schoolers
    This article by The Vegetarian Resource Group provides advice, and sample recipes.

  • Kid-Friendly Cooking - Vegetarian Cuisine
    Recipes for children to make alone or with adults, from your About.com Vegetarian Guide

  • Recipes Around the World - Vegetarian
    An international menu of vegetarian recipes.

  • Vegetarian Baby
    Your resource for vegetarian and vegan children under three.

  • Vegetarian Diets
    Although many parents, and even some Pediatricians, think that it is unhealthy for children to be on vegetarian diets, if well planned, a vegetarian diet can provide all of the nutrients that your child needs to be healthy.

  • Vegetarian Diets for Children
    Vegetarian Diets for Children: Right from the Start Eating habits are set in early childhood. Vegetarian diets give your child the chance to learn to enjoy a variety of wonderful, nutritious foods. They provide excellent nutrition for all stages of childhood, from birth through adolescence.

  • Vegetarian Info
    This is just "my" recommendation. Both sides of the issue, be they carnivores or vegans, may and will offer alternate advice, I'm just sharing my plan and thoughts. If you are reading this and contemplating going vegetarian, the most important advice is that you do what you feel is right for you.

  • Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers
    More and more teenagers are choosing not to eat meat, poultry or fish. They are becoming vegetarians. Teenage vegetarians are often faced with pressures -- pressures from parents concerned about their health, and pressures from within to continue on the path they have chosen.

  • Vegetarian Online Food Store
    Vegetarian . Organic . Vegan Your One-Stop Vegetarian Cyber Food Store

  • Vegetarian Recipe.com
    Your home for great vegetarian recipes, meal ideas and cooking advice.

  • Vegetarian Recipes - Canadian Parent
    Several possibly kid-friendly vegetarian recipes.

  • Vegetarian Resource Group
    The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health and nutrition.

  • Veg-it.com
    Vegetarian site with helpful hints, store cupboard, two week menu plan, quick and easy meals, recipes and links of interest.

  • VegSource Interactive
    A very wide and broad site dedicated to all aspects of vegetarianism - plus recipes!

  • VegWeb
    Your guide to veganism and vegetarianism - discussion boards, articles, over 4,000 vegan recipes and much more!

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